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Generalized Anxiety disorder and depression situations have nowadays become common among people. Most people in the world are going through conditions. The only way you have to look up for it is through treatment. Without the treatment, you might fall under a severe problem that might change the entire thinking process of a person.

Regarding treatment, Escitalopram-like medicines are commonly used for the conditions. It has a high potential to treat the disease and treat you well. The main important thing lies in the buying process, knowing other things about the purchasing drug, and learning different aspects of getting medicine from an online store.

What Is Escitalopram?

Escitalopram, widely sold under the brand Lexapro, is used to treat Anxiety and Depression. Escitalopram is an antidepressant from a class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). It is unavailable over the counter as the prescription is required to buy Escitalopram online or through your local pharmacy.

How Does Escitalopram Work?

This medication belongs to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors class (SSRIs). Its mechanism of action is to help restore the balance of serotonin (a natural chemical in the brain). It may decrease nervousness and improve your energy levels and feelings of well-being.

These medicines are frequently used to treat illnesses that are similar to each other. Escitalopram raises the quantity of serotonin in your brain, a natural molecule. This chemical aids in the maintenance of mental equilibrium.

Study On The Efficacy Of Escitalopram

Escitalopram is the most selective antidepressant among the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Previous research has suggested that Escitalopram is more effective than citalopram. Escitalopram was compared to other antidepressants in a meta-analysis to determine the relative efficacy of these drugs.

Escitalopram was compared to active controls (citalopram, fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, and venlafaxine XR [extended release]) in all randomized, double-blind studies in severe depression.

Escitalopram was more effective in this meta-analysis than the comparator drugs citalopram, fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, and venlafaxine XR.

The theorized mechanism of action for Escitalopram could explain why it is more effective than traditional SSRIs. The data suggested that Escitalopram may have a better benefit-risk ratio than other antidepressant drugs due to its favorable tolerability profile based on withdrawals due to side events.

Escitalopram Dosage

You need to know the actual dosage of Escitalopram. This would help you treat the condition more safely. This medicine is classified as a Schedule IV drug available only through a medical prescription by a doctor.

This Medication Is Available In The Following Forms: Oral Tablet and Liquid Solution

Usual Adult Dosage For Depression

  • The initial dose is 10mg orally once a day.
  • You can increase the dose to 20 mg once daily, only after one week of treatment.
  • Maintenance dose: 10mg-20 mg orally a day
  • Maximum dose: 20mg orally a day

Usual Adult Dose For Anxiety: Same dosage as for Depression

Usual Geriatric Dose For Depression:

  • Recommended dose: 10mg orally once a day

Usual Pediatric Dose For Depression (12 years or older):

  • Initial dose: 10mg orally once a day;
  • you can increase the dose to 20mg once a day if necessary only after three weeks of treatment
    Maintenance dose: 10mg-20mg orally once a day
  • Maximum dose: 20mg orally once a day.

Possible Side Effects Of Escitalopram

Get emergency medical assistance if you notice symptoms of an allergic reaction to Lexapro, such as difficulty breathing, skin rash or hives, or swelling of your face, tongue, lips, or throat.

Side effects of medicines should be known for your benefit. If you feel the changes in your body, it would be helpful for you to contact the doctor as soon as possible and get treated accordingly.

Common Side Effects Severe Side Effects
Painful Urination Eye Pain Or Swelling
Feeling Anxious, Irritated, Or Agitated Blurred Vision
Dizziness Extreme Feelings Of Mania Or Depression
Increased Muscle Movements Weight Gain
Sleep Problems (insomnia) Muscle Stiffness
Nausea High Fever
Decreased Libido Tremors

Warnings, Precautions, And Interactions

Suppose Lexapro is not entirely practical for you. In that case, your healthcare provider will work to provide another medication that may be more suitable for you, such as another SSRI or a different class of antidepressant medication (SNRI) or (NASSAs). You may also find psychotherapy helpful if that option has not already been implemented.

It would be best if you only discontinued consumption of Lexapro under the guidance of a medical expert at a recommended time (such as when symptoms have continued to be stable for a certain amount of time). Your doctor will help you to taper off this medication to minimize its withdrawal effects gradually.

Using Lexapro with any other drugs that make you drowsy can worsen the effects of Lexapro. Ask your healthcare provider before consuming opioid medications, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, or medications for seizures or Anxiety.

Many drugs may interact with Lexapro; certain medicines should not be consumed simultaneously. Tell your healthcare provider about your current medications and any medications you start or stop using, including prescription or OTC medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Inform your healthcare provider if you use blood thinners such as Coumadin, Warfarin, or Jantoven.

Things To Know Before Buying Escitalopram?

Knowing information before buying would help you in all ways. There are many ways to buy medicine online or else through OTC modes. But people would prefer to purchase medication from an online pharmacy to save time and money.

  • While buying online, always ensure that you get this drug from a certified pharmacy.
  • Some pharmacies give fake or low-quality medicines, so buy drugs from a real place.
  • It is necessary to research before you buy from an online pharmacy
  • Know the reviews from your known ones and decide on a good pharmacy.
  • If you select any online pharmacy, read their customer reviews so it would be helpful for you to know the website's legitimacy.

Precautions While Buying Escitalopram Online

Whenever you get the delivery of the medicine, you need to check the drug which has been delivered is correct or not. Compare the price before purchasing from an online pharmacy. See-through that the medicine has been packaged by following the Safety measures.

See-through that you have been given the medication inside the package. There are instances where if you purchase any drug from a rogue pharmacy, you might receive nothing. Choose a genuine pharmacy and be legal with producing prescriptions.

Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

By now, you might have known all the necessary information that would lead you to buy medicines from an online pharmacy without any problem. It is essential to see the information about the drug that will help you deal with your condition. As Escitalopram is used for the treatment of Depression and Anxiety, you should not be worried about purchasing medicine from an online pharmacy.

The only challenge lies in finding a genuine pharmacy to help you get the medicine safely at your doorstep. As the medicine have a positive effect, you might also deal with the side effects.

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