Explained what is sports psychology

Waking up at 5 am to head out in the dark in the cold for that 10km training run and knowing that your team Is behind you and requires you to score in the last few minutes requires single-minded motivation and mental toughness.  For an athlete to have a tough and healthy mind, a sport […]

Do We Really Need Social Psychology?

Do we really need social psychologist?

“Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.” wrote Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher.  Our social relationships are increasingly important as we progress through life. We live in families, tribes, and […]

Is Social Awkwardness And Social Psychology Same?

Is social psychology and social awkwardness the same?

“That’s me!” if this crossed your mind after reading this headline, you probably are not a social animal and curious to know if it is social awkwardness bothering me? or is it concerning social psychology? You might be thinking you are a lovely home to both, just because you are not aware of the differences […]

Do Athletes Need Psychological Treatment?

Do athletes need psychological treatment?

We as humans all have our own issues and struggles, and treating them is what we all require, in the same way, athletes face a lot of issues be under pressure to achieve on the fields or tracks or outreaching their goals. Portraying their struggle Deeanna Kastor a long-distance runner and an Olympian very well […]

What If A Sportsman Is Going Under Pressure?

What if a sportsman is undergoing pressure?

Every individual faces problems in our daily lives at work, school, from friends and family and can experience incredible pressure. When performing under pressure, many athletes are crushed, while the competitors crush the competition; why is that? The most athlete experiences a certain sort of pressure while performing. The most significant thing you need to […]

The History Of Humanistic Psychology

The History of Humanistic Psychology we need to preserve

Humanism is a philosophical theory that emphasizes the importance of human aspects rather than fixating on divine, religious, or spiritual matters. The theory of Humanism is rooted in the notion that humans have a moral responsibility to lead lives that are fulfilling while at the same time striving to contribute to the greater good of […]

Why Do We Say Failure Leads To Success?

Failure is the first step towards success.

We all have failed a number of times in this journey of life. From being an infant, learning to walk, failing in your examination to struggling to get a job. Be it minor or pre-eminent failure we all have something going on in our mind during that phase. To get a fine grasp of it […]

Introduction About Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic Psychology is vital

Humanistic psychology is the movement supporting the belief that humans are unique, being recognized, and treated by psychologists and psychiatrists. The movement began to grow in opposition to two mainstream trends of psychology that is behaviorism and psychoanalysis. Abraham Maslow, the American psychologist, considered one of the leading architects of humanistic psychology, planned a hierarchy […]

What Is The Right Information On Humanistic Psychology?

The pieces of information together on humanistic psychology

We live in 2021, a year where everything and everyone is evolving, and so is psychology. As every aspect around us is developing, so are the risks; hence, It has become significantly essential to have the right and correct information about anything and be competent to avoid any false information. Old ways of psychology that […]

What Is Performance Psychology?

Performance Psychology is able to perform better

Performance psychology is a branch of psychology that examines psychological factors that influence optimal human performance. It focuses on disciplines such as sport, business, and surgical or creative pursuits. The endorsed principles of performance psychology are employed to assist professionals in delivering optimized results under extreme pressure. Performance psychologists may use several terms to describe […]