By Nasrin Kapadia

B. A. Psychology

12 December 2021
Medically reviewed by
Sumayya Salam
Pharm D
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Water is a basic need, just the way a car needs petroleum to work efficiently, in the same way, our body needs water. Just try to go one day without consuming water you will see yourself getting exhausted throughout the day, ranging from the dryness in your mouth to severe stomach aches; not being hydrated causes numerous problems such as:

  1. Decrease in heart palpitations
  2. Stomach aches
  3. Fatigue
  4. Headaches
  5. Extreme mouth dryness

Being hydrated is very important, not only to keep yourself healthy but also to regulate your entire body system. A human body needs a certain amount of hydrogen every day to function and the lack of it can cause lifelong illnesses. The amount of fiber and carbs we consume is also regulated by water, it is easy to say that water Water Work as An Anti-Rust and keeps us going. (Abrahams, R.J. and Derewicz, H.J., 1968)

How Many Litres of Water Should A Person Consume?

Gender is a social construct but biologically, a man and a woman’s body works differently; for a man, 11.5 cups of water should be consumed every day to keep themselves hydrated and refreshed, on the other hand; a woman needs 15.5 cups every day to function.

But How Water Work as An Anti-Rust?

It is a known fact that not everyone drinks an efficient amount of water every day, people usually forget to keep themselves hydrated because of their busy schedule and this ends up affecting their bodies. Water is essential for the human body!

  • keep a daily health routine where consuming the right amount of water every day is a compulsion
  • Remind yourself after every hour or so to gulp down a huge cup of water, no matter how busy you are
  • Always carry extra water bottles with yourself, people usually forget to stay hydrated because of the lack of it.

Water- The Messiah of Our Bodies

Imagine all the petty diseases trying to conquer your body, all the bad cells are slowly entering your body to conquer and ruin your health but a gallon of water is coming on their way and all the bad cells are slowly crumbling and falling down.

That is exactly how water acts in your body, just like a protector of a kingdom; proper hydration protects your body from any bad diseases from approaching, and water work as an anti-rust.

  • It helps to balance your hormones
  • It helps to cure your stomach problems
  • It keeps your skin and your hair moisturized
  • Keeps your entire body refreshing and calm
  • Also helps to release anxiety

But What Form of Water Should We Not Consume?

Water is provided to us by nature in various forms; ranging from heavy rainfalls to tap water.

But what type of water should be consumed?

Water heals our entire body but at the same time if the water is unclean or contaminated, then it should be avoided at all costs because lack of hygienic water can cause a lot of health issues like

  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis
  • Kidney stones

There’s a long procedure from extracting water to opening the tap and drinking directly from it and that procedure must be followed at all costs. Water should never be directly extracted for consumption; the water we see in oceans, lakes, or the water pouring down none of them is safe for consumption right away. De-contamination of water is extremely necessary and avoiding contaminated water is very necessary as well and water work as an anti-rust agent. (Dezhong, L., 2004)

Water- An Anti-Rust Agent

After having a long hard day, why do we directly run towards the fridge to grab cold water? Why do we drink gallons and gallons of water after working out?

When a machine is working for a long time, it starts to rust; you will start noticing big brown and rough patches on the machine if it has not been properly maintained or oiled for a long time.

To avoid such corrosion on machines people usually oil their machines from time to time. In the exact same way, our body needs maintenance from time to time, and avoiding proper maintenance can corrode our body which will prevent us from working in an efficient manner. So yes, Water Work as An Anti-Rust of our body, it prevents it from working inadequately and helps the human body to maintain its entire system. (Watanabe, S., Kawahara, H. and Kuramochi, T., 1991)

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