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28 June 2022
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This ongoing week is the last week of pride month. Pride month, as we all know, is celebrated globally to support our dear friends and cherish their freedom of sexualities. While doing so, we as a 'Practical Anxiety solution' team believe that not only the outer world nor the society we live in needs some change. To be at peace, we must have a mental health awareness movement among the LGBTQ+ community. This is our way to support the ongoing pride month! Pride Week of Mental Health.

Understanding Sapiosexuality

Before coming to the topic's core, let's understand the exciting concept of sapiosexuality. 

What Is Sapiosexual-

 By definition, people who are sapiosexual in their sexual orientation are physically and emotionally turned on by intelligence. 

In simpler words, Sapiosexuals think intelligence is the most attractive trait, and they value it more than a potential partner's looks or personality.

Intelligence is subjective. Henceforth intelligence is something that cannot be accurately measured because it comes in a variety of forms. Following are the state of intelligence, to name just a few.

  1. Emotional intelligence 
  2. Spiritual intelligence
  3. Linguistic intelligence
  4. Logistical intelligence. 

The type of intelligence someone most values is highly dependent on how someone raised them, their religious upbringing, political beliefs, and the media they consume. (Gignac, G.E., Darbyshire, J. and Ooi, M., 2018)

Is Sapiosexuality Common?

Well, there's not a huge amount of research available on sapiosexuality; it is very limited. But the estimates say that they do exist; however, they vary pretty substantially. So, we can conclude that it is not so common term in itself and it’s pretty uncommon 

How Does Sapiosexuality Affect Relationships?

IF you think your partner is sapiosexual, or you find yourself as sapiosexual, the following are some things that can be affected in your relationship.

'Turn on' game changes a lot between you and your partner-

The foreplay will look a little different. While for others, foreplay could mean dirty talk, nude pictures, or physical touch, the best foreplay for sapiosexual people could be intense, stimulating conversation or debate. Try reading an intellectually stimulating book aloud or discussing an intellectual construct with your sapiosexual partner.

The pace of relationship changes -

For people who need physical attraction, moving quickly onto the sexual stuff might work fine. However, getting to know someone on an intellectual level often takes longer. It can delay sexual arousal until the partner is fully connected.

The partner might feel pressure to be intellectual -

If you're the partner of a sapiosexual, it makes sense that you'd be worried about not meeting their intellectual needs. Not only higher education, credentials, or fancy degrees are the only indicators of intelligence and intellectual curiosity but having strong passions and showing an interest in theirs is most important.



It can be a confusing thing to understand if you are a sapiosexual. Lots of people confuse between sapiosexual and demisexual. 

  1. If You Connect Deeply with This Article.

While reading this article, if you have gone through lots of 'hmm's' and "yes's, if all of the content makes sense to whatever you have been feeling for very long? or does it just feel to be put into words? So, you may be sapiosexual. 

  1. If You Think Differently of The Word 'Smart.' 

Sapiosexuals are most drawn to intelligence. For sapiosexuals, intelligence is far more important than smile, style, and looks. If you value the compliment 'smart' and 'smarter' more, you could be sapiosexual. 

  1. If You Became Attracted to Someone After Seeing Their Intelligence.

if it gets you excited following times and similar, 

  • You saw them read a book you value or have also enjoyed.
  • You had a thought-provoking conversation with them.
  • You learn what their occupation or hobby is.
  • You found out where they went to school.
  • You read their thoughts on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or their blog.

you may be sapiosexual.  

  1. If You've Lost Interest in Someone After Noticing A Lack Of Intellect.

Intelligence is the vital ingredient for the arousal of sapiosexuality. 

If you lost interest in someone after understanding their thoughts on politics and poetry, or even on the movie you saw yesterday that turned you off. Now you do not feel the same energy, you might be sapiosexual.


Our suggestion to the pansexual community out there is never to focus on what's going on outside. In the outside world, it may be your pretentious friends, maybe someone notorious from your family, or even someone from your professional circle. Never focus on the outer negative world; focus on what matters. Your MIND! Your mind being at peace is the only way to achieve sheer positivity and comfort even in the long ongoing social hassle. Never focus on what's outside; focus on what matters! You!

Happy Pride Month to All 'Practical Anxiety Solutions users. Stay mentally fit. Stay happy!

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