Published on 27 July 2023

11 Best Ways To Get Out Of Bed With Depression

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Any person you see in this world has their thinking patterns. Some break it; some follow the same routine. But people who face depression have different problems in that they think or feel something wrong will happen, or else negative thoughts start to run in their minds, severely impacting their day-to-day life.

Depression starts to get over your thinking pattern, making you irritated with small instances, tired, anxious, or sad. It all depends on different individuals and the way they are raised or have experienced in their life. These instances change your happy moments into less interesting ones. 

Thinking patterns affect the sleeping schedule, which makes it hard for you to sleep; if you slept in peace, it would be hard to get out of bed in the morning. Some people face difficult situations to get up and follow the regular schedule. To get off from these kinds of situations, you have various options. 

Not just medicines but following a healthy schedule and having a clear mindset can play an important role. Making your morning happy can make your whole day with good vibes and aura around you.

Here are some tips that you can follow to get up from bed and deal with starting your day in a good mood. 

Break Your Routine Pattern 

Thinking step by step can be the best breakthrough to get off the bed. Instead of thinking about doing things in a whole day, start having a perspective of thinking step by step, like making breakfast, setting up your bed, taking a shower, etc.

It may be common, but it ensures you get up from bed effortlessly and start your day with good exercise. As you keep doing these small steps, you will feel easier to do other things. 

Let The Natural Light In

Light can create wonders for a person suffering from mental health issues. A therapy called "Bright Ligh Therapy" has been termed as a first-line treatment to treat seasonal affective disorder. Once you wake up, you can open your curtains to let the natural sunlight surround you.

Many psychologists have stated that getting up and sitting under the bright light will motivate you to have a blissful day. Sitting in front of the morning sunlight for at least 20 minutes can change many things in your body and make you calm. 

Turning Off The Alarm Can Be A Task.

A person in bed would feel irritated when they hear the sound of the alarm, but to get off from bed, you should keep your alarm away so that you wake up to turn the snooze off. It will force you to get up from your comfort zone and make you a morning routine by getting you up from bed. 

A Step Towards Gradual Improvement

Depression is not a quick healer, but slowly changing your daily routine is essential. You can start by waking up early in the morning by 6 am; this might be a tougher thing to do, but once you are habitual to it, you will find it easy. Minor adjustments and changes can make you feel better. Later this will inspire you to get up every time if you look back once you get a habit. 

Not Everyday Can Be Good

No guarantee that you will have the best days every day. Even if you follow a gradually improving daily routine, there is no rule to have a better day, but having a positive mindset can change a lot in an individual's life. You should accept there can be bad days in your bucket. So if you feel depressed in the morning, you can sleep for a little more time and work on your schedule slowly. 

Meditation Can Be An Option

Peace of mind is one of the best solutions one would want from the modern world. Because of fast and busy schedules, most people lack peace, resulting in stress. Meditation is the best exercise you can perform. It quickly makes your mind calm and lowers anxiety and depression. 

Research shows that meditation helps an individual to lower depression and anxiety symptoms. So, for better results, keep 15 minutes assigned for meditation in the morning. You can use different meditation techniques for more calmness.

Your Loved One Can Be A Saviour.

When nothing works, People nearby can be the best solution to get you off from such a condition, Whether it's within the family or any friend. Comfort or support from near ones can change a person's life significantly.

You will trust in whatever they guide you through, gradually changing the routine of getting up from bed without depression. Their presence in the morning can change a lot by the closeness and attachment you share with the person.

Make A Schedule

If you do not have a fixed schedule, you might not feel the importance of getting up. So for getting up in the morning, having a plan can change many things and make you feel responsible for working on the set timeline. Apart from that, small changes in thinking about what to wear, eat, and other regular chores can make your depression a bit lower, impacting your decision-making skills. 

Fantasize Your Meal

Sometimes, hunger can be a solution to many problems. So when going through depression, think about your favorite dish that can be eaten in the morning. It will automatically shift your perspective and give you a decent feeling of waking up in a good mood. Sometimes food can motivate a person's soul.

Just Be In Bed

Not every day is to have a good-mood day. Sometimes being in bed for some time after waking up can change your mood. Some of the great things you can do being in bed is watch a movie or read your favorite book. Giving yourself a priority can change a lot of things, and providing a calming sensation to the mind by relaxing can eventually change your mood.

Take Professional Help

Do not underestimate the depression level at the start. It can prolong an adverse situation and affect your health. If you have tried all the above tips, you can get help from a licensed doctor who treats depression.

You can consult a therapist or a medical doctor who can assist you with treating the condition. You have to communicate with the consulted doctor and take necessary help openly. If a medical doctor suggests you with a drug, do not take more than prescribed. 

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Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

It is common for people suffering from depression to have difficulty getting up from bed in the morning. But it should not be extended for a long time because you will get habitual to such a routine that ruins your everyday chores. Above mentioned are the tips that can help you from such a condition. Doctors can be the best people to suggest various options when nothing works.

Frequently asked questions

It happens due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). People suffering from such syndrome feel tired all day and feel to be in bed for a longer duration.
Not every time! You can be in bed for some time or some days. You should not make it a habit of just being in bed.
You should get immediate help from the therapist or the doctor when you feel depressed. It can lower the symptoms and help prevent you from becoming severe.