Published on 12 December 2021

When Faced Pressure, The Right Thing To Do?

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We face a lot of tension and problems in our everyday chaos; Woke up late? Missed your bus? Forgot your assignment? These small amounts of tension build-up and make our daily routine very difficult to handle. (Redmond, M.V. and Bunyi, J.M., 1993)

Faced Pressure Can Lead To:

  • A lot of anxiety
  • Breathlessness
  • A constant state of panic
  • Weight gain or weight loss

When faced with Pressure you tend to get very overwhelmed and once you get overwhelmed it gets difficult to focus on something, getting way too stressed will give you the urge to complete everything but at the same time being under pressure will become a big obstacle for you to complete your work.

So what is the right thing to do when faced with pressure?

Identifying Your Triggers:

Nobody is born stressed, there are certain trigger points for every single emotion. Ranging from happiness to severe anxiety; it is important to be aware of what triggers you and what does not.

  • For instance, some people get triggered by looking at a certain color so they try to avoid using that color at all times.
  • The trigger points are not necessarily negative, certain things like sunny weather or a particular food item can increase the serotonin gland in our mind which makes us feel happy and calm.
  • When you are under a lot of pressure, it’s usually the consequence of not being able to solve the problem that scares us. It is important to articulate your fears and then work accordingly.

Proper Schedule:

No matter how near the deadline is or faced pressure, it can be solved by creating a proper schedule.

  • Make a proper timetable; organise your activities and slot a specific time for a specific task, organising your entire day will not only give you the time to complete everything but will also help you to organise everything systematically.
  • Note down the things which are meant to be completed and then prioritise your work according to their deadlines.
  • It is important to not only make a personalised schedule for yourself but also to follow it in the right manner.
  • Sidenote - it is essential to add certain breaks between a hectic schedule, completing your work on time is important but at the same time taking breaks for some mental space is also necessary.


In situations where you are in a public space and you are under a lot of stress, chances are that you will get even more stressed and start panicking. If you are in a public space and you start panicking then the right way to calm down is by isolating yourself for a while and just doing a breathing exercise.

  • In this breathing exercise, all you have to do is breathe deeply and exhale slowly while closing your eyes at a slow pace.
  • If your situation is getting severe and you are on the verge of getting an anxiety attack, then start diverting your focus into something which will distract your mind completely; you can start by focusing on objects around you and then start sub categorizing every single object, firstly search for objects around you which have a specific odor then start focusing on things you can touch and then search for things around you which can be tasted.


You might have noticed how talking to someone after a very hard day makes you feel at ease. If you feel like you faced pressure then reach out to someone and talk about how stressed you are, the person you are reaching out to can help you and can also give you a sense of comfort, even if the person fails to do so you will still see yourself feeling less stressed than you were before.

If your case is severe and if venting to someone is not helping, then maybe it’s time to seek external help, a therapy will guide you and give you a certain amount of medicines to ease your anxiety.

Don't Be Hard On Yourself When Faced Pressure:

When faced pressure, it is important to not exert too much pressure on yourself. Getting way too stressed out will affect your physical health and the result will be nothing so it is very important to take care of your health as well. (Gunnell, K.E., Mosewich, A.D., McEwen, C.E., Eklund, R.C. and Crocker, P.R., 2017)

Wipe Your Sweat:

When Faced Pressure, you tend to get physically exhausted even without doing anything. Under such cases sit down, wipe your sweat, and think calmly. It’s just a stressful day, if you get through it systematically you will be able to get through it without any pressure. (Grandin, T., 1986)