How Does Walking Control Your Body Movements?


Have you ever thought about what kind of power humans possess aside from their brains? What do we humans have compared to the horns, claws, and piercing teeth that other animals have to hunt their prey? The answer is endurance.  According to some anthropologists, this became significant around 2-3 million years ago, when humans began […]

What Does One Do To Walk More?

What Does One Do To Walk More

People have started looking at walking as part of a healthy lifestyle. Walking acts as an exercise that helps to keep an individual fit. Walking has its overall benefits on both physical and mental health. Walking is the most simple form of exercise which one can take to maintain good health. A mere 30-minute walk […]

Which Is The Most Walked Country On Earth?


Walking is the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation. It produces almost no noise or pollution and utilizes significantly fewer nonrenewable resources than any other kind of transportation. Walking requires energy provided directly by the traveler, and using that energy provides a beneficial cardiovascular workout.  Walking takes up a fraction of the space required to […]

Is Speed Walking Real?


Walking is an amazing form of exercise, it not only boosts your entire immune system but also energizes your entire body and increases your strength. Imagine waking up and going out for a walk when the sun is set to rise, the dewdrop on the grass, and the cold wind. Everything about walking early in […]

Is Walking Necessary For A Healthy Lifestyle


“If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk.” -Hippocrates. Whether walking to your local grocery store to get cereal for your breakfast or walking away from responsibilities, everyone does a little walking almost every day. Walking is an activity that […]

What Measures Are Required To Make Walking A Habit?


Walking is an amazing form of exercise; it will not only help you to burn calories but is a great way to boost your mood early in the morning. Usually walking should be done early in the morning as the weather goes perfectly and it is a great way to start your day. Good habits […]

What Are The Strengths Developed From Walking?


There is a lot of hype centered around walking these days. Long walks are being promoted as a life changer. From fitness gurus to motivational speakers, spiritual masters to psychiatrists and therapists, everyone seems to be singing praises about prolonged walking and what it can do for you. What is exactly all the hype about? […]

How Long Can We Keep Walking?


George Meegan currently holds the record for Longest Unbroken Walk. He covered a distance of 1900 miles(3057 km approx) over a time span of six and a half years. He walked from the southernmost tip of South America to the northernmost of Alaska. Thus he became the one and only person to walk the entire […]

Walking: Does It Take Us To A Healthy Lifestyle?

Walking Does It Take Us To A Healthy Lifestyle

People have started giving attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Working in this busy and fast world is definitely difficult for an individual to cope with healthy habits, in order to lead a healthy life. The first thought which pops up in peoples’ minds is Exercise. People spend hours exercising in gyms and sweat out […]

Are Long Walks Beneficial?

Are Long Walks Beneficial

Walking is arguably the first exercise that humans have come across right from the dawn of humankind. Even as infants, walking is the first step we come across.  When you enter the gym, what’s one exercise that’s done the most? What’s the one machine that everyone uses regularly? THE TREADMILL!  Even if a person isn’t […]