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Practical Anxiety solution is a platform where people can find various solutions to dealing with situations that could make one anxious.

Here for youPhysical health needs experts but Mental health needs love and experience. For that we are “HERE FOR YOU”.

Cyndy KEE

Cyndy Kee


Omnia Tantawi

Omnia Tantawi


Dr. Vlad Belghiru

Vlad Belghiru


Divino Bauzon M.D. Medical Content Writer

Divino Bauzon


Dr. Martina Ribarska

Martina Ribarska


kajal jain M. Pharm, Medical Content Writer

Kajal Jain

M. Pharm

Sudeshna Saha - Medical Content Writer

Sudeshna Saha

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Freny Menezes

Freny Menezes

Pharm. D