Published on 12 November 2021

Which Physical Activity Burn The Most Calories?

Physical Activity which-physical-activity-burn-the-most-calories
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Let’s just say you are trying to get into shape because maybe those extra sweets you had are now becoming a disaster for you, or perhaps you have a good set of clothes that you had just bought recently, and now you feel too congested in them.

Whatever your reason is, you came searching for this article to find a solution to which physical activities will burn the most calories. Many physical activities will burn a lot of calories. Still, there are times when certain physical activities are challenging for some and can cause serious health issues if not done right.

Let’s get down to business now. Which physical activity helps you. Always take baby steps while doing these activities, push yourself little by little while doing these because our body takes time to adjust to new situations, slowly and gradually you’ll get accustomed to it. (Catenacci, V.A. and Wyatt, H.R., 2007)

Here Are Few Activities That Will Burn The Most Calories:

1. Running. (11.4-20 Calories Per Minute)

Here body weight plays a significant role in how many calories you can burn per minute. More the weight, more the calories burned per minute. It improves bone strength as it is a weight-bearing exercise, improves cardiovascular fitness, helps breathe better, and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides levels in your body. Running daily for at least 30 minutes can significantly impact your day-to-day activity schedule.(Kämpfen, F. and Maurer, J., 2016)

2. Jumping Rope. (660-990 Calories Per Hour/ 120 Skips Per Minute)

Doing a minimum of 1000-1500 skips per day will help you to drastically reduce weight and gradually increase the number of skips while improving your speed. It helps to improve balance, increase concentration, stamina and helps to get rid of fatigue.

3.  High Knee Running. (480-550 Calories Per Hour)

High Knee running is a rigorous exercise that increases your heart rate and improves lower body strength. If done at a reasonable speed and for a more extended period of time, it can help you reduce weights quickly along with getting your legs in shape and improve endurance.

4. Swimming. (400-600 Calories Per Hour)

Swimming is a low-impact workout. It isn’t as tiring as the other, but 30 minutes of swimming is equal to burning 30 minutes worth of jogging calories. It is less stressful for the body while improving blood circulation, muscle strength, and heart-lung capacity. Swimming is good for health.

5. Cycling. (220-250 Calories Per Hour)

Cycling/Biking Is a Workout That Works On Your Core Muscles, Including Your Back, Spine, And Legs.

Cycling improves the overall function of your lower body as it targets your calves, glutes, and hamstrings, strengthening them over a period of time. It also helps improve overall balance, coordination, and posture. There are also more workouts that burn more calories, like trekking, power yoga, kickboxing, and weightlifting, which will help you lose calories faster. But it eventually depends on the level of intensity of your workout.  Out of all these, by far the winner is Running because it makes all the muscles work while improving your overall health. All these workouts have been tried and experimented with to have the best results in the end, but consistency is the key factor here. Doing these workouts on a regular basis will make you realize the changes in your daily schedule and how energetic and positive you will feel about your body.(Donohoe, T., 2015)