Published on 01 October 2022

Does Ambien Cause High Blood Pressure?

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Blood pressure is a common issue when it comes to age. Not only do older people suffer from the conditions, but it has nowadays been affected by adults as well. The reason for acting like them and suffering from blood pressure issues is their lifestyle choices and not doing physical activities.

Blood pressure fluctuates when the blood suffers from going through the arteries. Heart pumping works by forcing the oxygen-rich blood out to the streets. If the blood flow is normal, it reaches out to every cell and tissue of your body. 

Measuring your blood pressure is the only way to be safe at uneasy moments. In 24 hours, the blood pumps around 60 to 100 times.

There are even chances of medicine fluctuating the blood pressure, not the activity you perform. If you do any actions that need the whole body's work, the blood pressure fluctuates, or even stress can make. Know if Ambien would be a cause of blood pressure problems. 

What Is Ambien?

Many medications can be used for multiple conditions. When it comes to Ambien is used for treating Insomnia (Sleep problems). There are two varieties of medicines in terms of treating the disease. The immediate-release tablet will help you fall asleep quickly once you go to sleep. 

The Extended-release tablet has two layers in the medicine. The first layer will help you fall asleep, whereas the second layer will keep you asleep. You can get Ambien in its Generic form, known as Zolpidem.

Ambien is a controlled substance that is derived from schedule 4. It has a lower chance of drug abuse. Ambien has now been accepted for use in the United States.

How Does Ambien Work?

Once you have consumed the medicine, you must take it correctly. When it gets into your stomach, it works by slowing down the activity of your brain and calming your body to get a night of proper sleep. Ambien belongs to the drug class of Sedative Hypnotics, the medicines which belong to the same drug class work almost the same.

The working of Ambien is so fast that it takes approximately 30 minutes. It generally makes your sleep process smooth. Partially it makes sure that the medicine works and helps you get a peaceful sleep within 7 to 10 days of being on the medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

As every medicine is off-label, You can use Ambien for headaches, ease anxiety, and treat migraines.
To be safe with Ambien medicine, you must take a prescription doctor.
Yes, Ambien can be detected in the drug test. Ambien can be found in urine for approximately 24-48 hours.

Does Ambien Cause Blood Pressure Problems?

Most medicines deal by giving side effects for the people who consume them. There are low chances of someone suffering from side effects, but if they suffer from any, they must get through the treatment process as soon as possible. As Ambien makes sure to lower brain activity and lead you to a level of calmness, there are chances of lowering blood pressure.

People might suffer various sufferings, but it depends on different individuals. By the research, there are most chances of you suffering from lowering blood pressure, but if the people are older, they might even suffer from increased blood pressure.

Study 1:

According to the study observed by, the data was collected from the FDA. Approximately 80 thousand reports were studied; mostly older people over 60 years of age showed results as high blood pressure. This side effect was seen who have consumed the medicine for more than one month and was found in females especially.

Study 2:

Sasaki et al. conducted a study on lowering blood pressure due to sleep medication. 
A total of 11,225 people were selected for the examination, both men and women. The observation resulted in a decrease in blood pressure among people. It was eventually helping people suffering from high blood pressure conditions. 

Side Effects Of Ambien

Every medication has a side effect, and so does the ambien. You must be cautious when you consume sleep medication to treat the conditions. There are two variations known as common side effects, which can be cured as time passes, and severe effects, which can affect you for a more extended period.

Common Side Effects

Severe Side Effects


Chest Pain


Irregular heartbeat



Dry mouth

Problem while swallowing


A sensation of passing out


What Are The Precautions That Should Be Taken?

Precautions are mandatory things that should be taken. If you are not following the precautions, it will be easy to suffer from Blood pressure issues. You have to inform your doctor about all your medical history so that the medicine can be perfect for you, or else the doctor might suggest with different treatment.

If you stop taking medicine, you will be affected by withdrawal symptoms. You have to inform your doctor about the following:

  • Any allergic reactions you had before Ambien, You should not take the medicine
  • Suffering from Depression or anxiety issues should be known.
  • Addiction to any drug or alcohol should be outspoken.
  • Breathing problems or any lung diseases
  • Sleep apnea
  • Kidney or any liver issues.

Drug Interactions Of Ambien

Drug interactions happen due to the medicinal compounds present in two different drugs, which have a harsh effect on the body. It can lead to severe impacts. Medicines that you should not consume with Ambien are as follows:

  • Ativan
  • Clonazepam
  • Cymbalta
  • Gabapentin
  • Lexapro
  • Lyrica
  • Tramadol
  • Xanax

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

You might have known about Ambien affecting your blood pressure. You are likely to be affected by low blood pressure, but women over 60 might also suffer from high blood pressure.

Affecting blood pressure because of Ambien is one of the side effects. Apart from that, there are various side effects too, which common side effects can be cured as time passes by, and severe impact should be taken care of.

Consult a Doctor for this medication's prescription because there might be chances of you getting addicted to sleep medicines.