Published on 12 November 2021

Stop Wasting Time And Start Physical Indoor Activity

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After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it became necessary for people to find new ways of passing the time without leaving their premises. They had to develop activities that they could do indoors and didn't need them to buy products for the said activity. The pandemic led the citizen to start doing indoor activities, giving them some physical exercise to consume some time. These activities might be individual or can be done as a family.

Even if it is not looked upon as sometimes that can consume time, The variety of benefits in Indoor physical activities are : burning calories, physical fitness, sound sleep, youthful skin, health, stress management, and socializing. While as for kids who are still in their development stage, there are numerous advantages of daily physical activities like improving hand-eye coordination, encouraging creativity, and bringing about new experiences. Such improvement is reasonably necessary for a kid and can develop skills in the early stages of life, and it takes about 15-30 minutes minimum per day.(Chao, C.Y., Tung, T.C. and Burnett, J., 1998)

At this stage, you might agree with us about doing Physical activities, but you might ask how do you go about doing it? Is there a proper laid out procedure, or can we do whatever we want for 30 minutes? Well, there are specific steps for doing regular physical activities:

1. Finding Suitable Activity:

There are numerous activities you can choose from, and each has sub-activities within each category. The training you do is depends entirely on what is the final goal in your mind. If you are doing them to pass some time or want to be physical, fit, are these activities just for your toddler's development, etc. Some of the activities are general exercises, water exercises, or house and garden works.

2. Intensity In The Activity You Desire:

There Are Two Types Of Intensity For Every Activity

  1. Moderate.
  2. Vigorous.

Moderate: Activities that help you burn about 3 to 6 times the calories every minute you burn while you are sitting quietly or reading a book.

Vigorous: Activities that require the highest amount of oxygen consumption and have the highest calories burn amount.(Simons-Morton, B.G., O'hara, N.M., Parcel, G.S., Huang, I.W., Baranowski, T. and Wilson, B., 1990)

3. Your Desire Leads You To Your final Goal:

Stay Motivated To Continue Every Day:

One can achieve motivation in various ways, such as doing different activities, varying the place of your actions, or even changing the time. Instead of doing the same exercise every day, keep changing the exercise. If it's related to walking around the house, maybe try using a different route and keep changing the timing of your activities like; instead of one session of 30 minutes, how about two sessions of 15 minutes with a 5-minute break between the activities?

After knowing how you go about doing physical activities. We will discuss some exercises you can do daily. These are some of the activities that are highly recommended but feel free to do something else if it interests you:

Indoor Obstacle Course:

Want to get a bit crafty? How about making an indoor obstacle course for your child to give proper development? For a child, the obstacles course serves as a very innovative and fun way to gain and develop essential skills such as sequencing and memory, motor planning, learning from sensory input, strength, and balance, and most importantly, problem-solving. As a parent, you can help your child through the course and implement new problems within it. Doing so will keep you busy and give you a project to work on when you are bored.


An excellent way to get a workout in is to shake a leg, throw your arms in the air, and just let your hips move. Dancing is a way to stay fit and in shape. It improves muscle tone, strength, endurance, and fitness—also a great way to meet new friends. No age, condition, or size of the body is required for dancing and can also be a perfect fun activity.


Workout is self-explanatory. Grab a dumbbell or a yoga mat and start throwing shapes. Make a workout regime that can help develop your body and give you physical fitness and better stamina—increasing the workout's difficulty or adding new exercises to help you achieve more significant highs. Put some music on and aim towards a physically better self, and the results will show themselves.

House chores:

A better way to be physically fit and get your chores done is to complete your house chores every day. Activities like vacuuming your house or cleaning the windows are an excellent way to get that sweat going and gain some plus points in front of parents or peers.

Besides physical advantages, it also gives learning for life skills, teamwork, respect for the given work, responsibility, diligence, and punctuality.

When sitting empty inside the house, bored inside quarantine, or even if you have nothing to do, indoor physical activities provide a good to consume your time. This time would have been wasted otherwise and helped you develop your physical attributes to make you fit. Conclusion: there are numerous advantages mentioned before and many more that can achieve helpful to all age groups.(Mancuso, C.A., Sayles, W., Robbins, L., Phillips, E.G., Ravenell, K., Duffy, C., Wenderoth, S. and Charlson, M.E., 2006)