Published on 26 September 2021

Swimming: Best Natural Exercise

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Swimming can be defined in two terms such as casual activity and a serious sport. It is the best workout someone could do. Swimming is found to be a very useful or effective exercise for individuals with arthritis because it is less weight-bearing. It helps like a therapy wherein you would be using your entire body at work.

Swimming is fun. Still, we all are lazy to go to the swimming pool. Swimming is known to be the best form of exercise which promotes a healthy lifestyle. In the present day, we all need some form of exercise, especially if we lead a sedentary lifestyle. The benefits of swimming and daily exercising are enormous, from general health fitness to reducing anxiety and cardiovascular fitness.

We all know how health is precious to us, but most of us dont do anything to keep up with our good health. Rather we just go with the junk food and engage in habits like smoking that damage health.

The point is that good health is not restricting yourself from having a good time. It is adding some good habits in your daily life, such as nutritious food, some sought exercises such as swimming, cycling, or working out daily, and some sought recreational activities to keep us stress-free. It will also develop our physical activities.

Swimming has all three benefits reducing stress and anxiety, keeping your body fit and in shape, as well as enjoying the peace of being in the water and having fun with friends.

In brief, water has washing effects and washes out the dirt particles in the body. Similarly, water also washes out the strain and stress associated with our bodies. While in the pool, we make friends and play games. This activity keeps us jolly and happy. 

Why Is Swimming The Best Exercise?

Any physical activity you do gives a calming effect to the body, and when its in a pool, you have a lot of fun. As we know swimming can ,be a greater exercise form, you have to know why is it the best exercise.

Swimming And Shape

Swimming for an hour daily can burn up to 500 calories. It works on all muscles of your body. Research has shown that the chances of injury due to swimming are low compared to other forms of exercise, including jogging, running, or weight lifting. It is a very safe exercise for people going through obesity.

Aerobic Training

Swimming is the finest form of aerobic exercise, including using muscles of the hands and legs. It’s good for the heart and keeps the blood pressure normal, preventing heart attacks. You can start swimming at any age, and it’s suggested for individuals with weight limitations.

Make You Flexible

Water is the best medium to make your body flexible. Water has been known for a long due to its buoyancy, water temperature, and water resistance. The smoothness of movements helps extend and stretch muscles.

Swim Every Day, Keep Asthma Away

Swimming is an aerobic activity it increases your lung capacity. As water is denser than air, your lungs need to work harder to supply enough oxygen to your blood, which gives your lungs a good workout to make them stronger; it helps in improved breath and helps to decrease symptoms of asthma. Kids should be introduced to swimming at a young age to lessen the risk of asthma.

Manages Diabetes

If you have diabetes, then exercise is a very important activity that is necessary. Different from typical forms of exercise like running and jogging, swimming gives an extra edge making it fun and engaging for diabetes. It is an aerobic exercise that improves insulin sensitivity, decreases fat, and helps control your blood glucose level.

Swimming is a great all-around workout session as it keeps your heart rate up but also takes some of the impact stress out of your body. Builds muscle strength and endurance and helps maintain a healthy weight, heart, and lungs.
Swimming is a good way to tone your body muscles. But lifting weights at the gym is the finest way to focus on building muscle if it’s part of your weight loss goal.
As we know, swimming is a full-body workout, so it will definitely help to reduce belly fat. Not only belly but would also help you lose weight.

How Swimming Can Help In Weight Loss?

Just as we all love splashing lazying around the pool, we can’t ignore the blazing benefits of swimming. You honestly want to  some of the weight to lose but the thought of lifting weights for hours after work almost feels like punishment, isn’t it?

You are likely guessing what we will advise, but you ask if swimming is a legit workout? Nope, it’s a fantastic full-body workout with the slightest impact on joints. When you move with the water every sole movement, you make work against the natural resistance of the water itself.

Every push, every pull, every kick, and stroke, needs the effort to push the water out of the way. That itself offers an opportunity for workout. Set it with some swimming exercises to lose weight and you are ready to go. The water has outstanding soothing benefits for your mind.

Health Privileges Of Swimming 

Swimming is a great exercise because you need to add pressure to your whole body to cut through the water. 

Adding swimming in your daily routine?

