Published on 15 June 2023

Does Sleeping On Your Back Cause Nightmares? - Is It True?

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Who doesn't love sleeping? It is not just for lowering stress, but also it can give your brain a calming sensation. Not just that, but it can help you with various problems that you have been facing mentally and physically. 

Sleeping positions play a significant role in a person's peaceful sleep. A person should sleep in a proper manner for a deep sleep. People can feel recharged with energy and relaxation if they get undisrupted sleep. Many factors affect sleep, but sleep positions can decide whether you'll get sweet dreams or nightmares. 

If a person sleeps, dreams are quite common. It will differ if it's a sweet dream or a nightmare. Let us know how the sleeping position causes nightmares, especially when sleeping on your back.

Why Does One Suffer From Nightmares And Sleep Positions?

Nightmares can be experienced due to various factors. It depends on the person's lifestyle, habits, and interests. Let us understand elaborately and learn tips for not getting affected by nightmares. 


People party at night by drinking alcohol, but once they are home, they lie on their beds. This could be one of the most harmful exercises if one sleeps on their back. Alcohol can potentially wake you up in the middle of the night and cause rapid Eye Movement, which tends to cause nightmares. 

Fix it: Even if you want to drink alcohol, you can opt for a wine that can be a little healthy before 3 to 4 hours of bedtime so that you would be conscious to sleep in a better position. 

Eating Before Bed

If you have a habit of binge-eating while watching a movie at home before sleep can be dangerous. Various factors suggest that eating before bed can cause nightmares. You may lie in bed in a different position eating, which could also affect your dreams.

Fix It: To not get affected by the sleeping position and eating pattern, you should atleast have your before-bedtime meal atleast two to three hours prior. 

Stress And Anxiety

In a fast-running world, people face many life issues that cause anxiety and stress. This mental state makes a person sleep in a different position; if they sleep on their back, they have various experiences of dreams.

Fix it: You can work on the sleep positions by lowering the stress levels and observing the sleep position patterns. 

You should know in detail about sleep positions that might cause nightmares.

Does Sleeping On Your Back Cause Nightmares?

According to experts, being comfortable before sleep is the best advice to get sweet dreams. In another way, sleeping positions affect the person. Depending on what position you sleep in, the dreams can vary accordingly. Much scientific evidence has been observed about sleep positions and dreams. If You Sleep on your back, will your dreams turn into Nightmares?

Yes, If you sleep on your back, it will affect your dreams. This will create problems that may change your dreams into nightmares. If you sleep on your back, you will face issues such as snoring, disturbed sleep, or sleep apnea. 

Various studies have found that people who sleep on their back have an intense nightmares that they wake up in the middle of the night. This can happen due to the possible dream of getting suffocating, drowning, or being chased by someone. But the twist is, they would probably not remember what they dreamt. Sleep apnea makes the intensity high of dreaming like a nightmare. 

How Different Positions Affect Dreams?

Various experts have said that changing sleep positions will change dreams too. But sometimes, position changes can cause disturbed sleep patterns. 

Sleeping On Sides

Sleeping on either of the sides has various effects on your dream patterns. A study in 2004 revealed various outputs. It showed that if a person sleeps on the left side, they have more potential to have nightmares than on the right. People who have slept on their right side have shown dreams of safety or relief, totally contrasting to the life side. 

But people who slept on their left side had more sleep, comfortable dreams, and were well-rested than those on the right side, even after nightmares. 

Sleeping On Stomach

People who sleep on their stomachs have more intense sexual or erotic dreams than people who sleep in different positions. People with snoozing habits can be reduced if a person sleeps on their belly. 

A 2012 study published in Journal Dreaming observed that people who slept in prone positions (on their bellies) had vivid sexual and intense dreams. 

Do not get aroused by such information because it is one of the unhealthiest sleeping positions. After getting up from sleep, you would suffer from different pain-like situations, such as your neck and intense pressure on your spine. This will lead to unhealthy sleep, and you might only complete part of the sleep cycle. 

Different Factors That Can Affect Dream

Different individuals with different personalities and lifestyles can change the pattern of sleep. Accordingly, these different sleep patterns affect dreams. The surroundings and the place you sleep also plays a vital role in soothing sleep. 


The bedroom ambiance should not interrupt sleep. The light in the room and the ambiance play an essential role in your peaceful sleep. There should not be any distractions that could make you awake. You will dream according to your surroundings, and dreams can be affected if you sleep inappropriately.

Music And Sounds

Even if you are asleep, you tend to hear the sounds outside. These sounds or music impact your dreams. When you hear your alarm and wake up suddenly, you released that it's time for your alarm ring to go off, and the rings you heard prior were in your dreams. 


Being warmer could affect your dream. It is suggested to wear comfortable clothes so that your body temperature is normal and be away from bad dreams. 

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Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

The answer to what we were looking for is Yes. Sleeping on your back can cause nightmares. Dreams can change from sweet to fearful, with a few aspects wherein the person might wake up smiling or suddenly waking up. 

Various factors cause nightmares, from our surroundings to the positions we sleep. It can be corrected by way of sleeping and doing things before sleeping. You should especially overcome stressing up self and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This can help half of the solutions. 

Frequently asked questions

No, but nightmares may cause a person with disturbed sleep patterns. It can also affect mood in the daytime and also low well-being.
If you are sleeping in a side position, it can help the best for your brain.
According to research, people who sleep in the back position tend to be self-confident.