Why Do We Say Failure Leads To Success?

Failure is the first step towards success.

We all have failed a number of times in this journey of life. From being an infant, learning to walk, failing in your examination to struggling to get a job. Be it minor or pre-eminent failure we all have something going on in our mind during that phase. To get a fine grasp of it […]

What is Endorsement Behavior?

Behavior endorsement are good to motivate good behavior

The simple meaning of Endorsement is the action of endorsing someone or something. An endorsement is also a form of approval or social support. For example, celebrities give an endorsement to politicians if they think you should vote for them. When celebrities do commercials for products and services they are doing an endorsement of the […]

Changing Gender Roles Is Equal To Feminism?

Changing Gender Roles in Modern World

It’s a universally accepted fact that gender roles exist, and have been passed on from one generation to another. It has been exhibited in various aspects be it particular representation of choice of color or to the competence extent of gender, everything has been set by the society. But now it’s a whole new era, […]

How Does The Brain Function When a Person Is In Love?

A brain function when in love is awesome.

Loving someone can be a powerful, intense experience. From flurries of excitement to crippling self-consciousness., it’s not easy for both parties in an affair! But what is love? One of the most frequently asked questions and has tons of answers, but no one could have an exact definition of it. One could share the experience […]

Mental Health Is Gaining Traction

Mental health requires care

Opening up about mental health or as far as even expressing undesired emotions had been considered a stigma since times immemorial with men asked to man up, and women asked to shut up. However, with times progressing, the stigma associated with mental illnesses is fading, with more and more people understanding its gravity. (Deacon, M., […]

Nature And Nurture Connect The Dots

A clear nature versus nurture explaination

The nature vs. nurture topic is philosophical, cultural, and scientific debate about whether human personality, culture, and behavior are caused primarily by nature or nurture? But what it’s actually about? Nature is often defined in this debate as hormone and genetic-based behaviors, dispositions, and traits while one’s culture, experience, and environment id defined by nurture. […]

Bullying Affects The Human Mind

Bullying affects the human mind

If you open Netflix and watch any show or movie based on high school or college teen drama, it will contain bullying; that is how normalized bullying has become. Although defining what constitutes bullying behavior may appear simple at first, it does not always fit the conventional stereotype of a group of jocks beating up […]

Is Depression More Common In Women Than Men?

Many women face depression than men.

Depression can strike at any phase of life. The risk of depression exists independent of race or ethnicity. It has been extensively documented that there are gender disparities in depression prevalence, with women experiencing major depression more frequently than men. According to a study in 2017 by Salk RH, Hyde JS, and Abramson LY. Gender differences […]

What Can We Learn From Psychology?

The connect of psychology and learning

The scientific study of human behavior and mental processes is known as psychology. It has existed as a branch of philosophy since the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, but only became a separate discipline of scientific study in the 1870s. The consequences of psychological studies are more important and respected now than at any […]

What are the Elements of Psychology?

The various elements of psychology

In 1890, the famous American philosopher and psychologists published the book “The principles of psychology,” which describes the most crucial element of psychology. It covered many topics, but some stand out as being more valuable & relevant than others, particularly the Stream of emotion, will, habit, and consciousness sections. Let’s see some elements that might […]