Published on 02 November 2021

Why Do We Say Failure Leads To Success?

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We all have failed several times in this journey of life, from being an infant, learning to walk, failing your examination, to struggling to get a job. Be it a minor or pre-eminent failure, we all have something going on in our minds during that phase. To get a fine grasp of it, let's dig in deeper. 

Yes, failure can turn into success simply because of the option to try again and again frequently. Focus and determination repeatedly increase after experiencing setbacks, especially when you are close to achieving your ambitions. You may accomplish your goals on a second chance or take several tries, so you must keep trying.  

What Is Failing?

When we try to perform or practice something challenging but end up not achieving the result or the goal is what is meant by failing. We all have failed in multiple aspects of this life cycle, from hitting a personal record in the gym or learning yoga for a healthy lifestyle to being unable to reach the finishing line first; we all lie.

However, what are the reasons for failing, and what happens when we fail is what we sometimes get curious about. Thus, let`s break the curiosity and see the reasons for failure.

Why Do We Fail?

We fail for many reasons, but many of them are listed below; if you feel stuck midway and unable to reach your goals, there might be a few reasons.

Lacking Self-Esteem Shatters, The Dream.

We all have specific goals; if not huge, it might be small that we wish to accomplish, but low self-esteem leads us to the wrong path. Criticizing yourself, putting yourself down in your own eyes, or being pessimistic about your own self can be one of the reasons for not being able to push back up. Thus, end up failing.

Not Holding On To Your Goal Takes a Huge Toll.

As previously said, we all have goals but not persistently running or working for them leads to failure. Once you fail, you do not end up holding back and leave midway, which enables or stops you from winning, thus deteriorating your performance.

Discipline Is The Only Line To Success.

If we have a goal and do not end up working for it with punctuality, hard work ends up failing. Discipline is the mode of attainment of practice, and thus, in order to, if not disciplined enough, one ends up losing.

Thus, these are a few reasons for failing. However, many more vary, from holding on to the past to having a lousy attitude. Now that we know our reasons for failing, let`s look at what happens when we fail. Do we learn from it, or do we fall back? Let`s dive right into it.

Importance Of Failure

As much as it hurts, it's also an important part of life. Failure is essential. We all have failed many times, and we should admit it is not just about small failures but the kind of failure that shakes your world and completely changes your relationships, finances, and mental well-being. 

We should exceptionally enjoy failing, but failures are life-changing lessons. It makes a better person. Failure is life's most outstanding teacher; it's a natural chisel that chips away all the excess. Taking down egos as it frames and shapes us through spiritual intentions. 

Without failure, we would not be capable of empathy, compassion, kindness & great achievement; we would be less probably to reach the moon and the stars. It's the only failure from which we learn the greatest lessons that life can teach us. 

What Happens When We Fail?

From what we have experienced, we all have gone through a roller coaster of failure, but what exactly happens when we fail? A big bang of emotions? Or a meteor shower of motivation, let`s explore this universe of failure. 

Road To Failure: Burst Of Pessimistic Thoughts.

When we fail, we end up getting frustrated and irritated or unable to succeed and end up holding up on it. We often tend to feel sad or even depressed due to failing. All kinds of thoughts occur, from questioning your own self to the thoughts of leaving everything behind, which makes us anxious. 

Road To Failure: Realization.

Once we fail, the days pass, and we realize where we lack or still be negative about it and quit. However, in both cases, we realize what is meant for us and either move forward or dwell on it. As every coin has two sides, we either come up with a negative or a positive outcome but perceive something.

Road To Failure: Endgame.

We either end up quitting or we learn something from it. But either way, come up with a result, be it negative or positive. Thus, this is how we usually go through the road of life: fall and get back up or sink in the tar. However, if we end up with a negative result, here is how you can hold on to it and come out bigger and stronger.

How Could You Be Successful After Failure?

Just keep doing/pushing to achieve your ambitions. Keep believing in yourself. You had enough faith to start your journey, but if you give up at the start, you will achieve nothing more but just failure. 

Although, if you understand that success in life means growth, bravery, perseverance, and taking risks, you will succeed in whatever goals you set for yourself. 

How Failure Leads To Success?

Have you ever thought about why we feel embarrassed and shamed when we fail? Why do we feel this immense shame and regret when facing failure?

While most people view it as a step backward, it’s actually a step forward. Failure helps us learn from our mistakes and progress; life would be immobile without failure.

Failure keeps your ego in check; it gives you a new perspective, and overcoming failure teaches to how to adapt to difficult situations. It teaches you what you want and what you don’t want. 

Steps To Change The Way We View Failure

Along with this three step-process of exploring, embracing, and excelling, we can change our view to looking at failure. 

Explore: Get out of your comfort zone. Travel all over the world as it is and live as boldly as you feel. 

Embrace: Once you leave your comfort zone and face failure, embrace it, knowing that it will definitely be a valuable lesson for the future. 

Excel: Discover the positive takeaways from your personal experiences of failures and use them to fuel success. 

Coping Up With It

Here are a few measures which can be utilized in order to cope with your failures and get past them.

Don’t Dwell To Get The Outcome Well.

Holding on to something that might turn, affect you do not turn out to be good; if you fail, you fail. Accepting the fact and moving on to trying again is the apt thing to do. Dwelling on the same thing would waste time, energy, and scope for improvement. Thus, don’t constantly linger on to failure.

Learning From Your Mistakes Is What It Takes.

Falling behind implies that you have tried and can improve where you lack. As it is well said, “failing leads to improvement”; thus, even if you fail, absorb and correct all the omissions. Thus, the mantra of the road to success can be achieved by failing, learning, correcting, and repeating (in case you lack back again).

Don’t Lose Motivation.

Failure always leads you to good results; thus, don’t leave the success trail even if you fail. So don’t lose motivation to achieve the goal. Keep yourself focused and dedicated and hustle. You will end up with good results. Now that we have seen the whole lane of failure, let's end the road to success.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions.

It will eventually be a failure if you give up. It's only failure if you don’t overcome obstacles that are coming your way. You only fail when you are stuck and don’t try. Be brave, don’t think negatively, be your hero, and don’t give up when you fail. Try just try hard and achieve what you want in life.

Thus, we fail, but rising back up is what is essential, and thus, rise back up in order to fail and get back on the right track