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After the first review in the year 1986, zopiclone is extensively used for hypnotic therapy. In Greek, sleep is referred to as “Hypnos”. It contains hypnotic effects which are vital to managing sleep deficiency. Patients who use zopiclone as a sleeping pill felt the improvement in their sleep schedule.

Zopiclone is a non-benzodiazepine drug but has many similarities when used for insomnia. The efficiency potential is more than that of benzodiazepine, making it a suitable substitute for them.

The sedative composition decreases the sleep initiation time, reduces the early awakening, and increases overall sleep hours. Since the early ’80s, neurologists recommend this medication to treat acute insomnia and anxiety. 

In contrast with other drugs, zopiclone has a relatively lower dependence tolerance for those who use it for medicinal purposes. Doctors do not recommend it for long-term use to prevent withdrawal symptoms. To know the clinical efficiency of this drug in comparison with benzodiazepine drugs, keep reading.

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How does zopiclone work?

The significant action is mechanized on the central nervous system. It is an agonist, which means a chemical that ties to the receptor. GABA is the crucial receptor responsible for regulating calmness by reducing excess brain activity.

It blocks the message transmission from the nerve to the brain that helps a person feel relaxed and at peace. Zopiclone enhances the biological effects of GABA, which helps an insomniac person to fall asleep quickly by eliminating wakefulness during the nighttime.

While fulfilling the hypnotic task, it does not source the change in memory function. A person does not feel lost or impaired with the past memory for the following day. The cognitive behavior profile is better than other drugs such as flurazepam.

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Zopiclone for anxiety

Anxiety is a common sign that many depressed people face. Sleep disturbance is one of the significant symptoms of depression. When physicians prescribe zopiclone for insomniac patients, which is eventually related to anxiety, it can be used as an antidepressant for a positive outcome. It allows reducing the daily anxiety and cognitive behaviour. Your doctor will decide the best brand of zopiclone depending upon your health condition.

Zopiclone dosage, side effect, and warnings

Dosage: Zopiclone is known to treat acute insomnia. The physician recommends zopiclone dosage depending upon the health situation, past medical history, and immunity. It comes in two different strengths, making it feasible for adults and older adults. 

  • The usual dose for adults is zopiclone 7.5 mg to be taken half an hour before bedtime. While, for older adults, zopiclone 3.75 mg, which is the lowest dose, may be given to prevent them from severe effects. 
  • Those who have kidney or liver impairment are also advised to take this drug in lower strength as it may preserve the sensitivity of their metabolism. It also manages excessive drowsiness and other side effects.
  • It is significant to follow the directions your doctor has given to administer the medicine. The duration and the strength will be given to the expert after weighing the potential benefits against the harmful effects. The most suitable dose regimen will be provided to you, which you can have with or without food.

Side effects: Suppose the medication is consumed for more than acute term. In that case, it may result in severe effects like memory loss, breathlessness, confusion, feeling of fatigue, hallucinations, faintness, delusions, depression, hypertension, coma, or other life-threatening issues.

  • Some rare cases may suffer from skin rashes, seizures, severe allergic reactions, swollen face, lip, mouth, tongue, throat, and convulsions (a person remains in an unconscious state for two to three minutes.
  • Combining zopiclone with other benzo medication may give you respiratory depression, coma, other fatal issues, or even death. 
  • Drowsiness, lightheadedness, dry mouth, dehydration, head pain, gastrointestinal problems, and weakness are typical side effects. These effects are not meant to trouble for a longer time; however, please immediately report to your doctor if it does bother for more than a week.

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Warnings: The components of zopiclone are robust, which need potent metabolism to excrete the system’s molecules quickly. 

  • The use of zopiclone among hepatic impairment (insufficiency in the liver) is risky. If a physician recommends medical benefits, they should give the lowest dose for the shorter term.
  • In case of extreme hepatic deficiency, it should be completely avoided. Use other alternatives instead of zopiclone.
  • A similar warning is stated in the case of renal impairment. People with kidney insufficiency should also be given lower strength to prevent components from piling up in the system.
  • In asthma or lung insufficiency, a lower dose is preferable as individuals are likely to suffer from respiratory depression or breathlessness.
  • Older adults above 65 years of age should also be administered with zopiclone 3.75 mg as it will have fewer ill effects with a faster half-life.
  • No dose is suitable for children below 18 years of age. Zopiclone has no guarantee for safety and efficiency among the pediatric population.
  • Zopiclone is not appropriate for pregnant women, as it causes ill effects on the fetus and baby’s health. It may cause improper brain development and premature delivery. Many cases have reported zopiclone withdrawal symptoms in the newborn. 
  • Application during the lactating period is also forbidden, as the chemical may reach the baby via milk, which may develop unhealthy conditions. 
  • Although zopiclone can be used in combination therapy, not all combinations will give therapeutical results. Some may create adverse problems leading to life-threatening issues.
  • Do not combine zopiclone with antidepressants, epilepsy medicine, bipolar disorder, strong sleeping pills, painkillers, antibiotics, or opioids like tramadol.

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How to buy zopiclone?

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