Is Wellbutrin SSRI


Wellbutrin goes by the generic name, Bupropion. Wellbutrin Is not an SSRI It is an antidepressant that includes tetracyclic agents that act by inhibiting both serotonin and norepinephrine in the body. Wellbutrin treats depression, narcolepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Parkinson’s disease.    It was approved on 30th December 1985 by the FDA.  Wellbutrin belongs […]

Anxiety Quotes

Anxiety Quotes

Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby. Ruth Renkel Slow breathing is like an anchor in the midst of an emotional storm: the anchor won’t make the storm goes away, but it will hold you steady until it passes. Russ Harris Although anxiety is part of life, never let it […]

Inspirational Quotes About Life

Positive Quotes

Life sucks the joy every time and introduces pain at every stage. PAS has faced every such encounter to uplift themselves and find inspiration quotes about life for those who have a hard will to defeat every opponent in standing in front as a hurdle. The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence […]

Inspirational Quotes from Movies

Inspiration from Movies

Movies turn imagination into reality. We explore the unseen fantasies through a different lens. PAS gives you the opportunity to revive the same magic from inspirational quotes from movies. When life hits you hard get your shit together and stand up. We make everyone feel like Rocky Balboa goes get in the ring and win. […]

Inspirational Quotes for Students

Student Motivation

Work your way up always. We think students are the future of the nation. Molding a student into a dignified stature is PAS does through Inspirational Quotes for Students. We provide them with a link between their dreams and reality. Our quotes provide them with a view of life through inspiration and hard work. You’ve […]

Inspirational Quotes for Women

Inspiration for Women

Women empowerment is the power to every woman. Practical Anxiety Solutions (PAS) believe in inspiring women the world over through a small initiative of regularly providing inspirational quotes for women through this eternal medium. Don’t be woman that needs a man. Be a woman a man needs. Anonymous I have standards that I don’t plan […]

Is it true, Covid-19 can cause erectile dysfunction?

Covid-19 and ED

Erectile dysfunction is the most significant part of the medical category due to some physical and psychological issues. Physical issues that can cause erectile dysfunction are low testosterone, too much or too little exercise, alcohol, and drug use. In contrast, psychological issues include depression, stress, and problem in your relationship. The quality of your life […]

Unexplained Sadness And What You Can Do About It

Unexplained Sadness

I think we all feel down or sad for what seems like no reason from time to time. In this post, I talk about a recent experience I had with this feeling, what I learned from it and how I found that this unexpected low mood can actually be really useful to us if we […]