Psychoanalysis detail study

Psychoanalysis is a specialty in psychology developed by Sigmund Freud that is distinguished from other approaches by its body of deep knowledge and intensive treatment applications. Psychoanalysis is a group of theories and therapeutic techniques that deal with the unconscious mind and together form a treatment module for several mental disorders. It aims at structural […]

Positive Psychotherapy

Important in Positive Psychology

Tried with a routine of monotonous life? If you discuss this with anyone, they might have the same feeling or had the same sense in life at a point in time. One needs to overcome such unnecessary feelings in life to be happy, contented, and prosperous.   Positive psychology helps one to appreciate life by acknowledging […]

Marriage Counseling

just the beginning

AN INTERESTING STORY TO BEGIN. A phone vibrated on the table in an ongoing meeting. Everyone looked around; being a larger conference room her colleague sitting beside gave a puzzled look. She continued to concentrate on the presentation in the meeting after she declined the call.  The phone screen showed ‘Home Minister calling’. After the […]

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy is intended to help people manage mental health conditions or cope with negative behaviors and experiences. It may involve one or more therapists working with several individuals together at the same time. This type of therapy is sometimes used exclusively, but it is also commonly integrated into a […]