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Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to being your trusted online partner in your health and well-being journey. In case, you’re here to gain knowledge about a health condition, get insights about a medication, or learn tricks and tips about a substitute or alternative lifestyle change, you’re at the right spot.

By clicking on our website, you may allow certain information to share with us. This allowance helps us to serve you with the best relevant content and health information. 

Practical anxiety solutions assure you about the precise privacy we maintain with the particular data we receive when you visit our website. You are the owner of your searches and your information, and we respect that.

Gathering personal information

What information do you provide us?

We collect information from you based on the nature of your searches with our informational services. You may help us with the information in the form of:

  • Using our Medicinal products: When you hunt for information about various medications related to your sufferings.
  • Our transactional services: When you give your opinion in the comment section, contact us on the registered mail details to know more about the product and services.                                                          

You may provide your personal details, including your name, email address, date of birth, gender (which helps us to understand whether you’re an adult or a teenager), and other information to make us realize what kind of health information you’re looking for or want to know in the future.

What information do we collect from you?

When you logon to our website, the information is by default collected by us:

  • Via social media: If you find our articles helpful and wish to share them with your friends and family using social media. We may get to know the medium you’re using. To keep you updated with our future posting, we may share the pop-ups on your social media account.
  • System information: With your due permission, we gather the information about your device, phone, computer, or tabs in which you download or access the information and services.
  • Information for improvement: Our passionate teams love to serve you with the best possible information. Your views, interests, and comments help us to understand your interest. So that we can include the articles and blogs on the subject matter on which you’re looking for. 


When you utilize our services, you may get cookies or other tags from us. The use of cookies is with a definite purpose to provide you with a high-dimensional quality experience with our website.

  • Session cookies: These cookies are limited to your browsing session with us. It expires when you complete the browsing activity and get all the necessary information from our articles. 
  • Persistent cookies: Situated at your hard drives until you remove them or they expire based on how long you stayed on our website. After which, it gets deleted permanently. 

This device information helps us to determine whether our services and catalogs are accessible on every handset. It also ensures us with the analytics indicating the ratio updated to give a better reading experience. 

With your adequate consent, we use cookies to accumulate, examine, enhance, and secure our functions to give you a refined browsing experience,

Disclosing your personal information

We may pass your information with our email services, authorized team members, and marketing players with a vision to enhance our products and services. We do not share any of your details with any third parties unless we are shipping your product. The shipping address information is transmitted from our customers to ensure the package is delivered to the required location. 

We do respect our client’s private information; no other external team is exposed to your information. Hence, we make sure that we are committed to protecting your data like we would want someone to protect our information.  

Before initiating any order for shipment, we take the approval from our customer by mail. With the help of proper consent, we proceed with the further process. If you do not allow us, we respect your decision and shall always stand by it.

Consumer rights

To protect your right is our duty!

You have all the rights to take any corrective steps if you find that you do not like our services or you may not feel secured against your personal information. However, it’s been over a few years now. All of our online customers are happy with our informational services and the guarded privacy policy.

If you wish to keep a copy of our privacy policy with you for future references, you may download it from the website. Also, if you want to learn about the personal data that we have stored to deliver you the best services, we may provide you by email, for which you need to register yourself on the webpage.

Lastly, we would like to assure all of our beloved customers that this is the right place for you. Please do not worry about your personal information, as we adhere to confidentiality and shall protect all your information from any external sources.

To know more about our about us You can check out the about us page.