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What is Valium, and how it is clinically used for toothache since 1965? The brand name, behind the actual substance of diazepam, kicks all the psychic pain out of your body. 

A benzodiazepine drug that slowly performs on the brain with its tranquilizing effect. Tranquilizer sequel releases the calming sensations that assist in relieving anxiety and stress. 

The Federal Controlled Substances Act in the USA has approved Valium to roll in the market due to its sedative potency that helps people relieve pressure and other psychological errors. It has a low abusive rate, as highlighted by the FDA. 

However, individuals fail to follow the limited consumption, which makes them dependent on this medicinal drug. Reports state that many of them use it for recreational purposes, making it difficult for genuine users to trust its efficiency. This sheet will highlight the Valium usage, dosage, rule of intake, and what causes side effects leading to withdrawals.

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What is Valium used for?

Doctors recommend Valium for acute anxiety to get relief from recurring signs of anxiousness, pain arriving from upper motor neurons (located in your spine and the brain, transmitting messages to lower motor neurons situated at your spinal cord adjoint with the brain stem. Due to this signal, muscles contract elevating pain), calm the person before anxiety surgery, epileptic seizures, combat withdrawal symptoms from alcohol addiction, and sleep disturbance

Some surgeons use it off-label in the ICU before any operative surgery to induce sedation in the patient’s senses to prevent the feel and fear from the surgical blade. The supportive usage of Valium includes:

  • Calming muscle spasms.
  • Suppressing vertigo due to hearing disability.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Tremors.
  • Overdose or withdrawal of benzodiazepine.

Apart from humans, diazepam for dogs is also effective. Due to its anti-anxiety and muscle relaxing properties, your pets may find relief from their pain and fear. Sometimes loud noise or music disturbs your dogs, which may cause aggression and other behavioral changes which you may overcome using Valium.

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What are diazepam side effects?

  • Drowsiness, fatigue, weakness, muscle and joint pain, redness, and ataxia are some of the common discomforting reactions observed among Valium users.
  • Like another benzodiazepine, the effects show on the central nervous system and respiratory region. 
  • Confusion, head pain, vertigo, seizures, depression, slurred speech, hypotension, and suicidal thoughts occur in the CNS region.
  • Whereas breathlessness and respiratory depression create a problem for people with lung impairment and asthma.
  • Constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, low libido, irregular menstrual cycle, and urine infection are some of the gastrointestinal and urogenital system effects.
  • Hypotension, heart stroke, low heart pump rate, and cardiovascular collapse are some of the abrupt reactions in the cardiovascular region. 
  • One of the significant adverse effects includes paradoxical reactions such as restlessness, aggression, irritation, hallucinations, excitement, nervousness, nightmare, delusions, and insomnia.
  • Other severe effects include blurred vision, loss of eyesight, dry mouth, irregular saliva, and skin rashes.  

Benzodiazepine drugs are likely to emit these effects; however, if you observe more reactions to these, please seek professional help. Do not continue further intake unless your doctor permits them. 

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Diazepam Dosage and Withdrawal

Most of them are aware of the fact that dosage is tailored as per the individual requirement. The tailoring work is done by your healthcare service provider based on your current medical condition, past medical history, and other medications if you’re taking, including your health supplements. 

However, I have listed below the standard dosage gained from the trusted information online. This proportion may meet most people’s conditions, and their doctors may wisely direct others who might have intense disorders. Do not take any dose without the written prescription and direction from the professional. 

  • For anxiety: Patients can consume Valium 2mg-10mg orally up to four times a day or as directed by their doctor.
  • For acute ethanol: The starting dose may be administered intravenously or intramuscularly of 10 mg. In the case of oral mode, a doctor may give Valium 10 mg at an interval of six to eight hours on an initial day. They were reducing further up to diazepam 5mg again at eight hours intervals or as instructed by the professional. 
  • During preoperative surgery: Before an anxiety surgery, a 10 mg intramuscular dose can be helpful to combat the surgical experience. 
  • For amnesia effect in the ICU: Patients tend to fear during the surgical procedure, which can be calmed using 5mg – 10 mg dose and the follow-up dose of 0.03 – 0,10 mg after six hours.
  • For treating seizures: To maintain the initial attacks, doctors often give from 2 mg – 10 mg dose or as per your health condition.
  • You may consume directly by mouth up to 10 mg dose at least four times a day for combating muscle spasms. The dosage can be altered by your doctors as and when required. 
  • For treating epileptic episodes: Using the intravenous mode of 0.15 mg to 0.20 mg is standard, which should be not increased more than 10 mg at a time. 
  • To treat musculoskeletal disorder: Valium 2mg to 10 mg along with complementary therapy can be effective. Do not exceed the daily dose of more than four times a day.

