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People around the world face issues regarding seizures and fits. It has become a common thing among people due to stress and other stressful events happening in a person's life. People also face muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome, or panic disorder.

To get out of the situation, people tend to go for medicines. Drugs like Klonopin is a suitable medicine for treatment. Once the doctor has prescribed you, it will help you eliminate the condition.

It would be best to find a genuine pharmacy to purchase the medicine. People nowadays tend to get treatment at their doorstep due to their busy schedules. So here you can find out all the related stuff regarding getting medication at home.

What Is Klonopin?

Regarding treating anxieties, some healthcare professionals suggest Klonopin as a practical option with relatively good tolerability. This drug falls under the benzos category and is suitable for various panic attacks and generalized disorders like social phobia and insomnia.

Klonopin is an anticonvulsant that can suppress seizures by relaxing the muscles. It also helps with panic attacks preceding your epileptic episodes. In simpler words, Klonopin is used to prevent and control seizures. Klonopin works by relaxing your brain and nerves.

Klonopin is used alone or with other medicines to contain certain seizures. It also relieves panic attacks (sudden, unexpected attacks of extreme fear and worry about these attacks).

How Does Klonopin Work?

Klonopin is in a category of medications called benzodiazepines. By binding to GABA receptor components, it increases the effects of GABA. An increased affinity for GABA at their respective sites enhances ligand binding. This enhanced ligand binding of the inhibitory neurotransmitter binds to the receptors, allowing for more excellent conduction of chloride ions. This caused neurons to become hyperpolarized and prevented further excitation in other cells.

By increasing the inhibition of GABA, it is believed that Klonopin can reduce excessive electrical nerve activity in CNS, which might contribute to seizures. Concurrently, it is proposed that Klonopin enhances GABA effects in the amygdala to inhibit neuronal activity involved in fear circuits. This mechanism assists with managing Anxiety or panic attacks.

Dosage Of Klonopin

For panic disorder treatment:

  • The recommended dose is 0.25 mg/day, taken orally every 12 hours.
  • Some patients' dosages may increase to 4 mg/day.

For seizure disorder treatment:

Seizure in adults:

  • The starting dose: is 1.5 mg orally every 8 hours.
  • Can be increased: 0.5-1 milligrams each 3 days to a
  • Maximum Dose: 20 milligrams daily if the desired effect isn't achieved.

Maintenance of seizures in adults:

  • 2-8 mg orally daily.
  • Do not exceed 20mg per day.

Children younger than 10 years or less than 30 kg:

  • Starting Dose: 0.01-0.03 mg/kg/day orally divided every 8 hours
  • Continuation dose: 0.25-0.5 mg daily
  • maximum dose: 0.1-0.2 mg/kg (every 8 hours).

Maintenance dose:

  • 0.1-0.2 mg per kg per day orally divided every 8 hours
  • Not recommended to exceed the dose of up to 0.2mg per kg daily.

Children younger than 10 years or more than 30 kg:

  • Take 1.5 milligrams each day, divided into smaller doses and separated by intervals of 8 hours;
  • Increase the dosage until you reach your desired effects without exceeding 20 mg daily.

Maintenance dose:

  • Starting Dose: 2-8 mg orally;
  • Maximum dose: not recommended to exceed 20 mg/day.

Side Effects of Klonopin

According to Dokkedal-Silva, Vincius et al. Harvard Review of Psychiatry 27.5 (2019), Klonopin has a set of symptoms that you might experience if the medications are not adequately regulated. As time progresses, these effects can worsen and cause more problems for your body, so it is essential to contact a doctor immediately.

Klonopin has a set of symptoms that you might experience if the medications are not adequately regulated. As time progresses, these effects can worsen and cause more problems for your body, so it is essential to contact a doctor immediately.

Common Side Effects

Adverse Side Effects


Runny nose



Abnormal coordination

Decreased libido,

Loss of control of bodily movements,

Increased salivation

Depression Or symptoms of depression,

Worsening tonic-chronic seizures,



If you suffer from any side effects, please see a doctor immediately. It is not healthy to expect these symptoms will disappear on their own. Chemical interaction between chemicals can only be stopped with professional help.

Withdrawal Considerations

To stop any medicine, you should gradually decrease the dose every 3 days until wholly withdrawn. Decrease it orally to 0.125 mg every 12 hours. If you have abruptly stopped the medicine, it will lead to withdrawal symptoms.

People who have consumed more than the recommended dose would face this issue more often. You might see signs of anxiety, agitation, insomnia, and muscle cramps. If you see any symptoms, get in touch with the doctor.

Clonazepam Half-Life

Clonazepam takes thirty to forty hours to leave the system for half of the composition. Eliminating all Clonazepam might take several days because it is relatively slow compared to other benzodiazepines and has a low plasma concentration level at any given time due to its slow metabolism.

How Can You Buy Klonopin Online?

You can buy Klonopin online with a doctor's prescription from a certified pharmacy. Take Safety measures before purchasing any medication online, as some pharmacy are fraudulent and gives low-quality or fake products to their consumers.

Clonazepam's medical benefits are recognized, as well as its relatively low potential for Abuse. However, its dangers and risk for Abuse require federal oversight and regulation and can only be acquired using a doctor's prescription online or locally to treat several conditions.

A Guide On Buying Klonopin Online

Before Buying any drug online to treat the condition, you should know the ins and outs of pharmacies online. After getting a prescription from a doctor, you should know the following things:

  • Klonopin is used to treat various conditions.
  • The drug is not recommended for more for longer duration because there are high chances of getting addicted to Klonopin.
  • Due to the many online pharmacies, you might get it from rogue pharmacies. Check the certificates a pharmacy holds.
  • Look at the reviews given by the customers to see the genuinity of the pharmacy.
  • It is advised to check the medicines once you receive them.
  • Do not take the tablet if your prescription has expired. Get in touch with the medical advisor for health advice.

It is recommended to visit one of the FDA sites to learn how to buy prescription drugs safely online, the signs of a fake or illegal online pharmacy, and the risks of purchasing prescription drugs online.

Warnings And Precautions Of Klonopin

Do not take Klonopin or any other Anxiety medications if you are allergic to any ingredients in this drug or suffer from glaucoma or myasthenia gravis. Keep it out of reach of the children and away from all sources of fire, as it is flammable when exposed to heat. If an overdose occurs, seek medical help immediately, and contact Poison Control Centre for further information on how to proceed with treatment.

Not recommended for people who

  • Suffer from neuroses, psychotic episodes, and respiratory depression, which is severe enough to be life-threatening if not treated immediately.
  • Who has abused or been addicted to alcohol because of the risk of dependence? Prolonged use may result in psychological and physical dependency.
  • It is advised not to drink alcohol while on Klonopin. Both Klonopin and alcohol are depressants that directly affect the central nervous system.

Klonopin, it's essential to do so gradually. Suddenly discontinuing the drug may cause status epilepticus-a life-threatening medical emergency requiring hospitalization for symptom control and supportive care until all seizures have ceased.

Before giving drugs to patients who have difficulty handling secretions, consider the possibility that they may increase saliva.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

You might get an idea about the medicine and its buying process. Whenever you are at a phase of purchasing Klonopin online, you should be more cautious as there are various pharmacies available online. Pharmacies do give discounts, but you should anticipate the real ones. Be wise to choose the medicinal pharmacies, and once you receive the drug, you should check the medicine. As every medicine holds positive effects, it does have side effects also. If you see any changes in your body symptoms, contact your doctor.

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