Published on 06 July 2023

Ativan For Panic Attacks - Is It Effective?

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Millions of people from around the world are suffering from panic attacks. Specifically, 11% of people from the United States go through such conditions. Many other people can at least face these conditions once in their lifetime. The other term used for Panic attacks is anxiety attack. Most people get this condition treated soon once affected, and it is also necessary.

If you suffer from panic attacks, the brain gets hyperactive due to the stressful life, intense use of the body, or any physical changes. Panic attacks can trigger any moment without a prior warning, making you feel intense and sudden Anxiety. 

Most people tend to take prescription drugs to treat their condition. Once you consult a doctor, they have various options for you to prescribe the medication, but Ativan is one of the most discussed topics about treating Panic attacks. Let us know more in detail about the drug and its effectiveness.

What Is Ativan?

Panic disorder or anxiety symptoms can be broken only after relaxing your brain. Ativan is one of the best sources of medicine to get things in control. 

Ativan is prescribed to many people with panic disorder and anxiety disorder, including social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

For all these conditions, the person feels fear and other issues in the brain that makes the person feel impossible to live. To treat such conditions, therapy, and medicine work the best. People under 12 years of age usually are not allowed to take Ativan.

How Does Ativan Work On Panic Attacks?

The working of Ativan in your body might differ according to various aspects of your body, weight, and age. To get accurate and effective results, you can talk to your doctor and get a proper dosage.

Ativan is used for treating panic attacks. It works because of the neurotransmitters in the brain, which are solely responsible for changing sleep and mood patterns. Neurotransmitters are also known as GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) receptors.

When Ativan reacts to the receptors, the Central nervous system gets slowed down, making relaxing and calming effects on your body and also reducing overexcitement or agitation in the brain.

Is Ativan Addictive?

Getting addicted to medicine is quite common among people if taken constantly and for a longer duration. When a medicine is taken most time, the brain's reward center gets activated, and you will go through substance use disorder (Addictiveness). 

Ativan does not fall into non-addictive anxiety medication as it is very much addictive, and doctors, after some months, tell you to discontinue the medication.

When one is suffering from addiction, the only thing needed by the person is medicine, whether legal or illegal. Suppose you feel the condition is not cured or lessened after the prescription. In that case, you should immediately get a doctor's help without making it a habit or consuming it daily without a doctor's help.

Withdrawal Symptoms Of Ativan

Ativan falls under a controlled drug (Schedule IV). If you want to buy Ativan online, you need to have a prescription from a certified doctor. The misuse level of Ativan is low compared to other medicines. When you abuse a medication by taking it for a more extended period than prescribed, the chances of side effects affecting you are high. 

You will experience Withdrawal symptoms when you abruptly stop taking medicine. It is never advised to stop taking medication instantly. Instead, you should lower the dose slowly and make it to 0; this should be done under the supervision of your doctor. 

If you stop taking this medicine instantly, you might go through withdrawal symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Nervousness
  • High Blood pressure
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty in concentration

These are a few of the withdrawal symptoms. If you stop taking medicine, discuss it in detail with your doctor.

Possible Side Effects

Few people are affected by side effects. But if you feel any changes, you should not take them lightly. Instead, you should immediately get help from the doctor you have been prescribed. Common effects can be healed over time, but severe side effects should be observed and treated quickly.

Common Side Effects

Severe Side Effects



Lowers blood pressure,

Severe skin rash,


Severe headache,


Irregular heartbeat.

Dry mouth,

Yellowing of skin or eyes,


Inability to sit still

These are a few side effects that one might suffer, but never take them for granted. Common side effects can also lead to severe impacts. 

Precautions Of Ativan

It is mandatory to take preventive measures when you are taking the Ativan drug. These preventive measures can keep you safe from unwanted side effects. For medicine to work with greater potential, you should take it with caution.

  • Never mix alcohol and Ativan drugs. It can show overdose and cause dizziness, breathlessness, and Coma.
  • Do not breastfeed while you are on the Ativan drug. It can mix in breastmilk. 
  • Consuming Ativan while pregnant can cause severe issues for your baby.
  • If you ever have suicidal thoughts, you should avoid taking Ativan.
  • You should take essential precautions if older people take Ativan.
  • If you have been through certain conditions like depression, liver disease, sleep apnea, or glaucoma.

Whenever you consult a doctor, it is better to inform all your medical history. This will help the doctor to evaluate the best medicine and dosage for Panic attacks.

What Should You Do, If You Miss A Dose?

Firstly you should miss Ativan-like medicine when taking it to resolve Panic attacks. If you mistakenly miss consuming Ativan, you should inform your doctor. 

Take Ativan once you remember. If you are near your next dose, it is better to consume the following amount. Do not consume two doses at once because it can lead to an overdose, and you might suffer Severe side effects.

Ativan Drug Interactions

Ativan can interact with several other medicines. If you take medications that interact with Ativan, you will suffer from side effects that can cause you to die.

  • Benadryl
  • Cymbalta
  • Lexapro
  • Melatonin
  • Ambien
  • Lisinopril
  • Flexeril
  • Tramadol
  • Oxycodone
  • Zoloft

It is not an entire list of medicines that interact with Ativan. For the safer side, you should inform your doctor about all the medicines you consume for any other condition.

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Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

Ativan does help in treating Panic attacks. Not just that, Ativan also helps treat Anxiety and other issues. Like all medications show side effects, to be safer, you should follow the given precautionary measures of Ativan.

As a panic attack can be affected any person and at any time, it does not last long as it can go away within a few minutes or hours. If this is happening for a longer duration, you should better consult a doctor. 

Frequently asked questions

The general dosage for panic attacks is between 1 and 10mg, divided into two to three doses daily.
People who have consumed Ativan for panic attacks have started seeing changes within 20 minutes.
It is not advised to take Ativan every day. Taking Ativan only when needed and for a few weeks is recommended.