Published on 11 May 2023

Teeth Falling Out In Your Dreams: What's Meaning Here?

Dream Psychology Teeth Falling Out Dream
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Experts have debated why humans dream and have different types for many years. Some people believe dreams are the key to understanding the inner mind, whereas others consider dreaming a natural biological process. 

Dreaming is the most exciting and short effect on anyone. As per some reports, a person can have multiple dreams in one night, each last from 5 to 20 minutes. But sometimes, specific fantasies impact their life. The dream that falls one's teeth is one of those which mainly occurs due to psychological stress.

As per the study in 2018, 39% of people reported that they had experience teeth dreams at least once. Many people get tensed when facing this issue, but some studies say falling teeth while dreaming is common. Know more about plans.

Dreaming is a series of images, thoughts, and sensations that creates a vision in a person's mind during sleep. For every person, the experience of the dream can be different. Some view their dream as their willingness to achieve something, whereas others may feel like they are in an imaginary world. Some cultures believe dreams have a deep meaning showing a sign of reality, religion, and spirituality.

People are guessing about the meaning of dreams from humans have been around. Many philosophers believe that dreams are the means of communication with the divine. 

Dreams occur during rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep. Mostly vivid goals and unforgettable dreams occur during REM. The dreams can be linked to different factors, such as behavior, stress levels, and several incidents, which can cause a dream of losing teeth.  

Why Do We Dream About Teeth Falling Out?

Many people with entirely healthy teeth and gums- who never had the cavity might experience dreaming about their teeth falling out or getting lost. Dreaming about teeth falling out is a common nightmare that is a warning. Some assume that dreaming about losing teeth is a sign of anxiety and fear about losing something important to them. Others believe that dream shows a sense of helplessness that leads to falling out teeth.

A dream of falling your teeth may include different causes depending on the situation, such as stress, personal loss, dental problems, etc.; even a feeling of embarrassment or self-consciousness may impact the teeth. 

The Science Behind Dreams Losing Teeth

No scientific explanation exists for why people dream about losing their teeth. However, Some researchers suggest that dreams might be linked with feelings of self-doubt, vulnerability, or powerlessness. But a few theories have been created about what is happening in the human brain.

One theory state that dreams might be related to anxiety or stress. If a person faces a traumatic experience, they can have the chance to get stressed in their daily schedule. The brain process all feelings into dreams, which later cause them to lose teeth.

Another theory states that dreams about losing teeth might be related to the body's physical sensations during sleep. When people sleep, their jaw muscles relax, and their teeth may feel loose or fall out. 

Why Is This So Common?

Many people find that dreams about teeth falling may be unusual and disturbing, but some common dreams occur in most people. Recurring dreams, especially nightmares, are the most common in people with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. 

Even dreams about teeth falling are pretty standard. They may give you a harmful effect but don't cause severe issues. A common cause of this dream is psychological stress which every person experiences at least once. While religion can also play a role in subconscious dreams, being non-religious may lead to dreams about the fall of teeth. 

Positive Interpretations Of Teeth Falling

Many people often say there is positivity in the negativity. While the dream of teeth falling is often related to negative emotions, some positive interpretations are given below, making you realize that these dreams are just a natural part of your life. 

Signs Of Personal Growth

It's common to lose baby teeth when you are a kid. Most people don't find it a bad omen when they dream about falling teeth; they consider it a positive change toward physical growth. 

Care For Yourself 

This dream can make you care about your health while experiencing radical changes. Even sometimes, unusual things make the usual thing. You may be experiencing growth, discovering personal aspects hidden so many times. 

Renewed Strength And Self-Esteem

Teeth can be considered a symbol of power if you experience this dream. It can relate to your strength, which may gain control over your environment or raise your confidence level. 


As the perception of psychologist C.G. Jung, the teeth falling out dream represents giving birth to something new. The act of teeth falling out states the tension comes with starting something new. It may include a new job, home, relationships, etc.

Negative Interceptions Of Teeth Falling

Similar to positive, certain situations lead to the dream of falling out teeth representing a negative interpretation. The following are some negative interceptions of falling teeth. 

