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27 September 2021
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What is Biofeedback?

The term Biofeedback was coined by U.S. psychologist and parapsychologist Gardner Murphy in the year 1969. It refers to the process in which the automatic movements of various body parts (Bio) of a patient are taken and (feedback) is given to the patient.

We have two forms of body movements. One is controlled and the other is uncontrolled. For example, a person is hungry, he opens a box of sweets and eats.

Here, in this case, hunger is uncontrolled however the action of opening a box of sweets and eating is controlled.

Let’s say someone calls out your name. You would respond with a yes. You hear the greeting. This is again unconscious action of the ears. To hear. Your brain then signals you to respond in affirmative. This is your conscious action.

Biofeedback is the process of becoming aware of your automatic actions.

What is Biofeedback Therapy?

Biofeedback Therapy is a form of training for the body movements that take place unconsciously. To elaborate further actions like sweating, pressure, etc. which you cannot consciously control are the focus of Biofeedback.

It involves regulating the unconscious body movements if they are not within the parameters in which they are required to be.

For example, if a person is suffering from high blood pressure then this therapy can work. But try these before going for anxiety medications. So let us understand how this therapy is done.

What Illnesses can be cured using Biofeedback Therapy?

The following diseases can be addressed using Biofeedback Therapy:

How is Biofeedback Therapy carried out?

A professional Biofeedback Therapist will attach certain sensors to the patient’s body and will then guide the patient on the involuntary body movements. The patient will then be trained over several sessions. Eventually, the patient will begin to gain control over the body movements.

Types of body monitors used for Biofeedback Therapy

  • Muscle Stress Measure: This is used to measure the movements of muscles. Also to find out if there is tension in the muscles. All the issues related to stress in muscles such as body pain, UTI, even anxiety can be tackled using this device.

  • Thermal Measure: This is used to measure body temperature and regulate it. This is especially very useful in gaining relief from migraines.

  • Brainwaves Measure: Our brain is made of different waves such as Alpha, Beta, Gama, and Lucid. This monitor will measure your brain waves. Measuring brainwaves and altering their frequency can help the patient focus more or relax more as the requirement may be.
  • Sweat Rate Measure: As stated Sweat Rate helps in monitoring sweat. This can help a person with controlling anxiety and chronic pain.
  • Heart Rate Measure: This is very self-explanatory. It can help in controlling the blood pressure mainly. Basically, all heart related ailments can be tackled.

How long does a typical Biofeedback Therapy last?

As Biofeedback Therapy is actually a form of coaching, it is not a therapy that is required forever. Once the patient learns how to develop control over automatic body functions then the therapy is no longer needed. Generally, this therapy should not take more than 12 therapy sessions.

What are the advantages of Biofeedback Therapy?

  • This is a completely non invasive procedure.
  • It acts as a good complement to other medical treatments.
  • It gives a sense of control to the patients over their automatic movements.
  • It is particularly useful to those who cannot take medicines like pregnant women.
  • Biofeedback Therapies are easy to perform.
  • Most Biofeedback Therapy equipment are portable, so therapy can be performed anywhere.
  • This is a onetime investment with results that last forever.

What are the disadvantages of Biofeedback Therapy?

Can Biofeedback Therapy be done online?

In these present times, the question of whether something can be done online becomes very pertinent. Now, Biofeedback requires a certain set of instruments to carry out the therapy. This makes online biofeedback therapy challenging, yes, but not impossible. This is possible through Biofeedback Computer Programs. These programs help by connecting a sensor to the patient’s computer. The therapies can then guide the patient online.

What is the cost of Biofeedback Therapy?

The cost of Biofeedback Therapy varies from therapist to therapist. The skill, experience, qualification, etc. all play a very important role in determining the fees of the therapy. On an average, this therapy should cost you around 50$ per session.

Final Words

Overall, the benefits of Biofeedback Therapy outrun the negatives. In fact, there are hardly any negatives that can lead to any damage. Biofeedback Therapy is something you should give a go.


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