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Ambien (Zolpidem)

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Ambien is the brand name of zolpidem, which is a sedative-hypnotic class of drugs. Its mechanism works by activating the GABA, a neurotransmitter that relaxes the brain and the central nervous system, making it efficient to treat insomnia and sleep deficiency for an acute term. 

Zolpidem is a generic brand that belongs to an imidazopyridine structure. The purpose of designing this sleeping pill is similar to zopiclone, but the chemical formulation is different.

Many adults have managed to bring their sleep schedule back on track using zolpidem. It has a potent sedative sensation with minor inclusion of anxiolytic properties that act as a sleep aid for adults. 

Unlike another benzodiazepine, zolpidem has no after-effects such as daytime sleepiness; most people do not experience any drowsiness or laziness at work. However, in the case of older adults, you may have them but at a lower dosage. 

Ambien comes in two strengths, immediate-release allows a person to fall asleep quickly, whereas extended-release assists in maintaining the sleep hours every day. 

Zolpidem was made to release similar medical efficacy to other benzodiazepines without causing a severe effect on the user’s health. Clinicians have attempted to make the composition less addictive and habit-forming; as a user, it’s your responsibility to only take within limits for medicinal purposes.

Is Ambien 10 mg addictive?

A few research studies have shown Ambien as less addictive when used as directed; however, if abusers or people who exceed the acute duration and have larger doses for a prolonged period are at higher risk of getting addicted.

When having a higher dose, a person is likely to form addiction within two weeks. The body gets well tolerated with its effect, which requires an immense amount of quantity to suffice the senses. 

During this process, a user fails to understand that they are getting dependant on the drug physically and mentally. And eventually, when they stop taking the medication abruptly, which emits the after-effects signs. 

Gradually, a long-term consumer of Ambien develops full – robust addiction, which is accelerated by tolerance, withdrawal signs, loose control over usage, and lots of cravings.

Symptoms of Ambien addiction include:

10 mg Ambien addiction

  • Taking higher doses on repetitive mode.
  • Gets craving for the medication
  • Restocking Ambien frequently
  • Do not find standard amount effective
  • Loss of memory
  • Shedding dollars on drugs
  • Distancing oneself from the social gathering.

Most addiction cases are found among those who initiate taking Ambien to treat acute insomnia. They use the initial prescription for more than two weeks to refill their dosage subsequently.

Patients don’t understand the importance of prescription and the duration mentioned on it. Their casual attitude towards Ambien’s potential for addiction makes them reach a higher addiction level. 

Not only Ambien but other sleeping pills also lose their efficiency once the two weeks’ duration passes. At this stage, users should combine Ambien with alternative therapies such as a balanced diet, proper rest, and other techniques, including yoga or meditation, to help a person relieve stress and sleep peacefully. Please do not rely on Ambien alone to get eight hours of sleep, which may worsen the health condition.

Ambien side effects

The components present in the drug may cause allergic reactions such as breathlessness, hives, allergy to the mouth, face, lips, tongue, and throat. If you observe depression, agitation, aggression, hallucinations, lack of concentration, confusion, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or fear, contact an expert to combat these severe effects.

Clinicians have listed short breath, chest pain, irregular pulse rate, lightheadedness, faintness, or weakness as the adverse signs in adults, which should be administered on time. For elderly people, the effects of drowsiness will be much higher than that of adults. It may make them fall, or get a severe injury, so please pay attention to them.

Other than severe reactions, some typical effects are milder and can be treated at home using natural remedies, including drowsiness, weakness, feeling tired, confusion, lack of coordination, nausea, vomiting, cold, constipation, stomach upset, diarrhea, muscle pain, and head pain.

Also, these are some of the generic and severe effects commonly observed among adults. If you feel any other signs that are bothering your health, please consult your doctor to manage them efficiently and prevent them from getting worse.

Zolpidem dosage and withdrawals

The recommended dosage of Ambien is given before bedtime. In adults, the maximum dosage is zolpidem 10mg per day. The course should not exceed four weeks duration. For patients with liver or kidney impairment, physicians prescribe dosage at the lowest proportion. To prevent their metabolism from stocking up the molecules. 

The ideal dose in the case of older adults and insufficient hepatic people is 5mg per day. Along with lower dosage, a close examination should be done to avoid significant ill effects. Zolpidem has shown contradictory results in patients with obstructive sleep apnea, respiratory depression, vascular deficiency, and pulmonary disorder.

When a person has other ongoing medications, it is safer to have a smaller amount along with zolpidem to avoid severe drug interaction. Ambien usage during pregnancy and lactating is not recommended as it may cause harm to the fetus and baby’s health.


Withdrawal occurs when a person stops taking the dose after a prolonged period. Withdrawal effects are harmful as multiple chemical reactions take place within the nervous system. The withdrawal period is difficult as the brain tries to return to regular activity and adapt to normal behavior.

Ambien withdrawal signs include:

  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Sweat
  • High blood pressure
  • Frustration and irritation
  • Stomach pain
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Convulsions

Rebound insomnia is one of the severe withdrawal signs developed once a person becomes dependant on Ambien and stops taking the dose suddenly. The symptom may include the incapability to sleep, which gets worse than previous insomnia disorder.

Ambien interactions and warnings

Ambien shows illicit interaction when combined with other antidepressants and drugs directly performed on the central nervous system. Some of the significant interactions include:

  • Combined with cimetidine, imipramine and chlorpromazine may cause more sedative effects.
  • Rifampicin may lower the plasma concentration and effects of Ambien.

Some other interactions include:

Ambien combined with fentanyl, fentanyl transdermal, transmucosal, ivacaftor, valerian, nefazodone, and many other drugs. If you cannot understand these pharmaceutical composition names, do not worry, as the healthcare service providers are well aware of possible interactions with Ambien. And they shall provide you with the dose after weighing the benefits.


The drug is designed to cure short-term insomnia among adults. While formulating the drug, various active and inactive ingredients were used to induce clinical efficiency. A warning column is displayed at the bottom of the Ambien package. You should read it carefully to identify the inactive ingredients that don’t suit your body.

A special warning is given for patients who have asthma as this medication may cause respiratory depression, which is risky for their health.

For liver and kidney impaired patients, metabolites might be too potent, taking longer than usual time to eliminate from the system. People with hepatic impairment may face challenges to metabolize the single dose, creating undue health issues.

These are vital organs, and deficiency in them may lead to a delay in the excretion process. Doctors either give in a lower dosage or alter this medication with a less addictive tablet.

Patients with enzyme deficiency: Enzyme is a protein that helps break down the substance into smaller chunks, making it easier to excrete from the system. If you have a genetic digestive problem, then ask for a lower dosage. 

The FDA has not approved prescribing Ambien to children below 18 years and pregnant and lactating mothers as it may develop withdrawal signs in newborns and affect the fetus.

How to buy Ambien (Zolpidem) without prescription?

You may buy zolpidem using a traditional format or a new revolutionized online method. Both the modes are introduced for users to get medical help in every scenario. They are designed to give convenience while fulfilling your medical needs. 

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