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26 June 2022
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Dhanashree Padhye
MA (Psychology)
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As you know, we are celebrating the last week of pride month as Pride week of mental health. Pride month is celebrated globally to support our dear friends and cherish their freedom of sexualities. While doing so, we as a 'Practical Anxiety solution' team believe that not only the outer world nor the society we live in needs some change. To be at peace, we must have a mental health awareness movement among the LGBTQ+ community. This is our way to support the ongoing pride month! Pride Week of Mental Health. FORGET WHAT'S OUTSIDE! FOCUS ON WHAT'S INSIDE! 


1. What is pansexuality 

The prefix 'pan' means - all. That is why Pansexuality means someone who is pansexual can be attracted to people irrespective of gender. This also includes people who do not identify with any gender. Simply put, Pansexuality is the romantic, emotional, and sexual attraction to people regardless of gender.

Pansexual people may be attracted to some people from different sexuality and not some people from other sexuality, but then they get attracted irrespective of the gender of the person and irrespective of sexual orientation. People of any gender can be identified as Pansexual.

There is much confusion between "bisexual" and "pansexual". However, there are distinctions between the two. Many pansexual people describe themselves as being attracted to people based on personality and moral character, not gender, meaning they could be attracted to someone non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, binary, transgender, male, female, or any other gender. While many pansexual people do not have gender preferences regarding attraction, some do, which is still valid. (Belous, C.K. and Bauman, M.L., 2017)

How to Know If You’re Pansexual 

1. Recognize that you have sexual preferences-

First of all, it is all natural to think you are pansexual. Your sexual desires and your sexual orientations are your things. Understand yourself. Try to give yourself space.

It is mandatory to feel and understand your sexuality. Let it be vulnerable, and let's be honest with yourself.

You can quickly move forward with your sexual preferences once you accept yourself and if you stop suppressing your sexual preferences. Moreover, acknowledge they exist for a reason.

2. Know that anyone can be pansexual-

Understand that anyone from society can be pansexual. pansexuality is irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, or even any sociopolitical identity, or even looks and styles.

there are no special hair, makeup, or clothing style preferences prerequisites for being pansexual.

3.  Ask yourself questions-

Always ask yourself questions about your sexuality, orientation, liking, and experiences. This might help you to understand yourself better. Identify yourself and who you are. Ask yourself about... 

  • Does your partner have a gender preference? 
  • Are you comfortable dating someone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or sex? 
  • Are you comfortable dating someone of the same gender as you, or even the opposite gender, or different gender? Are you comfortable dating someone who is non-binary in gender preferences?  
  • Would you be interested and comfortable to date someone from a different sexual orientation than you? 

4.  Notice common signs-

The common sign of being a Pansexual is being attracted to all genders, not only men or women or non-binary people.

Someone who is pansexual need not find everyone around him/her sexually attractive. But is capable of finding someone sexually attractive irrespective of their gender.

Another greater sign is you find an emotional and lovely connection with someone regardless of their gender or sexual preferences. (Callis, A.S., 2014)


How to Discuss Your Pansexuality with your Parents.

So, you're trying out how it feels to call yourself pansexual. Now what? Hopefully, you're surrounded by people who fully accept and encourage your exploration and identity. But, depending on who's in your life, you may need to be prepared for people to not immediately understand.


  1. Focus on your parent's values - 
  • You need not find a good reason for telling them that your parents that you are pansexual. But you can make the conversation smoother if you can identify why this particular thing is important to you and that your parents are aware of your sexuality. Be open and frank. Don't let them think that you are telling them under some kind of pressure or anything.
  • This may be a scenario where you want to be with someone whom you have seen around for a while, and maybe this person doesn't fit in your family as per your parents. be prepared for that. 
  • It may be a scenario where you feel sad when your parents know you are pansexual.
  1. Be prepared to explain what pansexual means.

Some parents may have never heard the term "pansexual" before. Therefore, be prepared to explain what you mean when you say, "I am pansexual." In some scenarios, your parents may have lots of questions for you about what this means and 

does not mean.

  • Being open to talking and explaining your sexuality to your parents may be very important for helping them understand. Remember, if they are asking questions, it means they are doing their best to understand what is important to them. Do your best to be patient.

Supporting a Loved One Who Is Pansexual

Thank your loved one for having the courage to tell you.

           Offer your compassion over judgment or criticism.

  • Remember that they are still the same person as before.
  • Ask questions if they're comfortable!
  • Respect your loved one's right to keep their identity private


Our suggestion to the pansexual community out there is never to focus on what's going on outside. In the outside world, it may be your pretentious friends, maybe someone notorious from your family, or even someone from your professional circle. Never focus on the outer negative world; focus on what matters. Your MIND! Your mind being at peace is the only way to achieve sheer positivity and comfort even in the long ongoing social hassle. Never focus on what's outside; focus on what matters! You!

Happy Pride Month to All 'Practical Anxiety Solutions users. Stay mentally fit. Stay happy!

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