Published on 09 August 2023

Hydroxyzine Vs. Ativan: Which Is Best For Anxiety?

Lorazepam (ativan) Ativan-Vs-Hydroxyzine
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Anxiety is a common issue that is being faced by many people worldwide. As per research, anyone can go through such feelings. But when a person suffers, they go through a roller coaster feeling, and various things affect their mental peace. Women are more likely to suffer from anxiety than men because of the hormones and sensitivity towards their hormones, which affect their stress levels.

With the help of various symptoms, you can recognize anxiety issues. You can contact your doctor if you start to feel symptoms suddenly like sweating, increased heart rate, a strange feeling of nervousness, tension, panic moments, etc. The causes of anxiety can be due to any bad experiences during childhood or any instances during adulthood. For every condition, there is a cure. 

Various medicines have their role in curing. Specific medication can heal you from a particular condition. Hydroxyzine and Ativan are widely known medicines that help an individual cure anxiety issues. But knowing its differences can help you clear out a few questions in your mind. Let us know more about them in detail.

What Is Hydroxyzine?

Hydroxyzine cures allergic issues like skin reactions, dermatitis, hives, etc. It belongs to the drug class of antihistamines. Apart from these issues, it is also used for treating conditions like anxiety and other mental conditions.

Some doctors can also give Hydroxyzine for sleep before going for surgery. The drug is suitable for people above six years, but you should consult a doctor for an accurate dosage strength and Safety. 

What Is Ativan?

Once you feel the symptoms of Anxiety, the best medicine is Ativan to treat anxiety and different mental conditions. Ativan treats other medical conditions like insomnia and can also be used with other medicine, but it should be approved by the doctor you consult.

The drug should be used by an individual older than 12 years of age; the effectiveness of this medicine below this age is still being determined. Ativan is a controlled substance in the USA. You cannot buy Ativan over the counter because it is only available with a legit prescription.

Mechanism Of Action: Hydroxyzine Vs. Ativan

The working pattern of both medicines (Hydroxyzine and Ativan) is different. They both belong to different drug classes. The overall working of the medicine depends on different aspects like age, weight, and other medical conditions. 

Hydroxyzine belongs to the antihistamine drug class, wherein the drug lowers the histamine substance in the body. The body produces this substance. Once the medicine starts working, it shows effects depending on various aspects of an individual. 

Ativan medicine belongs to the benzodiazepine-based drug class. Ativan works by boosting the neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Once the medicine starts working in the body, you will experience calmness and relaxation. 

Pros And Cons: Hydroxyzine Vs Ativan

Pros and cons are experienced by most people. These are termed after recording the experiences of the people consumed and through different observations. 




Hydroxyzine takes around 30 minutes to lower anxiety.

You can feel drowsy and sleepy throughout the day.

You can sleep easier without hesitation if you suffer from allergies or anxiety.

People older than 65 should use it with caution.

Younger than 6 can be safe only if used at the lowest dosage.

If you take other medication, you can feel an uneven heart rate.

Available in Liquid and pill form.

Not suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant women.




You can take it by mouth or by injecting it.

Not suitable for long-term use.

Take only when needed.

You can face dizziness, drowsiness, and confusion.

Available in injection, capsule, tablet, or liquid solution.

You might get addicted.

The dosage depends on the type of medicine recommended.

You can experience withdrawal symptoms if stopped abruptly.

You can get generics at the lowest price.

You can experience allergic reactions if it is not suitable for your body.

The above-mentioned pros and cons are derived from the observations. These pros and cons can help you from choosing the drug. Also, doctors will give you according to the condition you have been facing.

Difference Between Hydroxyzine Vs Ativan

The below-mentioned points can give you a clear vision of the differences. You can decide which medicine can work the best for your condition.



According to, the rating for Hydroxyzine is 5.6 out of 10 from 1342 reviewers. 

According to, the rating for Ativan is 7.9 out of 10 from 1021 reviewers. 

Brand medicine available as Vistaril and Atarax.

Generic medicine is available as Lorazepam.

The half-life of Hydroxyzine is 7 hours.

The half-life of Ativan is 25 hours.

Hydroxyzine does not belong to a controlled substance.

Ativan can be abused and is an addictive drug.

566 medicines can interact with Hydroxyzine.

399 medicines can interact with Ativan.

You should not drink alcohol while on Hydroxyzine drug.

You should not drink alcohol while on Ativan drug.

It was approved by FDA on 12th April 1956.

It was approved by FDA on 30th September 1977.

It can treat conditions like Allergies, Nausea, Sedation, Pain, and Interstitial Cystitis.

It can treat conditions like Nausea, Sedation, Insomnia, Cervical Dystonia, Light anesthesia, Insomnia, Borderline personality disorder, Panic disorder, Agitation, and Dysautonomia.

Possible Side Effects: Hydroxyzine Vs Ativan

Side effects can play a big role and should be considered. It can affect any individual and depends on the body type. Common side effects can fade off, whereas severe effects can lead to dangerous situations.


Common Side Effects

Severe Side Effects


Fast heartbeats

Mild headache

Chest pain

Skin rashes


Dry Mouth





Common Side Effects

Severe Side Effects


Severe Drowsiness




Change in Vision

Mild headache

Sleeping disorder

Feeling unsteady


People commonly get affected by the above-mentioned side effects. If you feel any other symptoms or effects on your body, it is suggested to consult a doctor for betterment.

Warnings: Hydroxyzine Vs Ativan

The below-mentioned warning signs should be followed; ignorance can lead to severe trouble. The doctor will guide everything in a detailed manner.



Heart rhythm problems,

Intense sleepiness,

Skin reactions,

Harmful to unborn babies,

Reduced alertness,

Dependence, withdrawal, Abuse,

Severe side effects for people above 65.

A feeling of Breathlessness,


Suicidal thoughts and mood swings.


Agitation, restlessness.

Before getting any medicine, reading the medicine leaflet is better. The drug leaflet mentions all the warnings, and the doctor will inform other measures according to the diagnosis.

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Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

Many differences between Hydroxyzine and Ativan drugs are stated. Whenever you are prescribed any of the following drugs, you should get all the information about the drug from the medical practitioner; this will help from unnecessary effects on your body. 

As all the drug have their side effects, you should decide which medicine will lead your condition to cure. While consulting your doctor, you should mandatorily inform all the medical history you have been through and the medication you have consumed to treat such conditions.

Frequently asked questions

As per the reviews and research, it is stated that Ativan works the best compared to Hydroxyzine. It depends on various factors of your body.
You can take Hydroxyzine for four months, whereas you can take Ativan for at least four weeks.
You should stop taking Hydroxyzine and Ativan after you start to experience negative effects on your body. You should instantly talk to your doctor.