Published on 21 April 2022

Countries That Promote The Use Of Cycling As A Healthy Lifestyle

Cycling countries-that-promote-the-use-of-cycling-as-a-healthy-lifestyle
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Before the invention of cars, motorbikes, busses, and planes, what was the fastest and most convenient means of transport? Yep, you guessed it; it's the bicycle.

The bicycle has been around for more than two centuries and is still a preferred means of transport in many countries.


Cycling is done throughout the world, be it for exercise or travel. Right from third-world countries to first-world countries, there are cycle enthusiasts across the globe.

Here are some countries that encourage the use of cycles from Most to Least:


In the Netherlands, 36% of people cycle frequently. Cycling was a prevalent mode of transport here from the early 1900s. The Netherlands has an excellent cycling infrastructure for roads, separate pathways, cycle parking, cycling parks, and more features that encourage most of its population to cycle.


The UK has a very organized set of rules for cyclists. Cycling infrastructure standards have increasingly evolved to require better segregation and broader lanes for safety reasons. This helps people use their cycles more rather than using their vehicles, resulting in different types of pollution.


Cycling in Germany is given utmost importance. In most countries where motor vehicles usually are a part of traffic, cyclists being a part of the traffic is quite normal in Germany. The government encourages people to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing cycling lanes, cycling bins, etc.


Sweden is a large, bike-friendly country with a well-developed network of bike paths in and around its cities and well-marked cycle routes throughout the country. The well-marked cycling routes will appeal to backpack cycle-tourists. Sweden being a really fit nation with an average life expectancy of 83 years, the government encourages people to pursue cycling to live a healthy lifestyle.



The Spanish government has introduced a national strategy to promote the use of cycling.

The idea is to promote cycling for its benefits like mobility, fitness that would lead to a healthy lifestyle.


India is a budding nation where people have become health conscious. Cycling among people, especially among youngsters, has started to see rapid growth in the past two years. Various initiatives like making bike lanes, providing public cycles, providing affordable gear have been the initiatives responsible for the growth of the activity.


The Czech Republic is an unfit country has started to initiate programs that would contribute to increasing the average age expectancy of the nation. People have started to be healthier in their ways by inculcating the habit of cycling. Various cycling programs have been introduced in recent years.