What Is Dark Psychology?

According to experts, Dark Psychology is the study of the human condition related to the psychological nature of people to prey upon other people, motivated by criminal and deviant drives that lack purpose and general assumptions of instinctual drives and social science history. In simpler words, Dark Psychology is a human tendency to use behaviors […]

What Is The Right Information On Humanistic Psychology?

The pieces of information together on humanistic psychology

We live in 2021, a year where everything and everyone is evolving, and so is psychology. As every aspect around us is developing, so are the risks; hence, It has become significantly essential to have the right and correct information about anything and be competent to avoid any false information. Old ways of psychology that […]

What Is Performance Psychology?

Performance Psychology is able to perform better

Performance psychology is a branch of psychology that examines psychological factors that influence optimal human performance. It focuses on disciplines such as sport, business, and surgical or creative pursuits. The endorsed principles of performance psychology are employed to assist professionals in delivering optimized results under extreme pressure. Performance psychologists may use several terms to describe […]

Is Sports Psychology Real?

A sportsman needs mental upliftment through psychology

If you are an athlete, then you know the amount of pressure you have to deal with not just before the game but after the game too if you end up on the losing side. You need a strong mindset to tackle these challenges so that the mental pressure doesn’t eat you up. Now you […]

Do You Think Performance Psychology Helps?

Performing Portrait showing performance

Performance psychology As Sir Thomas of France said in 1986, “Performance is a complex product of cognitive knowledge about the current situation and past events combined with a player’s ability to produce the sports skills required.”  Performance Psychology, Also Known As Sports Psychology, Is Subdivision Of Psychology That Examines. psychological factors lying under sports or […]

What is Endorsement Behavior?

Behavior endorsement are good to motivate good behavior

The simple meaning of Endorsement is the action of endorsing someone or something. An endorsement is also a form of approval or social support. For example, celebrities give an endorsement to politicians if they think you should vote for them. When celebrities do commercials for products and services they are doing an endorsement of the […]

What Is Behavioral Psychology?

Behavior an important part in humans

Behavioral psychology, also commonly known as Behaviourism, studies the connection between our minds and behaviors. The theory is based on the idea that everyone acquires their behaviors through conditioning. Conditioning takes place through interactions with the environment. Behaviorists believe that our actions and responses to environmental stimuli shape our behaviors. Understanding the reason as to […]


Aging an aspect to keep in mind

Growth. From an infant to adulthood to old age, aging is the factor that leads to the growth of the human body. Every human tends to develop, be it physically or mentally. Not only humans precisely rather animals, plants, or any living organism are liable to age. In order to know more about aging let`s […]

Changing Gender Roles Is Equal To Feminism?

Changing Gender Roles in Modern World

It’s a universally accepted fact that gender roles exist, and have been passed on from one generation to another. It has been exhibited in various aspects be it particular representation of choice of color or to the competence extent of gender, everything has been set by the society. But now it’s a whole new era, […]

Road Trips To Refresh Your Mind

Road trips are amazing for a connection

The destination is rarely the focus of a road journey. It’s the voyage itself that’s the most enjoyable part. It’s no secret that travel is good for your physical health, but a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that traveling can also benefit your mental and emotional wellness. Although there are some destinations inaccessible through […]