Explained what is sports psychology

Waking up at 5 am to head out in the dark in the cold for that 10km training run and knowing that your team Is behind you and requires you to score in the last few minutes requires single-minded motivation and mental toughness.  For an athlete to have a tough and healthy mind, a sport […]

Do Athletes Need Psychological Treatment?

Do athletes need psychological treatment?

We as humans all have our own issues and struggles, and treating them is what we all require, in the same way, athletes face a lot of issues be under pressure to achieve on the fields or tracks or outreaching their goals. Portraying their struggle Deeanna Kastor a long-distance runner and an Olympian very well […]

What If A Sportsman Is Going Under Pressure?

What if a sportsman is undergoing pressure?

Every individual faces problems in our daily lives at work, school, from friends and family and can experience incredible pressure. When performing under pressure, many athletes are crushed, while the competitors crush the competition; why is that? The most athlete experiences a certain sort of pressure while performing. The most significant thing you need to […]

Is Sports Psychology Real?

A sportsman needs mental upliftment through psychology

If you are an athlete, then you know the amount of pressure you have to deal with not just before the game but after the game too if you end up on the losing side. You need a strong mindset to tackle these challenges so that the mental pressure doesn’t eat you up. Now you […]