Irfana Parveen

B.Sc (Psychiatry Ward)


  • Indepth Experience With Psychiatry Patients
  • Trained For Advanced Medical Coding
  • Well Aware Of Medical Jargon


Having worked at the grass root level with psychiatry patients day in and day out, Irfana brings insights to Practical Anxiety Solutions that fall in line with our vision.

Besides her vast experience in the psychiatry ward, she also has trained in Advanced Medical Coding at ZIMEDCODE. She has studied medical terminology of anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic and procedures.

She also has trained in medical coding for O A: Diagnosis Coding that includes ICD 10 CM General, Chapter Specific guidelines. O B Procedure Coding: CPT and HCPCS Coding, which includes Radiology, Evaluation and Management, Anaesthesia and pathology coding.