Are Long Walks Beneficial?

Are Long Walks Beneficial

Walking is arguably the first exercise that humans have come across right from the dawn of humankind. Even as infants, walking is the first step we come across.  When you enter the gym, what’s one exercise that’s done the most? What’s the one machine that everyone uses regularly? THE TREADMILL!  Even if a person isn’t […]

Walking Is The Secret To A Longer Life


“There is no habit you will value so much as that of walking far without fatigue.” -Thomas Jefferson. Walking is an activity we do daily from time to time; it’s a task that we view as a means of an action or a requirement to move around than an exercise. Walking has been an effective […]

Are Anxiety Levels Controlled By Walking


Does walking have health benefits? In today’s fast-moving world, we have almost stopped walking in our day-to-day life, and that too forgot its benefits. Walking could be a great way to maintain or improve overall health. It is said that a 30 mins walk a day could help you build stamina, burn those extra calories, […]

Are Morning Walks Or Night Walks Beneficial?


Walking has been looked upon by people as part of a healthy lifestyle. Though walking is a simple exercise, its effects on the body and health are indeed beneficial. Walking helps to tackle cardiovascular problems, diabetes, maintaining body weight, lowering cholesterol levels, and the list goes on and on. People try to maintain a fixed […]

How Does Human Body Balance Itself While Walking?


The sense of balance is also called equilibrioception and is responsible for perceiving balance and spatial orientation. Equilibrioception prevents humans and other animals from falling over when standing or walking.  It requires several sensory organs working together. (Winter, D.A., 1995) Control and Feel? The body’s balance system works by position-detection, feedback, and adjustments using muscles, joints, […]

When Faced Pressure, The Right Thing To Do?


We face a lot of tension and problems in our everyday chaos; Woke up late? Missed your bus? Forgot your assignment? These small amounts of tension build-up and make our daily routine very difficult to handle. (Redmond, M.V. and Bunyi, J.M., 1993) Faced Pressure Can Lead To: A lot of anxiety Breathlessness A constant state […]

Which Is The Healthiest Water For The Body?

Which Is The Healthiest Water For The Body

Water covers about 71 percent of the earth’s total surface area. Although, not all of it is drinkable. Only about 3 percent of the earth’s water is freshwater.  Almost everyone understands it is essential to intake water, but many of us are confused about which type is the best for us.  In this article, we’ll […]

What Toxins Are Flushed Out Of The Body By Water?


“We should drink 2-3 liters of water a day”, “Have a glass of water before going to bed.” Water this, water that, but Why?? Why is water given so much importance? Why is it so beneficial for us?   Water is considered to be one of the most important human needs. Our body consists of 60% […]

Does Water Keep Our Bones Stronger?


‘The human body can survive weeks without food but just a few days without water.’ The importance of drinking water is often undermined. Many live in a misconception that water is essential only to quench your thirst; however, in reality, water provides a lot of other health benefits to your body. You might be aware […]

Does Water Work as An Anti-Rust Agent In Our Body


Water is a basic need, just the way a car needs petroleum to work efficiently, in the same way, our body needs water. Just try to go one day without consuming water you will see yourself getting exhausted throughout the day, ranging from the dryness in your mouth to severe stomach aches; not being hydrated […]