By Sana Shaikh

BHMS and Yoga Trainer

26 September 2021
Medically reviewed by
Dhanashree Padhye
MA (Psychology)
Swim for good health
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Swimming is fun, still, we all are lazy to go to the swimming pool. Swimming is known to be the best form of exercise which promotes a healthy lifestyle. In the present day, we all need some form of exercise, especially if we lead a sedentary lifestyle. The benefits of swimming and exercise daily are enormous right from general health fitness to reducing anxiety and cardiovascular fitness.

We all know how our good health is precious to us, but most of us do not do anything to keep up with our good health. Rather we have junk food and engage in habits like smoking that damages our health.

The point is that good health is not restricting yourself from having a good time, it is adding some good habits in your daily life such as nutritious food, and some sought of exercise such as swimming, cycling, or working out daily and some sought of recreational activities to keep us stress-free and it will also develop our physical activities.

Swimming has all three benefits of reducing stress and anxiety, keeping your body fit and in shape, and as well as enjoying the peace of being in the water and having fun with friends.

In brief, water has washing effects and washes out the dirt particles in the body. Similarly, water also washes out the strain and stress associated with our bodies. While in the pool, we make friends and play games in the water. This activity keeps us jolly and happy. (Lavoie, J.M. and Montpetit, R.R., 1986)

Health privileges of swimming 

Swimming is a great exercise because you need to add pressure to your whole body to cut through the water. 

Why should you add swimming to your daily routine?

Swimming is one of the best and is taken as an all-round activity because it:

  • keeps your heart rate in a check and takes some of the stress off your body
  • builds strength, muscle strength and cardiovascular robustness
  • helps you maintain an appropriate weight, healthful heart and lungs, tones muscles and increases body strength
  • It is an all-over body conditioning, as nearly the whole of your body is used while swimming. (Tanaka, H., 2009)

How swimming helps you to cope-up with your mental anxiety? 

A lot of people are suffering from mental ailments and from that, a lot of them are taking therapy or medications for anxiety and depression, if not being given the attention it may worsen and this makes it very essential to take adequate therapy.

One of the recommended therapy to reduce and manage your anxiety is through rigorous exercise and swimming. Studies have found that regular swimming in our daily life causes us to release a hormone called endorphins that makes a person feel happy and experience wellbeing.

How half an hour of swimming can make a difference?

Even half an hour of swimming a day can make a difference to your life, so why should you not? A daily half an hour of swimming can reduce your depression, anxiety and bring an improved sleep pattern. It is not only that swimming proves helpful to people who are suffering from the ailment but also reduces the possibility of such incidence.

Scientific research which was conducted by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research found that children who learn to swim in life at an earlier age reach major cognitive developmental milestones early in life. These cognitive developments typically include oral expression, literacy, numeracy, and visual-motor skills, faster than the children who are non-swimmers.

Why should you make your children swim?

So it is evident that swimming influences brain growth and brain development in a positive manner. It is essential that not only you but even your children should include swimming as a part of their daily routine, as an early start can not only enhance their cognitive development but also, help them inculcate a good habit at an early age.

Swimming is a pleasure and efficient way to reduce stress, possibly more so than any other type of method and eventually swimming leads to a healthy lifestyle. Being in association with water, by itself, can benefit you to free both body and mind. Being immersed in water while swimming and taking attention to your body while swimming can have a relaxing, nearly meditative effect on the brain.  Our body and mind are precious to us and we should take all measures to keep them fit and fine. Swimming is one such measure. Research has further revealed that swimming can lead to the development of brain cells in the place where cells have been deteriorated due to stress.

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