Swimming is one of the best and is taken as an all-round activity because it:

  • keeps your heart rate in check and takes some of the stress off your body
  • builds strength, muscle strength, and cardiovascular robustness
  • helps you maintain an appropriate weight, healthful heart and lungs, tones muscles, and increases body strength
  • It is an all-over body conditioning, as nearly the whole of your body is used while swimming. 

More Benefits Of Swimming

  • It’s a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves the balance and posture of the body
  • Improves flexibility
  • Provides low-impact therapy for some injuries and conditions. 
  • Provides a satisfying way to cool down your body and mind on a hot day
  • Swimming can be possible in many places like swimming pools, beaches, dams, rivers, and lakes

Swimming Pool Exercise You Can Do For A Full-body Workout

As water is denser, it is a boon for you to have a perfect workout station in a pool. You can do whatever exercises that are mentioned below. This surely makes it a greater impact on your body and get you in shape.

  • Cardio pull exercise includes Walking in the pool and Running in the pool
  • Lower body pool exercises are Knee kicks & Frog kicks
  • The upper body pool exercise Bicep curls, Triceps extension, Chest press, and Pool pushups

Best Swimming Workouts For Strength

  • Body weight & cardio pool workout: A good pattern for swimming workout for strength training is to mix cardio with bodyweight exercises.
  • Lap swimming workout: To gain strength, simply do laps; you will gain more upper and lower body strength by dividing your workout.

How Swimming Helps You To Cope-up With Your Mental Anxiety? 

A lot of people have a mental illness, and from that, a lot of them are taking therapy or medications for anxiety and depression. If not given attention, it may worsen, making it essential to take adequate therapy.

One of the recommended therapy to reduce and manage your anxiety is through rigorous exercise and swimming. Studies have found that regular swimming in our daily life causes us to release a hormone called endorphins that makes a person feel happy and experience well-being.

How Can Half An Hour Of Swimming Make A Difference?

Swimming is great for your heart. It’s Similar to aerobic exercise, and swimming brings out results for cardiovascular health. Regular swimming can reduce your blood pressure, will increase cardiopulmonary function, and contribute to other positive health benefits like lower cholesterol and a stronger overall immune system. 

Even half an hour of swimming daily can make a difference in your life, so why should you not? A daily half hour of swimming can reduce your depression, anxiety and improve your sleep pattern. It not only that swimming helps people who are suffering from the ailment, but it also reduces the possibility of any incidence.

Scientific research that the Griffith Institute for Educational Research conducted found that children who learn to swim in life at an earlier age reach major cognitive developmental milestones early in life. These cognitive developments typically include oral expression, literacy, numeracy, and visual-motor skills, faster than the children who are non-swimmers.

Why Should You Make Your Children Swim?

So it is evident that swimming influences brain growth and brain development in a positive manner. It is essential that not only you but even your children should include swimming as a part of their daily routine, as an early start can not only enhance their cognitive development but also help them teach a good habit at an early age.

Swimming is a pleasure and efficient way to reduce stress, possibly more than any other type of method, and eventually, swimming leads to a healthy lifestyle. Being in association with water, by itself, can benefit you to free both body and mind. They are immersed in water while swimming, and paying attention to your body can have a relaxing, nearly meditative effect on the brain. 

Our body and mind are precious to us, and we should take all measures to keep them fit and fine. Swimming is one such measure. Research has further revealed that swimming can lead to the development of brain cells in places where cells have deteriorated due to stress.

Swimming For Beginners

It’s great to come to the pool with a strategy, whether it is how many laps you’re gonna do or how much time you plan to swim. If you are a beginner at swimming, you may find that swimming one length of the pool could be challenging. 

Laps with a kickboard and pull buoy

  • Swim single lap (from one end to another end of the pool).
  • Use the kickboard for the second lap; just rely on your legs to push you forward. 
  • Use the pull buoy for the third lap; now rely on your arm to pull forward.
  • Repeat it for 15 to 20 minutes for a good body workout.
  • Swim laps for at least five minutes, and take a short break at either end of the pool for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Use the kickboard for five minutes.
  • Repeat three times for a whole-body cardio workout

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

If you're not a gym freak or not interested in participating in any activity due to joint pain or whatever, then swimming is a wonderful way to get in shape or to be fit. Swimming is a great workout to lose weight, strengthen your heart, and increase muscle tone. 

What more you want, if you have a denser platform that can give you happiness and shape your body. It might be tough at start, but would be a great changeover that will help you get through any worries and increase happy hormones in your body. 

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