Published on 29 October 2021

Understanding Behaviours Can Ease Life

Behavioral Psychology understanding-behaviours-can-ease-life
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Behavior is what your brain thinks, and you act accordingly. Understanding behavior is normal and easy if the person is average. But not all people are the same or can be understood. All have different types of behaviors. 

Behavior is an essential aspect of life. It represents you in terms of character. People act and judge you according to your behavior. You also automatically consider their behavior, and there are high chances of connecting to people around you. 

Our behavior and feelings are made from each other, which is why we see the changes in ourselves. 

Types of Behavior

There are four types of behavior a person usually has. Those are mentioned below:


When a person sees the bright side of everything, or you can say positive, whether it be a thing or a situation, it is termed optimistic behavior. Generally, happy people are positive thinkers and have positive nature personalities.


Precisely the opposite of optimism, a person will think negatively about a thing or situation. They find the fault and the mistake in someone as their brain and behavior are designed like that. They tend to expect the worst. In some situations, being pessimistic could be crucial.


Trust is the most important thing that a human needs to have. Almost everything is based on trust. If some human being is with you, there is a reason for it. You trust them from the bottom of your heart. Your behavior toward that person changes once you trust them entirely.


You may have heard about jealousy and even met that Type of person. They are the types of people who are not satisfied with what they do or have. They always wanted to be or to achieve what others have.


We all stay in a world where we want to understand others. Understanding today's world is the secret to better relationships. For that, we must better understand and improve our behavior toward others. So, understanding behavior would lead us to a better life and take us to a stress-free environment. For this, we need to teach some qualities in ourselves, such as empathy, politeness, patience, and an effort to better our behavior with others.


To understand others' behavior and why that person is reacting in such a way, it is essential to understand his viewpoint. By being patient and trying and understanding others' views, we can even accept a person's harshest action. This makes us less stressed and betters our relationship with our dear ones and others. 

We all go through situations that others don't know about. This is true with the other person also. By knowing this, you can be better empathetic to one's behavior.


Being polite is associated with being aware and better responsive to the feeling of others. If you want to build and maintain a friendly relationship and understand him better, you must be polite to him. Politeness can enhance your relationships, help develop respect and compatibility, boost your self-esteem and confidence, and better your communication skills.


You would need much patience to understand a person and his behavior towards you. We may lose our patience occasionally, but this can damage our relationships and reputation and increase stress. 

On the other hand, if we are patient with others, we can have improved confidence and communication with the other person towards us.


People often encounter creepy types of individuals. Sometimes they don't even try to be mysterious, but their behavior makes others feel. So most people misunderstood it as something wrong or creepy. People mostly judge them, and they find that there could be some potential threat by that individual. In most cases, creepiness is connected sexually and physically. Even if they know each other, they could feel creepy at the time of the sexual act.

The Effort To Better Your Behavior With Others

It is easier to say than do it. Change in yourself would be the biggest challenge for you on the path of understanding the behavior of others. But to improve your relationships by trying and understanding others, you must change others. Understanding others requires unique skill sets such as those mentioned below:

  • I am learning from a person's body language, tone of voice, and other non-verbal communication.
  • They are listening carefully to when the other person is talking and keeping track of their understanding of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 4 types of behavior in a human which is optimistic, pessimistic, trusting, and envious. You could be any of these or have somewhat all qualities.
You can act as a changed person, but your true character may not change quickly. But if anything incident or life-changing moment happens to you, it may vary according to your brain function.
Yes, it is possible to change in the specific age as growth and hormonal changes happen. But in an adult, if you see the changes, you can assume something is wrong.

Consider changing yourself too.

If you want a better life than amicable relations, you should consider your behavior good towards others. If your behavior is warm and welcoming, the opposite person will keep his approach warm and welcoming. 

You might also look at your unwanted behavior and consider changing it. You can also try this technique to change your unwanted behavior.

Change Your Environment

One of the effective ways to get out of harmful or unwanted behavior is to change your friend circle, habits, and environment. This can pull you out of the rut and bring you back on track. 

Try these new elements to change your behavior and unwanted traits of your behavior. Be firm to self-support your ups and downs through motivation and get a grip on certain things.

Gain From Observation

There are a lot of movies and web series to teach a life lesson. We cannot familiarize ourselves with the character as it is fiction. Some things make that relatability easier on our end. Everyone should watch the 'Pursuit of Happiness", a Will Smith stare, a more brutal movie on behavior and a way to get up in life in your downfall. How does your behavior change when you are at your lowest in life? Learn, understand, and observe things to make an impact.

Bottom Line from Practical Anxiety Solutions

People have different types of behavior. But most people who think they are perfect in their way sometimes believe that the person they approach should be like them, and only by that would they be good friends or partners, etc., but the reality is that it is not like that. Different types of behavior can attract different types.