Published on 01 November 2021

Aging: What Is Normal, and What Can You Do?

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From an infant to adulthood to old age, aging is the factor that leads to the growth of the human body. Every human tends to develop, be it physically or mentally. Not only humans precisely rather animals, plants, or any living organism are liable to age. To know more about aging, let`s have a closer look.


Aging is a factor of not only looking different physically but about the experience one gain and the struggle one copes with. As it is very well said, If you are not getting older, you are dead therefore, aging is the process of getting older. It is not only curbs to Homo sapiens; it applies to everything, be it time, economy, or social structure. When we talk about a living organism, it goes through several biological and cellular changes. Let us see what changes it goes through.


As we are evolving and growing daily, several aspects affect our bodies. As it is very well said, everything has an end let us see what happens to the body biologically when we start to age.

Physical Changes

As we age, our body starts to deteriorate slowly and steadily and experiences many changes. There is more to it. Let`s dive into it.

Muscles, Bones, And Joints

We have healthy bodies in general, but as we start growing, we see changes, from not walking to running to coming back to square one, which is not being able to walk again. As we grow older, our limbs, joints, and muscles loosen up and weaken. They end up losing the strength and density they had. Our spine consists of vertebrates, and it is said that it tends to lose the mineral content and hence end up dwindling. This also happens as the vertebrate contains a fluid that keeps the disks intact, but as one ages, the center of our bodies starts to shrink and hence, ends up losing the fluid and attenuates.

Digestive System

As we sprout, the digestive system tends to slow down; the reason behind it is that aging affects our eating patterns; with age, we end up eating slower and lesser than usual, our ingestion process slows down, and food becomes hard to swallow. The secretions that help us digest our food also lose their tendency to assist digestion.

Brain And Heart

With age, with all the body changes, our main functioning body parts also start to enervate; our brain consists of cells that decrepit its functionality, slowing down our memory and thought processes and leading to memory loss. With the brain and heart also losing their effectiveness. The heart muscles start to infirm and hence restrict the blood flow level. This happens as the valve responsible for the blood flow rigidifies or becomes stiff, not allowing the blood to flow efficiently.


The eyesight becomes weaker, and it becomes onerous to view things that are too close. The vision becomes cloudier, which also affects the tear gland; hence, it becomes incompetent to produce tears. With the eyes, the skin is wrinkly and less muscular; it ends up sagging and loses its stiffness. The hearing capacity also decreases with age; it becomes arduous to hear loud voices, making it difficult to hear.

Even though these changes seem hard to deal with and sound a bit gloomy, they can still be resolved with proper measures; let us look at them closely.

Age With Grace

Aging is an aspect wherein, with time, people start to get downcast, but evolution is the key to experience and strength to stay fit and healthy. Even when we age, several habits can be taught in person to help us heal physically and mentally. (Hosking, A., 2014)

Healthy Diet

To feel and look young, one must invest in and take care of their body, mindful eating and having a healthy diet help in boosting up immunity, helps strengthen the muscles, and give a sense of stiffness. A healthy diet should include foods rich in all nutrients or a balanced diet with carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.


Making your body physically fit, in turn, helps in achieving a healthy mind, and with age, people usually lose the will to maintain their bodies, leading to health problems in the future. One must invest time in physical activities that would keep them healthy, be it walking, cardio, or weight training, physical activities should be a must as it helps tone the body and keep the organs healthy.

Mental Health Matters

Along with physical health, mental health is also one of the factors that one should be supervised. To maintain a healthy state of mind, one must indulge in a healthy lifestyle and physical activities that one loves performing. With age, things become challenging for the person, so they need to involve and interact with people and do what they like. Not only interaction but acceptance is the key factor to change, and hence, as we age, we grow and look different and feel different, but embracing age is essential; at every stage of life, one learns something, and with that though, one must approve the fact and live it to the fullest.

Wrinkles To The Rescue

With age, the skin becomes saggy and wrinkly but still looks the best; with age, our body transforms, and embracing it is the best way of acknowledging it. However, one can keep the skin healthy with the help of hydration and a healthy lifestyle. So, for healthy skin, opt for a healthy lifestyle.

Hence, many more aspects can help one maintain health when aging and should be applied to life.

Embrace The Age

As it is said, Age is not about the lost youth. It is about new opportunities and strength after that, embrace life at every stage, be it youth or old age. Gain experience, knowledge, and strength and lead a healthy lifestyle. (Hosking, A., 2014)