Inspirational Quotes for Morning

Positive Quotes for Work

Start your mornings stress free. We at PAS are a medium for you to connect on anxiety free life. Enjoy your mornings with an inspirational quotes morning from us. Make it a rule of the day and land here to stay motivated and cheerful throughout the day. Write it on your heart that every day […]

Inspirational Quotes for Life and Struggle

Inspiration for Life

Life is a book and struggle is a chapter we all study to score high in life. We inspire you to overcome these struggles through our Inspirational Quotes for Life and Struggle. We provide you a fighting spirit for tackling obstacles you face in this journey. The greatest weapon again stress is our ability to […]

Inspirational Quotes for Work

Inspiration For Work

Work is worship. We believe in inspiring your workspace through our inspirational quotes for work. We generate this dedicated page to achievers, dreamers, determined, ambitious and dedicated individuals willing to work hard and inspire themselves through this attempt. Efforts and courage are not enough with purpose and direction JFK Hustle until your haters brag that […]

20 Best Short Inspirational Quotes of all Time


Verses speak more than words. We have a collection of such verses to inspire, motivate, and keep you strong. Quotes are your friends in a tough time making you ready for hard punch and stand up once more. Life is a boat you sit in and row until you reach the end sometimes you change […]

Reward Yourself


When Was the Last Time You “Rewarded Yourself”? When we dream big, we have too many times deny ourselves from things we like. Often it is heartbreaking, and one may get the feeling of just giving up on their goal. There is some self-motivation required here. One of the best ways of self-motivation after considerable […]

Family Therapy

Family therapy

We all begin our lives with a family, whether that family comprises of blood relations, adopted parents, relatives, or a foster family. The family that we acquire influences each and every aspect of our lives, from our first moments to our last. Our family significantly affects who we are and who we become, for better […]

Art Therapy

Art as a Therapy

A Creation The creator of art therapy is Margaret Naumberg, a psychologist and an artist fascinated by the art form. Art therapy develops a positive attitude with respect to feeling good about oneself, meaningful, and understood. Art therapy is one of the primary forms of psychotherapy. The deeper we delve into art therapy, the more […]

Learn Kickboxing

learn kickboxing

With the trend of work from home and also study from home growing by leaps and bounds the need for physical movement has never been more. Yes, there is cardio, yoga, there is a gym, you can swim, then there is the option to carry out walks but these can get a little boring after […]

Learn Cooking

Cooking as a Stress Buster

Have you tried cooking lately? Are you interested to learn Cooking? If yes, then you have come to the right place to understand the benefits of Learn Cooking. If not, then it might seem something you would develop an interest in after reading. Some believe Cooking is an art, whereas some contradict it by saying […]

Is Paracetamol a first aid kit medication?

Paracetamol a First Aid Kit

Managing pain could be challenging, but following a proper diet and taking the right medication could make all the difference. Paracetamol is the most consumed & preferred medicine in the world, so why not include Paracetamol in the first aid box? Your first aid kit is a must-have for any home, car, or workspace. At […]