The History Of Humanistic Psychology

The History of Humanistic Psychology we need to preserve

Humanism is a philosophical theory that emphasizes the importance of human aspects rather than fixating on divine, religious, or spiritual matters. The theory of Humanism is rooted in the notion that humans have a moral responsibility to lead lives that are fulfilling while at the same time striving to contribute to the greater good of […]

Introduction About Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic Psychology is vital

Humanistic psychology is the movement supporting the belief that humans are unique, being recognized, and treated by psychologists and psychiatrists. The movement began to grow in opposition to two mainstream trends of psychology that is behaviorism and psychoanalysis. Abraham Maslow, the American psychologist, considered one of the leading architects of humanistic psychology, planned a hierarchy […]

What Is The Right Information On Humanistic Psychology?

The pieces of information together on humanistic psychology

We live in 2021, a year where everything and everyone is evolving, and so is psychology. As every aspect around us is developing, so are the risks; hence, It has become significantly essential to have the right and correct information about anything and be competent to avoid any false information. Old ways of psychology that […]

Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic Psychology also known as ‘Humanism’ grounded into the roots of human principles, values, mannerisms, and ethics. It studies the approach of every individual born with a uniqueness and behavioral aspects in his upbringing. Humanistic Psychology studies qualities imbibed in a person wholly to ascertain impacts on his life. The significance of humanistic psychology revolves […]