Published on 07 December 2021

Positive: How To Be Positive?

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Everything in life is based on our outlook. The way we see things helps a lot to change our perspective. It's a knife for some and a weapon for others. Being optimistic is very important to make your life joyful and to keep yourself physically healthy.

Our mind is interlinked with our entire neuron system. Everything we think affects us physically as well. When we are happy, we can feel our body feeling calm and relaxed. When we are nervous or scared, we can feel our heartbeat racing.

Our mind controls every part of our body, and our emotions play a vital role. Studies have shown that people optimistic people are not prone to lifelong illnesses such as heart, Stroke, Infection, and Respiratory diseases.

Why Should We Choose Optimism?

Thinking about everything with a "yes, I can" mindset can help you to be ten times happier than you are. When you start looking at things with a very happy perspective, things change, allowing you to be cheerful and happy. The more sad stuff you say about yourself, the more negative and unhappy you get. Other benefits include:

Optimism- A Key Towards Happiness

Positive thinking can increase your lifespan as well as your productivity; it is essential to build this skill. Being optimistic is not something that can happen instantaneously.

Building this skill takes a lot of time, especially if you are habitual to negative thinking. Breaking a routine takes a lot of time; here are some tips that can help you think positively.

Positive Self Talk:

Stand in front of the mirror and see yourself. One positive self-talk daily can change your feelings and make your mood enthusiastic. Tone down the negative self-talk, and replace words like"I cannot do this" with" I can do this."

Deterring yourself from using any derogatory words for yourself, negative self-talk is a coping mechanism for anxiety, so when you are anxious, it is important not to degrade yourself.

Practice Gratitude:

When a person starts valuing the things they have instead of ignoring them, that's when they can think optimistically. Thinking about all the happy moments in life or being grateful to the people around you can help make yourself feel grateful and positive, ranging from your pet dog to the small coffee shop near you; you can be thankful for anything that allows you to stay happy.


Writing about your feelings can help you to articulate your emotions in the right way. Write about things that make you happy, had a good time with your friends? Romanticize the moments that made you laugh or feel like yourself and write about them in depth.

Journaling is also a good form of self-care. It is a method that can help you focus on yourself and all the positive things around you. Keep a habit of journaling every day. After coming home from work or college, write about everything that made you happy throughout the day.


Even if you are not feeling happy, try to smile. It helps to keep yourself positive. Accept every movement with a smile. Even a big problem will look small to you when you deal with it with a smile.

Smiling helps to release the chemical from your mind and makes you feel happy and relaxed. So remember, next time you're feeling down, try smiling for a few minutes and see how it helps you to feel positive.

Spend time with positive people.

Being with a positive person around makes you feel positive. Have you never noticed one person in a group with a bad mood can spoil a whole group's mood? A positive person has the opposite effect of it.

Being around positive people will increase your chances of reaching goals. Surround yourself with people who will lift you and help you see the bright and cheerful side of yours. 

Practice Self-Care

In today's world, it isn't easy to have your own space. Everyone is busy throughout the day, so we forget about maintaining ourselves. We are so active and engrossed with Negativity that we fail to relax.

Just take a few hours for yourself after having a very hectic day, apply face masks, make an exquisite meal for yourself, and listen to your favorite album or watch any movie or any particular episode from your comfort show that makes you feel relaxed. It is essential to treat yourself from time to time. Just one hour of self-care can help you to think positively. 

Benefits of being positive

There are many health and mental benefits you get by being positive. Here are the most notable benefits;

Better mental well-being

Positive people have better mental health. They reduce the risk of getting Anxiety and depression problems. Being positive can help you face a significant challenge or concern quickly and calmly without stress.

Increases happiness

Being positive helps you avoid adverse and other problems like depression and anxiety. Being positive makes your life positive and happy.

Better physical health

Research shows that being more positive leads to better physical health. Positive people are less likely to die from cardiovascular problems and live longer.

Stronger relationships:
Positive people are less likely to have conflicts with others and have healthier, more fulfilling personal relationships.

What Provokes Negative Thinking?

People are not pessimists since birth; our thinking habits are influenced by every single thing that has affected us in the past, so if you have a habit of thinking about everything in a negative way, then it's mainly because of

  • Lack of attention from their loved ones since childhood
  • Lots of disappointment in the past
  • The overwhelming fear of failure
  • Low self-esteem

Characteristics of Positive People

Being positive doesn't mean only staying happy and thinking about happy thoughts all the time. Even the most optimistic of people experience anger, discouragement, and sadness. However, here are the characteristics and differences between positive and negative people.

Positive people Negative people
Grateful Ungrateful
Find solutions Meditate on the problems
Helpful pessimistic
optimistic Unhelpful
Compassionate Apathetic
Happy Unhappy
Upbeat Cynical
Humorous serious

Stay Away From Negativity

Negativity is a very toxic trait, not just because it harms your health but also because it harms other people around you as well. The more you indulge in negative thinking, the more you get habitual to it, and then it gets tough to break that habit.

Extreme negative thinking also leads to chronic anxiety and panic attacks; if you have reached a point where you cannot help yourself emotionally and are in dire need of help, it is crucial to seek a professional and have proper medications.

It is important to remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health, and it should be taken care of as much as you can.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

If you want to be positive, avoid negative thoughts from your mind. Remember once Buddha said, "What you think, you become. So always think positively you will become a positive and successful person.

Avoid the things that give you negative thoughts and always be happy."Life is concise, so always be satisfied" Negativity will not lead to any gains, lowering your mental state and making it difficult to live a peaceful life.