Published on 07 November 2021

Adventures Of Camping

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Is camping an adventure? Suppose this question has crossed your mind every time. In that case, your dad or that one over enthusiast friend in every group says, this weekend well go camping and do loads of adventure, then this is where you are about to find your answer and maybe understand camping and look at it from a different perspective. So, stay with us, and youll be able to see camping as an adventure rather than a drag. Adventure Travel is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

What Is Camping?

Camping is a combination of adventurous activities and a relaxing environment like hiking on mountains to sunrise points, rope crossings over rivers, fishing, and many more. Ideal Camping destination is more than just going to a location and doing some adventure sports and eating marsh mellows; its about reaching somewhere that you were not able to even see in your daily life but are able to not only see but also reach that place. Camping is for an individuals personal growth and to extend his knowledge. This is all achieved by overcoming our fears and issues, and adventure sports are a medium. (Brooker, E. and Joppe, M., 2013)

Types Of Adventure.


Hiking or trekking is a kind of activity that involves your entire body and is an intense form of workout as it has all kinds of terrains, from rocky to mushy. Breaking out some sweat to reach a certain height just to watch the sunset feels like a detox from all the negative energy from our body and daily lives. All the way from the start to beautiful trees and water crossings, trekking is one of the most adventurous experiences while camping.

Finding Nemo.

Fishing has been there with us from the beginning of our evolution. First in the form of survival and now also In the form of adventure. From learning how to select your bait and putting it on the hook to catching big and rare fishes. Fishing teaches us skills and patience for life that no other form of adventure can teach us. The joy of catching a fish, even if it is small, is one of the best feelings of winning and achieving something. Fishing is a kind of activity that does not seem like it but one of the most fun and adventurous activity.

Firing It Up.

Setting up a fire on the campsite is the first thing to do, in any situation as it is the most helpful in survival. Setting up a fire is not as easy as taking a matchstick lighting the fire. However, the world is now modern, and no one uses the old techniques of sticks and rocks. It is essential to have complete knowledge and guidance of using it. Thats the real camping adventure.


Kayaking is a kind of boating done in shallow water; it is the one and only kind of sport in which you are in complete control of where you want to do and how fast you have your own personal long small boats, which are known as kayaks. You are free to go and row where you want to. Kayak is the kind of experience that can get you addicted to kayaking.

River Crossing.

A river crossing is extremely fun and a bit dangerous itself, and adding to that a rope through which you have to hand with the help of your hands as well as legs and cross the river without falling into it. It sounds amazing but is ten times better than that, and the adrenaline rush that this sport gives is so much better than most activities. Such adventure sports are tressure to people who are adrenaline junkies.

There are many more factors like river rafting, boating, kayaking, mud fight, etc., and such adventure sports bring life to camping.


As we know now that camping is not just about marshmallows, bug bites, and the old tents, it is more than that. Its an experience that people root for, and some people are not able to utilize its true potential. Camping is an adventure right from the day it is planned until finished. Camping not only offers us the joy and thrill of sports but also an opportunity to see our true potential to learn about ourselves more. Camping is an adventure of life. (Cotton, S. and Butselaar, F., 2013)