What Is Trekking?

A Trekking gear to keep you ready while trekking

Trekking, often known as long-distance trekking, is walking for several days or weeks while being completely or partially self-sufficient. Originally, the activity was mostly practiced in mountains, often in notoriously difficult-to-reach regions; however, the name now encompasses a wide range of terrain and itineraries for all skill levels. Setting up your tent at dusk, having […]

Best 6 Trekking Places In India

Trekking is important for mental peace

India, with its varied landscape & numerous hill ranges spread across the vast subcontinent, offers numerous trekking trails. The best trekking spots in India for mental peace range from tropical rainforest to icy deserts and from Rolling Meadows to soaring Himalayan peaks. Whenever we say treks in India, our mind blanks as there are beautiful […]