Published on 17 June 2023

9 Tips To Leave A Toxic Relationship - Is It Helpful?

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Relationships are cute when it goes smoothly. But once the partners be together, there are many possibilities of partners becoming disinterested. There is a saying that you can normally get into relationships, but being together in the ups and downs of a relationship and not giving up on each other is where a relationship gets stronger. 

But when the relationship gets on your nerves, you feel toxic. It makes your relationship draining with high toxicity. When you are getting a feeling of being in a toxic relationship, you might think of ending the relationship. Know various ways of leaving a toxic relationship for your mental peace.

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

When you are in a toxic relationship, you tend to experience negative things to your relationship and mental peace. This type of relationship can not only be related to partners as such, but also it can be with friends, family, and professional places. 

You will get this type of feeling when experiencing disrespect and competitiveness. As partners, you will always try to be superior to one another; that's when it gets worse and land in a state of being separated and changing to something healthy. 

Signs Of Toxic Relationships

Various signs show that you are in a toxic relationship. If you experience any of it, you can decide between leaving an unhealthy relationship and entering a peaceful world or doing the same.

Constant Criticism

Valuing a person is the foremost thing one would want in a relationship. Suppose one feels that the other partner is criticizing, devaluing, or being the one to comment on your looks, behavior, and physical appearance constantly. In that case, it's when you're in a toxic relationship.


In a relationship, respect should be given to each other. If partners don't respect each other's opinions, boundaries, or values, this states to lack of respect. Disrespecting and blaming one always would give a thought of being away from each other. 

Being Dominant

Dominating could be the worst in a relationship. If one dominates the other without proper understanding can ruin the relationship. Always trying to check, having trust issues, and wanting to control the other partner can weaken the relationship, and parting away would be the option left.


Sometimes there are situations where thinking does not match between partners, which also happens in a good relationship. But if there are constant conflicts, arguments, or drama, it can create many gaps between the partners. This ends up separating.


There should always be clear communication between partners. This expands the love between the two, but if there is a lack of communication, and one feels unheard or not bothered about the other partner, it can lead to separation.

Physical Abuse

Physical or emotional abuse can be heartbreaking. If there is physical abuse like pushing, hitting, or threats and insulting would be the worst to make the relationship toxic.
These are the main signs of Toxic relationships; Others include Codependency (being dependent on a partner for emotional and physical needs), Privacy (Not giving space and privacy to the partner), Possessiveness and Jealousy, Lack of support, and lack of empathy. 

Why Is It Important To Leave A Toxic Relationship?

It is very important to leave if you are in a toxic relationship. This kind of decision can help you for various reasons. 

  • Free from emotional life: You will have the happiest life ahead and a healthy ambiance around self
  • Having control over self: You will control your life decisions.
  • Self-Worth: You can rebuild your worth and give yourself more importance.
  • Happiness: You will start to be happy with good surroundings and people.
  • Boundaries: You will create certain limitations that will maintain your mental strength.
  • Role Model: You will share your own experiences and give a positive aura around people.

Why Is It Hard To Leave A Toxic Relationship?

It will be a difficult situation to leave a relationship. But when it is toxic, you will get hurt more because you have been trying to protect the relationship for a long time, and because of no other choice, you have to cut it off. You should be strong enough to know that all toxic relationships cannot be saved. 

Leaving can be difficult, but looking forward to your benefit and good health should be the motto. Also, it would help if you kept a healthy mindset of getting a new relationship that won't affect how toxic relationships have affected you.

When Should You End A Toxic Relationship?

There is always a perfect time to start a relationship or end. But the Ending could be the most challenging part of a relationship, but it happens due to reasons. 

You will get such toxic intuitions in your relationships; try to give yourself more time for it to work on. But a break is needed if you face a lot of physical and emotional stress. Always be cautious before leaving a toxic relationship.

Tips to Leave A Toxic Relationship

Leaving could be a strong decision after spending months or years together. It could get toxic for many reasons, and here are the tips you can follow to leave a toxic relationship.

