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Life cuts us pieces of cake someone gets a large piece, some small, some just a bite to suffice these pieces are not edible they are emotions sad, happy, anger, and fear. PAS gives you a way to control these emotions by understanding the deeper meaning of life through our life quotes page. Read through […]

Positive Life Quotes

Positive Quotes

Life has got two lenses for viewing positive and negative. Positive lenses help you see the brighter side of life through colours, imagination, and lift you during your tough times. We at PAS do not let you focus on the darker side by always giving you positive life quotes. Stay healthy and stay positive. Always […]

Quotes About Life

Quotes about Life

Quotes mean a lot in a few words. To quote “Quotes about life teach you a lot to about taking life in a positive, motivated, dedicated, and disciplined note. We let your choice, view, and keep that quote with you to achieve the impossible. Never let success get to your head and never let failure […]

Motivational Quotes About Life


Life is a learning and keeps us on the edge every time we take a dive through to emerge victoriously. PAS provides motivational quotes about life to rule, conquer, and achieve your road towards success. A never-ending success to keep you in charge till the end. No matter how many mistakes you make or how […]