By Sana Shaikh

BHMS and Yoga Trainer

10 May 2022
Medically reviewed by
Dhanashree Padhye
MA (Psychology)
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If someone told you to play with a dog you fear off, would it defeat your fear of being with them?

Psychology tends to make things that let your fear into reality and experience beyond boundaries. These worries and emotions tend to play with human brains, making them psychologically weak. This is what is called Flooding psychology.

What exactly is flooding psychology?

Behaviors tend to make it happen in reality which a person fears or has a wrong perception. This psychology is where a person tends to do something that it fears of the observational factors through the person's intention to get out of fear, whether it's an actual happening or the illusions created according to some influence by viewing something. (Flooding (psychology)," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia)

Existence of flooding psychology

Thomas Stampfl is one of the psychologists invented to prevent such phobias in people and get people into a normal phase. It has first introduced to let people know about their insecurities which causes them fear. Flooding psychology is one psychology that heaps in people to let people get out of their boundaries of fear and be strong individuals. (Flooding (psychology)," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia) 

Developed Flooding psychology

As it was helping a lot of people get rid of the emotional attacks with the flooding psychology, it developed in the year 1900 by Ivan Pavlov. He practiced and developed psychology by having a dog. Which later made changes to the techniques.

How does flooding psychology work?

This kind of psychology tests the person's willpower and strengths to overcome their fears. This psychology works by taking the person's painful memories to the next level. Many things have been tested to check a person's willpower to which a person can lead to normalcy. (Flooding (psychology)," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia)

Why does Flooding happen in a psychological term?

It happens due to a sympathetic nerve that stresses up to which bodily changes happen internally. The person tends to be either a warrior or the person to leave a fight.

Flooding psychology can take two forms.

  • One in vivo. This form of psychology has been built to make people strong with the actual incidents to be faced and let go of their inhibitions. These forms are set to create something real and experiencing to be met. Such as making people suffering from this phobia tend to put themselves into a room they fear.
  • The second one is Vitro. It is an imaginary exposure, which is made to kick out their negative aspects by making the person remember the worst experiences they have been through within their life.

Emotional Flooding

Emotional Flooding is a psychological Flooding where a person gets too emotional without reason or thought of something from their old experiences. Some emotional experiences happen due to being hurt by someone close or expecting from someone but not getting in return up to the mark.

Cognitive Flooding

It is psychological Flooding where they experience some old negative happenings. Negative happenings affect their brain but control it, and they are shown some objects or the things they love the most to be at normalcy.

Overcoming the thought of Flooding from different conditions

  • Abnormal Behaviour.

Abnormal behavior tends to have a person who isn't usual with being mentally and a thought process that runs fast. Relaxation is the key to calm and replacing with others in this form of behavior.

  • Anxiety

To overcome anxiety, one must have a simplified vision to see the world relaxed. If a person has social anxiety then, a person should have to start experimenting with making small groups.'

  • Phobias

There are very various phobias respecting different people around the world. To bring positive attention to such phobias, one has to do things they are afraid of by having someone to support them.

  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

It is something where many people suffer within their life. OCD happens due to self-fears. To let go of their boundaries, a person should have a thinking capacity to let go of fears and overcome repetitive behaviors.

More about Flooding psychology

Every psychological condition is not something that people can cure with only the therapies provided. A person should be strong enough to have a positive strength within. Flooding psychology is not meant for everyone. As the technologies are advanced, they tend to make things a bit easier.

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