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Cyndy Kee




  • Proofread and fact-check medical claims by drug manufacturers
  • Several years of experience in pharma content as the Medical Science Liaison
  • R&D in cancer sciences


Cyndy KEE is Graduated from the universities of St Andrews, Newcastle, and Birmingham with a foundation in science, a bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences, and a master's degree in laboratory research.

Cyndy KEE had the chance to work for Pfizer, the largest and most reputable pharmaceutical company, for two years starting in 2017. That same year, Pfizer was ranked No. 1 in the world.

After graduating, with her expertise in cancer research and a summer fellowship provided by the Wellcome Trust, UK, at the Northern Institute of Cancer Research, her scope of practise grew to include cardiovascular, pain management, neurology, pulmonary, and women's health.

She has experience writing lab reports and several research projects, having previously worked as a laboratory writer at PPD Lab, which Thermo Fisher Scientific purchased.

Her 2.5 years of work as a Medical Science Liaison in the healthcare sector demonstrate her love for medical writing, and she is collaborating with Practical Anxiety Solutions.

  • Education St Andrews University Foundation in Science
  • Newcastle University BSc Biomedical Sciences
  • Birmingham University MRes Cancer Sciences