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16 April 2022
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We all have set a groove be it going to your college or waging at your workplace, with our tedious and strenuous lifestyles we all somehow get burned out and bone-tired. Thus, in order to cope up with that, we need to add one thing to our checklist that is ‘traveling’. Hence, let`s know more about it in depth.

What Is Traveling?

A new destination, new people, and a new life until you are back to your daily routine, of course, traveling is living in the moment, exploring different places, and a life-changing experience. It can be also called the state of rapture as it brings one delight and sets us off or gives us a break from our everyday lifestyles.

We all need and seek changes be it physically or mentally, “change is the only constant” thus, traveling is an expedition to change. But before knowing more about traveling let`s take a step back and see why these routines should be snapped.

Routines Make Things Humdrum? Take a Break. (Dunne, G., Flanagan, S. and Buckley, J., 2011)

What Is Routine?

A routine is a practice that is been implemented in our quotidian lives, for example, waking up at a specific time working out, working at your workplace, and so on. As previously said, we all have fastened routines which somehow performing it every day get stodgy.

 Executing the same daily nine to five regime get us all dull. Even though it is said that a routine keeps us well organized, punctual, and set for the day it also gets very repetitive and in order to break the routine we need a change and that change is getting out of our zones. (Verplanken, B. and Wood, W., 2006)

How Does It Make Us Trite?

Let`s see how do these routines burn us out.

Routine Comprises Of “Out” In It So, Get Out Of It.

As routines are a set or fixed mode of progressing with things it gets repetitive and one tends to get out of it. It is like having the same kind of eatery every day, gets monotonously boring, isn’t it? That’s what a routine does to a person and thus, in order to spice things up, one needs a break, break from the routine.

Not For All.

One for all, all for one but routine maybe suits none. Routines usually aid in organizing oneself and getting on the right track.  But routine is equivalent to that of Indian roads, arduous to maintain. Every one of us at some point in life would have made a schedule in order to discipline our lifestyles but couldn’t follow it as we could not keep up with it. Thus, routines are not for all and not everyone can follow them.

Loss Of Creativity And Inspiration.

As we all have to be profoundly indulged in a particular routine that requires determination and dedication which in turn preserves less time to buckle down to creativity and get inspiration. These routines hence, get tedious to follow, and thus, we end up with a lack of concentration on our creative side. (Whitmore, J.R., 1986)

Life Can Be Predicted.

Life can be unpredictable, a properly flushed routine can act as a stumbling block to other unforeseen perspectives. For example, if we have a fixed unchangeable regime and an emergency situation calls up will lead to drawbacks is one: This can lead to besmirching the whole routine and two the emergency call can be delayed due to our schedules.

Thus, these fixed routines can somehow be taxing and nerve-racking and in order to get over it or cope up with it we need breaks in between to keep our lives absorbing and boisterous, and in order to do that traveling or getting out of our daily lives is necessary so let`s see how it benefits us.

Travel? More Like Trawell.

As previously said, traveling relieves stress and anxiety from our lives, let`s see how it benefits us from getting out of routine in depth.

Benefits Of Getting Out Of Our Zones.

Have A Break, Have A Chit Chat.

Have a healthy lifestyle by traveling, give yourself a break from your usual lifestyles but at the same time also gives us all a break from the same old conversations and people. When we travel we often encounter new people with novel stories and experiences, which in turn leads to exuberant conversations or korero with which one can gain more comprehension and also can upraise a sense of inspiration and creativity that we lack due to a fixed routine. (Regalla, M., 2016)

Anxiety And Stress, Traveling Makes You Feel Fresh.

We all suffer from or come across several situations that can be stressful which in turn, leads to mental constrain, and in order to liberate ourselves from such an environment, we all need a fresh surrounding that would make us feel tranquil and content. Thus, traveling can lead us to a happy place.

Exploring Through Traveling.

Traveling to diverse locations can lead to exploring and learning new food, new cultures, a new lifestyle, and a new outlook towards life. For example; India is a diverse country with various types of culture and identity, traveling in such a country can lead to a beautiful experience wherein one can view various different traditions and thus, gain apprehension on it.

Aids In Finding One Self.

Along with exploring different places traveling also can also lead to exploration of your own self. It aids in enhancing your capabilities when you travel you acquire a sense of independence and responsibility which in turn makes you more mature towards different instances or situations and helps you learn about adapting to the environment. It perhaps leads you to find your own self and polish where you lack. With your everyday fixed lifestyles, you are unable to give your own time but while traveling you can invest plenty, for your own development. (Nelson, K., 1997)

Memories That We Can Cherish.

Traveling usually fuels in a lot of memories be it merrymaking, galvanizing, delightful, peaceful all these memories that we can cherish throughout our lives. It can also help uplift one`s frame of mind when recalled. Thus, helps us out of melancholy.


Thus, traveling does not only leads to cutting out our monotonous routine but also ensures growth and leads to finding a new path for personal development in traveling. Hence, traveling is not just exploring and visiting new locations or destinations traveling is finding oneself. Thus travel to unravel your path of life.

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