Published on 04 August 2022

What Are The Signs And Symptoms of Depression In Men

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In this stressful world, it is pretty challenging to stay without depression. Men, women, and people of all gender may experience depression at some point in their lives. Depression is a serious issue that affects a person's thinking and feeling. But only when you take it seriously. 

If you think positively about such conditions, you can cure them with a smile. A mental state depends on various aspects of life, such as experiences, pre-faced conditions, or any other stress. 

What Is Depression?

Depression is a typical mental condition globally; an estimated 3.8 percent of the world's population is affected, including 5% of adults and more than 5.6% of adults over 60.

Depression is distinct from regular attitude oscillations and short-term emotional reactions to challenges in day-to-day energy. Specifically, when recurrent and with medium or extreme intensity, depression may become a severe fitness circumstance. It can force the concerned individual to suffer significantly and perform poorly at position, school, and family. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide. 

Every year, around 700,000 individuals commit suicide. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of mortality among those aged 15 to 29. Even though there are recognized, effective treatments for mental diseases, more than 75 percent of people in low- and middle-income nations do not obtain any.

Obstacles to adequate treatment are:

  • A deficiency of aids.
  • Shortage of qualified healthcare providers.
  • The social stigma associated with cognitive disorders or mental health issues.

People with depression are frequently misdiagnosed and administered antidepressants in nations of all income levels, while those who do not have the disorder are commonly misdiagnosed and supplied with antidepressants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common causes of depression are; Personality, Stressful events, Loneliness, Alcohol, drugs, Family history, and Illness.
Mild, moderate, and severe depression are the three levels of depression. Your mental health professional may diagnose you with depression depending on your suffering and other aspects.
Different man has different symptoms, but some common depression symptoms include sadness, aggressiveness, or anger. Feeling restless, anxious, or "on edge" Loss of interest in family, work, or once-pleasurable activities.

According to American Psychological Association

  • 9 percent- The percentage of men daily face feelings of depression. 
  • 1 in 3 - One in every three of those men takes mental health medication. 
  • 1 in 4 - One in every four men reaches mental health professionals. 
  • 30.6 percent - The percentage of men who have suffered from depression. 

Physical and Mental Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Men who face depression problem may first notice its physical effect. as we all know, depression affects mental health, but it can also affect the body. Many men trust visiting their doctors for physical issues rather than emotional ones.

The mental symptoms of depression in men may present differences compared to another gender. It's pretty hard to find. These symptoms may interfere with a person's thoughts and processes of information, affecting behavior and emotions.

Physical Symptoms Of Depression Mental Symptoms Of Depression
Headaches Obsessive-compulsive thought patterns
Chest tightness Sleep issues
Heart palpitation Inability to concentrate
Digestive problems Memory problems
Erectile dysfunction Racing thoughts

Emotional Symptoms Of Depression In Men

We can think that sadness is the only emotion that depression causes. However, sadness is just one of many emotions that the emotional symptoms of depression can cause. In addition to sadness, a man may experience some of the following symptoms include; 

  • anger
  • emotional withdrawal from friends, family, and colleagues
  • agitation
  • aggression
  • hopelessness
  • Restlessness
  • lack of interest in family, community, hobbies, and work
  • lack of libido

What Are The Different Types of Depression?

There are many types of depression. Understand various types of depression and their specifications so that you can identify them to cure the pressure you are getting on your shoulders. 

Always remember that mental illness and similar mental health problems, even depression, can be treated with proper psychological treatments. So never ignore the symptoms and never deny the mental problem.

  • Clinical Depression: Clinical depression is when you are diagnosed with the problem of depression by a doctor.
  • Depressive Episode: This is the traditional name that medics give depression when they make a diagnosis. Recurrent
  • Depressive Disorder: Recurrent depressive disorder happens when you face two or more consecutive depressive episodes.
  • Reactive Depression: If complex events trigger your depression, it is called Reactive depression.
  • Dysthymia: Dysthymia is a very long-term depression. It is confined when you face depression problems for more than two years.
  • Cyclothymia: Cyclothymia is something that one faces constant mood swings for more than a year.
  • Manic depression: Manic depression is another name for bipolar disorder.  

What Causes Depression in Men?

There are many causes of depression in men. It can be observed in various medical tests that there are many causes of the problem of depression in men. More importantly, these causes can be identified and can be worked around by each individual.

In some or other critical cases, the concerned person can even get proper help from a psychologist or someone similar. Multiple causes can trigger depression in men, and they are as follows.

  • Environmental stressors: Some life experiences faced by any individual may trigger his depression, like problems faced by unexpected economic crises, etc. 
  • Genetics: This is a significant cause of triggering depression in men. There might be specific life histories in someone's life where that issue can be the leading cause of triggering anxiety in men.
  • Medical condition: Some mental health conditions can be a triggering factor for every man in depression.

These are some of the causes of depression in men. You should be aware of all these symptoms and get things cured.

Points To Remember 

  • Depression affects more women than males.
  • Depression is a typical mental condition globally; an estimated 3.8 percent of the world's population is affected, including 5% of adults and more than 5.6% of adults over 60.
  • People who suffer from depression are frequently misdiagnosed—in many nations, including those of various income levels.

There are many types of depression. Never ignore the symptoms and never be in denial of the mental problem. 
Environmental stressors, Genetics, and Medical conditions are some causes of depression in various men.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

In this stressful world, living in peace is quite tricky. The percentage of the person who faces depression is increasing day by day. Every year, around 700,000 individuals commit suicide. Suicide is the fourth highest cause of death among young people aged 15 to 29. 

Do you think suicide is the only option to solve your problem? No, there are many medications and therapy to say goodbye to depression. You should choose the correct medication which will help you in the best possible way. It would help if you gave the same importance to mental and physical health.

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