Morning Anxiety – What can you do about it?

Morning anxiety might be depressing and scary if you have never experienced anxiety before and might be spending days brooding about what is happening to you. Racing thoughts and worry might be a cause of pain early morning for you, when the world gets up with a smile. 

As per a leading newspaper, 89% of the Indian population suffer from stress and nevertheless have to face similar symptoms of distressing their day-to-day life. But coming to this blog might relieve you as I will brief certain remedies that will help you cop up with your daily syndrome and lead a stress-free life.

But before that let’s chart out a summary as to what causes morning anxiety to get a better understanding.

There is virtually an endless number of reasons why some wake up anxious.

Nevertheless, there seem to be some main culprits that makeup to morning anxiety:

  • For those having excessive stress in their lives, the first hour of waking up might be the peak of experience of stress and anxiety.
  • Excessive thought or even thought of the future can result in mind racing thoughts and anxiety.
  • You’re eating patterns of high intake of caffeine and sugar might be the cause of your early morning anxiety.
  • Your morning anxiety might just be a result of a symptom of the underlying anxiety disorder. 

Here is the list of a few techniques that are helpful in reducing morning anxiety.

Get Up and Go Running

Whether it’s an energetic morning walk or a visit to your gym, bodily activity is one of the greatest ways to lift your mood in the morning. If you discover yourself dealing with an extreme amount of worry in those initial hours, try to exercise a minimum of five days a week for about 30 minutes daily.

Meditate or Pray

Meditation, mindfulness and prayers, all have similar results — get your mind off future worries and focus on the present.

Try to put yourself in a watchful state when you first wake up. Open-mindedly observe your feelings, thoughts and bodily state while not reacting to them. Take some long breaths, turning your focus off from what you can’t manage and turning it toward what you can.

Replace Your Negative Thinking with Positive Thinking

If facing morning anxiety for a long time, it is possible you might fall into the habit of thinking negative and having a low esteem about yourself. If so, try consciously to thinking positive. Believe in your abilities.

Instead of getting up and thinking about your hopeless feeling, wake up and do something that you like such as listening to your favourite song or checking your what’s app. Instead of thinking about your worry, believe you will come out of your worry.

Train Your Mind to be Happy

Sometimes the best method to defeat anxiety is to substitute negative thinking and train your mind towards happiness, trust and confidence. Keep a diary or notebook by your bed and list down everything you are thankful for in life. Jot down any upcoming things you’re enthusiastic about, e.g. birthday or a festival. Writing good things that have arrived at you. This will help keep you be centered on the positive aspects of life.

Does Lifestyle Alteration Reduce Morning Anxiety?

A positive lifestyle change can bring a difference in how you feel throughout the day and reduce your morning anxiety. This positive change in lifestyle shall broadly include:

1.        Getting enough sleep during the night

2.        Reducing, and if possible no alcohol and caffeine consumption.

3.        Consumption of a healthy diet that has limited processed food and sugar in it.

4.        Try relaxing at work or at home and avoid getting worked up.

Try and Reduce Your Morning Stressors

You might not even realize what leads to your stress and anxiety in the morning. It might just be a loud irritating alarm sound or a disliked task that you have to carry out in the day.

A loud alarm sound might seem good to you to wake up early, especially if you are a late riser and want to get up early. But it might be a trigger point for your anxiety. You might replace the irritating alarm tone with a soothing alarm tone.

In case you are stressed with any task you have to carry out in the morning, preferably try completing it in the evening or break the task up and complete it in few day, rather than trying to complete it in a single day. 

Don’t Let Stress Adversely Affect Your Life

Anxiety, stress and worries are part and parcel of life. Chronic worries can have detrimental effects on your physical and emotional health. Any kind of addiction can worsen the problem. If procrastinated your therapy and exercises the issue will not be solved, rather it can multiply. So exercise, meditate or pray and live for the present and not worrying about things that aren’t in your control. 

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