Published on 10 July 2023

Is Xanax Addictive? - Symptoms And Their Treatment

Xanax (Alprazolam) Is-Xanax-Addictive
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When one suffers from anxiety issues, they do not think about addiction or medicine abuse; they only think about the cure for their condition. They take things that make them feel relieved of anxiety symptoms. 

Millions have been suffering from anxiety, a common condition among adults. As people follow modernization, the controlling mindset has lowered, and anxiousness has increased. Busy schedules and stressful events make a person suffer from anxiety and a depressive state. For which people take various options to cure. 

Stress is taken by all, no matter what age. So it is always better to be calm and relaxed when you are about to face such situations. As addiction to a drug can cause various effects on the body, Xanax is one of the effective drugs that help to heal the condition, so let us know about Xanax addiction and how it can be overcome with time. 

What Is Xanax?

Xanax is one of the most prescribed drugs that doctors commonly give. Xanax is one of the most effective drugs for treating various conditions like Panic attacks and anxiety; apart from that, it is also used for insomnia, alcohol withdrawals, and muscle spasms. Xanax belongs to the class of Benzodiazepines

It is not only referred to as Xanax but also Xannies or Xans. Alprazolam is a generic drug also approved by FDA for treating all the above conditions. Avoid taking Xanax if you are under 18 because the research is not yet completed about its effectiveness. 

How Does Xanax Work?

The working pattern of all the Benzodiazepine medicines is similar. When it comes to Xanax, it works by enhancing chemicals in the body and stops releasing chemicals that cause anxiety. The central nervous system slows down and lowers anxiety. Xanax works best for relieving Seasonal affective disorder and anxiety disorder. It is mainly allowed or prescribed to use for a shorter duration. 

Does Xanax Have Addictiveness?

Even if the dosage is taken as per the doctor's prescription, Xanax has addictiveness. When you start your dosage, you instantly feel the changes in your body. These sensations make the person take more or abuse the drug consumption. It can only work best by following the exact dosage given by the doctor and being strict about taking the drug. This will make the medication less addictive. 

Why Is Xanax More Addictive?

Xanax Addictiveness is caused due to the effects on the mind and body. The central nervous system gets slowed down due to Xanax consumption and depresses activity in the brain. The actions in the brain lead to drowsiness and relaxation. Euphoric sensation in the brain makes an individual abuse drugs. Sometimes Xanax shows effects that cause delusions and hallucinations.

Ways Of Abusing Xanax

Not just consuming more is termed abuse, but there are other ways people abuse Xanax drugs. Snorting is one of the common ways people abuse medicines, and different methods are injected by crushing the medicine and smoking. A higher dosage quantity is taken when people abuse Xanax. Some also prefer to take them with opioids, alcohol, and heroin, which are prone to be dangerous ways to consume. 

Possible Side Effects

Individuals who have been consuming Xanax for a long time have a lower potential to get affected by side effects, but newly consuming people deal with side effects on a higher margin. Some might get affected by the commonly caused side effects, and others might suffer severe bodily impacts. 

Common side effects

Serious side effects

Trouble breathing 

Increased heart rate

Impaired coordination


Change in Weight

Life-threatening seizure

Dizziness/ vertigo

Depressive thoughts

Changes in sex drive

Shortness of breath

Upset stomach 

Maniac symptoms


Blurred vision


Severe allergic reaction

Dry mouth 

Memory impairment

These are a few of the side effects that are presented above. Also, if you suffer from any other side effects, check out with your doctor and get the necessary help. 

How To Prevent Xanax Addiction?

Before you start getting addicted to the Xanax drug, knowing some preventive measures to help you avoid addiction is better. Addiction can lead to severe effects, or sometimes the drug does not work the same consistently. So for that being on the safer side, always consider the following preventive measures.

  • Do not over-consume drugs more than prescribed.
  • Remember the Xanax side effects on your body when you take more than prescribed.
  • Do not stop taking the medicine abruptly.
  • Do not give your medicine to someone or take it from others if you are not suffering from anxiety.
  • Keep the medicine away after use.

These are a few of the measures that should be followed. There is no 100 percent surety about the addiction, but this can help you in a way. This can lower the addiction risk. 

Who Is Under The Influence Of Xanax Addiction?

Not everyone can deal with addiction issues. People who can fall under the risk of addiction are as follows:

People who 

  • Have been through substance abuse.
  • Have a family past of abusing medicine.
  • Have suffered from anxiety/depression.
  • Have people around that influence you to take more drugs to cure faster.

Who Can Be Likely To Get Addicted To Xanax?

Most young people have the potential to get addicted to Xanax. Young people have been prescribed Xanax, the most competitive to older adults. In the United States, adults mostly use Farmarpram Xanax and Ksalol 1mg. Young adults experiment with medicine to heal quickly from anxiety and depressive symptoms due to a lack of maturity. Statistics say that 5 in 10 young adults misuse medications. 

Older adults get addicted because of their different medications and start to depend on a single drug for longer than prescribed. The higher chances of one getting addicted to medicine are due to buying from a black market.

Symptoms Of Xanax Addiction

If you are going through a few symptoms after continuously taking Xanax for anxiety, you should at least talk to your doctor once to cut off the addiction symptoms.

  • Consuming more than prescribed.
  • If you are craving to take Xanax every time.
  • Not able to concentrate at work or in college because of Xanax use.
  • Spending to buy Xanax 
  • Doing practices like stealing money to buy medicine.

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Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

Xanax is termed an addictive drug. It falls under the Schedule IV substance. It happens due to the changes in the brain. Once the person has been consuming Xanax for a long time, they tend to get dependent on it. On the safer side, when you experience symptoms of Xanax addiction, you should immediately consult a doctor. 

Xanax also contains side effects that can affect anyone who consumes it. So precautionary measures should be taken, and all the medical history should be informed to your doctor before you take Xanax.

Frequently asked questions

The consequences of getting addicted to Xanax can be dangerous. It can damage your liver and kidney, or more severely; it can cause death.
You can take medicine at a peak for eight weeks but only after the doctor's prescription. You should be responsible for informing us about the addictiveness.
Once you have consumed Xanax for anxiety, on average, it can take about 1 to 2 hours, depending upon your body's dosage and capacity.