Feeling Insecure 

Teeth falling is mainly associated with losing essential things in life, which increases stress levels. This dream could represent that you are dealing with some form of loss, like an abrupt end to a relationship or a job change. 

Unwilling To Make A Choice

Falling teeth suddenly after waking up from the dream can make you stressed. Some people may get threatened because of this situation. This can lower your ability to make decisions. But in reality, it's a common dream which everyone experiences.

The Feeling Of Loss Or Grief 

It is natural to get emotional when you suddenly lose someone. This can hit the mind of people badly and divert them toward their well-being. When you start thinking about those people, your brain process all these things into dreams which may lead to falling out of teeth.

Anxiety And Stress

According to some scientific evidence, many dreams are linked to anxiety or psychological stress. Teeth are a symbol of a person's ability to communicate confidently. If you are experiencing stress about something in your life, it can cause you a dream of teeth falling.

Research About Teeth Falling Out In Dreams

Rozer and Soffer Dubek from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, researched the relationship between teeth dreams, psychological distress, sleep quality, and dental irritation. 

First, they considered the two overarching themes of interpretation emerging from history and created their hypotheses. Their depth study found that teeth-falling dreams correlated to teeth tension but didn't correlate to teeth grinding. 

The researchers stated that most people might not be conscious that they grind their teeth while sleeping, but they would still be aware of the tenderness while awake. The study also did not see any correlation between teeth tension and other forms of dreams.

This study also found no connection between teeth dreams and psychological distress. In contrast, other studies found that college students with teeth-falling dreams experienced more anxiety, depression, and loss of control. 

What To Do If You Dream About Teeth Falling Out

If you recently experienced a dream about your teeth falling out, breaking, or losing, there is nothing to worry about. Even though there is no scientific evidence that exists can show that teeth dreams increase from subconscious problems or predict harmful life incidents. 

As mentioned earlier, teeth dreams may relate to dental problems during sleep and may be expected in those with anxiety or depression. If you are constantly experiencing teeth falling dreams and feeling anxious about them, you should contact a mental health professional. If you notice that you are feeling dental pain or grinding your teeth at night, talk to a professional for treatment. 

Are Teeth Falling Dreams Recurring 

Falling teeth dreams can be recurring for some people. A dream that occurs repeatedly over time, often with similar themes and emotions, refers to a recurring dream. 

Some professionals may believe that a recurring dream about your teeth falling out may cause stress in your everyday life. If you have recurring dreams about falling out teeth, explore the possible meanings behind these dreams. In some cases, recurring dreams about falling teeth may indicate that a dreamer should address psychological and emotional issues.  

How To Better Remember Your Dreams?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, an average person might dream four to six times each night. That's why remembering dreams become challenging for many people. Still, some people remember what they dream of. Here are some following tips you can use to improve your dream call.

Keep Your Dream Journal

A dream can be remembered if you make a journal on that. It is one of the best ways to recall your dreams by writing them down in a notebook once you wake up. Keep a notebook, pen, or phone near your bed to note the invention. This can keep your thinking process and memory sharp.

Get Enough Sleep 

It becomes a challenge for many people to remember their dreams if they are not getting sufficient sleep. Try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Always Make a sleep schedule so it is easy to follow. 

Set An Intention

Before going to sleep, always tell yourself to remember the dream you will experience. This can increase your ability to recollect your dream. After all, sometimes it's better to do certain things for yourself.  

Stay In The Same Position After Waking Up

When you first wake up, try to be in the same position as you are and keep your eyes closed. Try to be calm when you awake from sleep, which will help you hold the details of a dream you might not have remembered.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

It is common to experience a dream of falling teeth as it may be related to psychological stress. This may include different causes depending on the situation, such as stress, personal loss, dental problems, etc. 

Some theories have been created on this dream, where one approach shows that dreams about falling teeth might be related to mental health. In contrast, another view says it might be related to physical sensation.

Falling teeth dreams may be recurring ones for some people. If you have experienced this issue frequently and feel anxious, kindly contact your doctor instantly.