Published on 03 October 2021

Marriage Counseling: Types, Techniques, & Efficacy

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Marriage is an essential part of life. Getting a perfect life partner is a dream for everyone. Every couple needs an ideal partner who can understand them better and stand together in good and bad times. Marriage is an event that creates a bond between two people and their families. 

Counseling has been prevalent in married couples if there have been problems between them or couples have filed for a divorce and have been ordered by law to trial under separation for counseling. Unfortunately, Yes, it happens in most cases. The modern approach to counseling has changed; couples undergo counseling to retain a healthy relationship and marriage. 

The definition of relationships has changed today, but the ideas of sustaining a relationship are the same. We seek advice only if there is a problem. If couples have a problem, they should move to their peers and common friends for advice. Hoping some friends do offer sound advice in such situations.

Counseling is a two-way process for couples. In this process, married couples undergo counseling from a certified counselor or a practitioner regarding problems occurring in their married life. Counseling takes place in sessions over a given time period of six months or a year, depending on the depth of the problems the couple is facing.

What Is Marriage Counseling, And What Goes In?

Marriage counseling is known as couple's therapy. It helps couples to improve their relationship with the help of a professional counselor. Counseling can help and guide you toward a healthy and happy life.

In a counseling session, couples discuss problems ranging from a wide variety it could be physical, emotional, or psychological problems. The word ‘problem’ has been the main deficiency in attending counseling. In Asian countries, the marriage culture is different than in Western countries. We seek advice only at the time we need help.

To understand counseling better, we need to look at it as an open communication channel to enhance our living. The scenario explained in the introduction is uncommon and rare for married couples to get advice for sustaining their relationship. The practice of taking advice from a counselor just for the benefit has been more experienced in the West.

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of marital counseling is Emotionally Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Insight-Gaining Therapy, and Positive Psychology Technique.
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is one of the most effective couples therapy. 90% of the couple had improved their relationship with the help of emotionally focused therapy.
The most common type of counseling is Marriage and Family Counselling, Educational Counselling, Rehabilitation Counselling, Mental Health Counselling, and Substance Abuse Counselling.

Types Of Couple Therapy

Here are the numerous approaches to couples therapy, includes:

  • Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) improves the bonding and attachment between you and your partner. The therapist helps you to understand better and change the patterns that make feelings of disconnection.
  • Psychodynamic couple therapy: It helps couples understand each other better and know the good and bad about each other.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is also known as cognitive behavioral couples therapy (CBCT). This therapy helps to identify negative thoughts in the couple's mind and helps to change that mindset.
  • Behavioral therapy: It is also referred to as behavioral couples therapy (BCT). This therapy helps to spread positivity that promotes stability and satisfaction. It helps couples to keep negative thoughts away.

Techniques Of Couple Therapy 

Here are some of the techniques the couple therapist employs.

Identifying feelings: The therapist helps the couples identify their feelings for each other and make them talk about it. That helps to have a better understanding between partners.

Getting to know you: The therapist makes sense of Safety by getting to know about you and yourself. They work actively with you and help the partners to understand each other.

Exploring the part: The therapist can explore your past to understand the relation between you and your better half. It resolves the problems that affect your present.

Teaching skills: Couple therapy teaches you and your partner anger management, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills. It controls the mindset and helps to deal with the issue.

Effectiveness Of Marriage Counseling

According to the 2014 summary. Marriage counseling (Couples therapy) helps to resolve the couple's problem and helps them lead toward a happy life.

Emotionally focused therapy (EFT), according to the research on a wide range of concerns, plays a vital role in resolving the couple's problem and helps them understand each other better within 12 sections of Emotional Focused therapy. The benefit lasts even after 2 to 3 years.

Impacts Of Counseling

The list would be never-ending if we decide to look after the problems in married life. If we consider a scenario of couples undergoing counseling only because of problems, that would make a major impact as problems arising out of it would be unresolved.

For a counseling session to be efficient, couples need to practice therapy advised by the counselor. Even if a couple undergoes counseling, the end depends entirely on the couple wanting to work together in the marriage or be separated.

Does Marriage Counselling Really Work?

Couples see counseling as a last option after everything has fallen apart; this should not be the case. Timely endeavors with a counselor can work like magic in the relationship. However counseling has been the universal solution to any problem, but its significance of it has been declining. All those hooked on to this till now, looking for appropriate relationship advice, please look into a proper counselor and trust in your partner.

Trust is an essential foundation of any relationship. Counseling between couples is on trusted issues that require immediate resolution. In the end, it all depends on the couple about their willingness to be together and having a positive approach. Resolving a conflict is easy, but when it comes to situations escalating toward downfall, it requires discussion and not an argument.

A Way Towards Change

Change takes place always over a period and the situation between couples improves with time. The remedy of marriage counseling is not the exact solution to retaining a marriage; engaging in resolving conflicts through an open channel is the right way to move together. 

Being reliant and working together towards any disputes between couples is the better way of resolving the issue. 

Try it out. Once you reach home today, sit and speak with your partner about the times you have not appreciated him/her or missed something related to both. Indulge yourself in activities you both have not done in a while, or go down your nostalgic lane to get that ripple effect. Simple things have simple answers, and counseling seeks precisely the same outlook from couples.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solution

Some of the effective marriage counseling (couple therapy) techniques, types, and efficacy in this blog can help you identify the problems in your relationship and help you and your partner improve your relationship.

If you and your partner are facing a rough patch in your life. Marriage council (Couple therapy) can help you and your partner to understand better about each other 

It helps you to step out from the problem, express each other feelings, discuss issues and resolve the conflict. Remember: “Saying bye to your loved one is the most challenging thing in the world.”