Have A Support

Leaving a relationship, even if it is healthy, could be painful. But a toxic relationship could make you rely on the best memories spent at the start. Sometimes you depend on your partner financially, which could severely affect you.

It is always said that having a support system is important. Otherwise, you can start earning, which could help you in the best way possible to heal yourself quickly. 

The Decision Should Always Stay The Same.

It would be best never to change it once you have decided to cut off the relationship. You have tried your best to cope with the situation and restore the old relationship, but everything doesn't go according to plan. Toxicity will return if you give it a chance again. 

Cutting Off Contact

It is one of the important decisions that should be taken. Being in contact would open the doors again and let the relationship get back. Toxic partners could manipulate you by expressing themselves emotionally and trying to get you back. If you have kids, only communicate as kids can be favorites to both. 

Unfollowing On Social Media

You must unfollow or let go of your partner on all social media you have been connected to. If you do not unfollow, you should re-watch posts and stories or stalk the person, creating mental issues. 

Understand Your Self

Being abused and mentally ill with the comments like "You will not find anyone better than me," You should start working on yourself and understand your importance; keeping away the comments and words said by your partner will keep you moving positively. 

Get A Therapist

If you have been affected a lot and even after trying, you cannot cope with the situations you faced, get a therapist. Talking could be the best therapy one can do, either with a professional therapist or with your friends or family can heal you up quickly. A therapist can also help you with other tips that will help you.

Write Your Emotions

Whenever you feel low, try writing it and expressing it through words. At the start, it will be a self-doubt of creating problems for yourself, but later this will make you heal and let off emotions when you gradually lose interest in this fast-moving world. You will experience a good mood, natural blood pressure, an improved immune system, and better mental health. 

Be Prepared

When considering leaving the toxic relationship, be prepared for the transition phase. This might make you work on yourself by getting a new job or finding something to learn further. 

Make Yourself Positive

A positive atmosphere around you is indeed needed; as you have been through a toxic relationship, positivity should level up your negative thoughts. Surround yourself with people who have that cheerful ambiance and thought process for you to know more about life and understand new things.

How To Get Over A Toxic Relationship?

Relationships you have been in for months or years would be a precious part of your life even if it ended badly. But getting over such a toxic relationship is itself a task. It can affect your mental health, like anxiety, depression, and low esteem. You should take enough time for yourself and move o from a traumatic situation.

You can follow specific steps to move on from a toxic relationship

Giving Self Time

It is necessary to work on yourself mentally so that nothing affects you negatively. It would be the challenging days when you'll be having ups and downs in your life. Spend time with yourself and experience the best days of your life.

Feel Every Emotion

Emotions are natural; you might cry when you are out of a toxic relationship. Crying isn't a negative sign but a natural emotion that comes out, so it is okay to cry. Sometimes crying can heal the best; later, you will feel light-hearted and robust emotionally.

Do Not Make A Mistake In Getting Into A New Relationship Quickly

You should take time before getting into a new relationship. Focusing on yourself and working on your mental peace is essential. It is better to choose the best partner than to fall for the same older person.

It's Okay Not To Get Closure.

Not every time is necessary to get closure from a relationship. Sometimes you have to cope by investing time in new things, like working on something you wanted to do or distracting yourself by doing something productive.

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Bottom Line From Practical Anxiety Solutions

If you are consulting a therapist to get off from a mental trauma after breaking up from a toxic relationship can help you heal quickly. If not, you can have your best partners, like family or friends, with whom you can openly talk about things in your life. 

Getting into relationships might look easy, but it is not; both partners need a lot of input. If you have decided to let things go off and being parting is the only way to be happy, you can follow the mentioned tips to leave a toxic relationship.

Frequently asked questions

People show toxicity due to the trauma they have been facing themselves. Instead of dealing with it, they show it to their partners.
Toxic people have three layers to the way they express themselves. The first is idealizing, the second is devaluing, and the third is discarding.
Communication, committing, and compromise are the most important to build a healthy relationship.