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In the field of science, there are various changes to studies that were deemed factual. With that logic in mind, we would like our readers to know that the data provided on the website is factual until there is any new update for that particular topic. Also, we would like for our users to keep in mind that this information is subject to change based on the various new findings in the relevant field.

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As mentioned in our Privacy policy, the pages and posts of this website can and will link out to external sources if we find that the information on those pages is relevant to what we are talking about. We hold all the rights to make changes to this information.

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Since this website talks about tips and other remedies, we by no means are advising our readers to take action based on this content. The content on this website must not be used as a replacement for professional advice. We are simply creating content so that the users may find entertainment while being informed at the same time, and be able to cope with their conditions a little better. Any actions taken based on the information or content of this website solely lies in the hands of our readers and not on Us.

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