Published on 29 May 2023

5 Benefits Of Taking Citalopram At Night

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Any person in the world takes medicine for its benefit, and any medication you take gives certain benefits and gets you healed for a reason (condition) you have been taking. But, How timing could decide the benefits, you should look forward to it. 

Nearly 1 person suffers from depression in a set of 10 people. That means millions of people are suffering and facing this condition in the world. Many natural things are available to get you rid of the depressive state, but when natural ways do not show effective results, people opt for medicines. 

Various medicines deal with depression. But which medicines suit you the best will be decided by the doctor. Citalopram is one of them; know the benefits of Citalopram if you consume it at night. 

What Is Citalopram?

Citalopram, brand name Celexa is an antidepressant. It is an FDA-approved medicine for the treatment of depression. Also, it is prescribed off-label for conditions such as Alcohol use disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, coronary arteriosclerosis, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, panic disorder, and post-menopausal flushing.

To get off from depression, Citalopram will solely not help; with it, you should do physical activity that may help you to lower the depression. You can use Citalopram with other medication as well to act on depression.

Citalopram is not a controlled drug, but you should have a legal prescription to buy CItalopram from a drug store or an online pharmacy. 

How Does Citalopram Work?

When a person is in a depression, serotonin from the body falls lower than usual. That's when Citalopram comes into place for treating depression. The drug class of Citalopram is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Any medicine that belongs to SSRI works the same.

Citalopram makes sure that serotonin levels are back to normal. This initially boosts your mood to a positive state. It works by obstructing the reuptake of serotonin in the brain. Once the medicine starts to work in your body, it gives a comfortable mood sensation. Citalopram can potentially restore neurotransmitter levels' balance, which helps get you off depression.

Dosage Of Citalopram

Consuming the medicine at a perfect dose is essential. More or less could not give accurate results. It should be first prescribed by the doctor so that you would not fall under overdose on Citalopram. When you consume the medicine, read the medicine leaflet and know its dosage. 

  • Initial Dosage: 20mg
  • Continuation Dose: 20 to 40 mg
  • Maximum Dose: 40mg daily

If you are above 60, you should take initial medication only. The reason behind it is the kidneys might affect if you consume too much.

How and When Should You Take Citalopram?

The way you should take the medicine is very important. There might be some eatables that might affect your health while consuming Citalopram. Know how it should be taken and when to take it. Sometimes for a person, the changes in the body may not be seen for weeks. 

You can take food with food or without, depending on your interest and the capacity you hold. The doctor advises you to take medicine at night due to its medicinal properties.

Benefits Of Taking Citalopram At Night

If you are taking Citalopram during the day can affect your body negatively with its side effects. The benefits that Citalopram can give after you consume it at night are mentioned below:


If you are not able to sleep, Citalopram can help you for treating insomnia. It has soothing properties that calm your mind and makes you sleep.

Escape Daytime Fatigue

After you consume Citalopram, Fatigue might hit you, making it hard for your brain to concentrate, causing poor work quality, irritability, and sleepiness. During the start of citalopram consumption, fatigue could be a common side effect. Taking the medicine at night would help you to deal with fatigue.

Sexual Life

Sex can be the best at night, and getting peacefully relaxed is what couples would prefer. Various research has shown that, during sexual activity, mood enhances and promotes healthy hormones, which eventually de-stress a person after a busy day.

Citalopram would take around 1 to 6 hours to reach the extreme blood cells, on average 4 hours. If you take the medicine at night, you can sleep with complete medication properties working in your body.

Operating Devices

If you are taking Citalopram during the day, you might face problems concentrating on any devices. It is also said that Citalopram should not be consumed while driving or using any machinery that needs concentration. To be safer, Citalopram should be consumed at night so that devices can be kept aside and you can get a peaceful sleep.

Reduces Accidents

By now, you might have known that Citalopram can be the reason for dizziness which can make you fall off and cause you to sleep. So it is never recommended to consume medicine in the morning. You should take the drug at night so that you have a chance of not traveling by car or using any machinery that needs focus. 

Possible Side Effects

Citalopram can show various side effects on your body. It is possible that consumption can show common side effects the very first time, which can fade out over time. Severe side effects can be crucial. Do not take medicine if you are going through the below-mentioned side effects.

Common Side Effects

Severe Side Effects

Change in appetite

Suicidal thoughts

Digestive system problems

Worse depression


Severe headache


Nose bleeding

Muscle aches

Heart palpitations


Blurred vision

Above mentioned side effects are not a complete list. If you suffer from any side effects that harm you, contact your doctor and take the possible solutions. 

What If You Miss A Dose?

The reason can be anything for missing a dose. You might have forgotten or been so busy in your schedule that you missed a dose. So do not panic when you remember to take the drug; instead, you can take the medicine once you remember or wait until the next dose. Do not consume more than prescribed or try to consume two doses simultaneously.

Warnings And Precautions

Preventive measures can help you by not severely affecting your life. Always take precautions suggested by the doctor or written on the medicine leaflet. Side effects can worsen if you do not follow the doctor's guidance.

  • Whenever you consult a doctor, mandatorily inform the doctor about all the conditions you have been facing.
  • If you are consuming other medicines, you should be notified to the doctor.
  • Do not consume alcohol while on Citalopram.
  • Allergic to the medicine or drugs related to the same drug class, Citalopram should not be consumed. 
  • Inform your doctor if you take nutritional or herbal supplements to treat any condition.
  • Do not take Citalopram if you are pregnant.
  • If breastfeeding a kid, you should not take Citalopram, as the drug will likely mix with breast milk.
  • It's safe to ask the doctor about the meals that should be avoided while on Citalopram.

These are the following preventive measures that should be taken. Your doctor will explain more about the other precautions that an individual should take. 

Drug Interactions

Any drug in the pharmaceutical world deals with drug interactions. You should not take medicine that can interact with Citalopram. If you take medication that interacts with Citalopra, it can affect your body severely. 

The following medicines you should not take with Citalopram:

  • Fluconazole
  • Linezolid
  • Amitriptyline
  • Bupropion
  • Celecoxib
  • Desvenlafaxine
  • Escitalopram
  • Fluoxetine

These are some common medicines that should not be taken with Citalopram. Instead, if you consume any other medication, inform your doctor. Citalopram medicine can be changed, or the medication you have been consuming for other conditions can be changed. 

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Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

Citalopram is consumed for the treatment of depression, which is common among people. When a person observes changes in their mind that might turn to depression, it should be consulted soon. If there is a delay, it can cause severe symptoms. 

The benefits of consuming a medicine can be more, but when it comes to when it should be consumed, it plays a significant role. A doctor recommends the consumption of medication should be at night because it has beneficial effects. Morning consumption can lead to dizziness, and the focusing level will be low. 

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