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How to take Valium?

Before initiating the dose, read the label and the prescription given by your doctor carefully. If you have any query related to dosage or component, please discuss with your doctor.

The ideal mode of administering the Valium is oral. You may have it with water or milk. To have it before meal or post-meal depends upon your metabolism and the doctor’s guidance. 

Valium comes in liquid form, which you may consume using a spoon or cup. Make sure to use a similar measuring spoon and not the regular tablespoon as it is not designed to give you exact proportion. 

In the case of soluble form, mix your solution with water or juice. To measure the droplets, use the dropper so that you have the precise count on it. Prepare the fresh mixture before every dose, do not store the advanced amount for the day as it may lose its efficiency. 

Diazepam injections are also effective and can be used for quick onset within 15 minutes. Your doctors may give you to combat the excess anxiousness or before the surgery. 

Do not change the dose of administration during the course. If you change without asking for your doctor’s permission, it may lead to severe side effects. For instance, if you’re on an oral dose, keep it consistent for the set duration. Please don’t change it to soluble or injection mode as it may lead to rebound anxiety or another fatal issue.


Warnings are ruled out to prevent patients from suffering additional withdrawal symptoms leading to the worse health condition. Valium is not recommended for those who are allergic to active and inactive ingredients of diazepam.

For children below 18 years of age should not be given any dose of benzos like Valium. It would be best if you took special precautions in the case of respiratory depression, muscle weakness, hepatic impairment, and severe sleep apnea. 

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Special prevention should be taken for:

Pregnant women: The FDA has stated active evidence of fetal risk during pregnancy. It may increase the risk of premature delivery, fetus damage, lower birth weight, improper brain development, or abnormal behavior after birth. The onset use of diazepam during the third trimester may lead to respiratory depression, poor suckling ability, hypotonia, and low energy.

Breastfeeding mothers: Some studies have shown 9% of the diazepam components in an infant, transferred via breast milk. Due to the Valium half-life, the substances are likely to be present in breast milk for up to 48 hours. It may enable drowsiness and weakness in the baby. If you monitor sudden inactiveness and change in the newborn’s behavior, please stop breastfeeding until your doctor guides you with the proper step. 

Older people: Due to diabetes, high blood pressure, liver or kidney impairment, and cardiovascular depression. The Elderly are likely to face severe adverse reactions when given Valium. Therefore, until no other alternatives have shown the needed efficacy, then diazepam should be considered. Also, doctors prescribe the lowest dose for easy metabolism. 

Where can I buy Valium (Diazepam) Online?

Although Valium is used for toothache and musculoskeletal disorders, its other psychotic disturbance may cause harm to mental and physical health if used for a prolonged duration. The DEA has listed diazepam as an underclass IV-controlled substance due to its evidence for abuse and dependence.  

Some recreational users and abusers use this medicinal drug to suffice their need for excitement, leading to life-threatening incidents. Therefore, the USA has asked for a mandated prescription to buy Valium for treating various disorders. 

If you’re looking to buy Valium conveniently, you may do so by submitting the prescription to the online vendor. Various websites serve multiple medical products with discount cards, worldwide shipment, and secure payment options.

However, not all countries have limited the sale of Valium with prescription. If you live out of United States, you can get diazepam online without a prescription to treat generic muscle spasms. 

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If you want to treat acute anxiety, then the generic version is the best. It will allow you to save an aggregate of 80% of the total payable amount. Some pharmacists even complimentary offers on diazepam antidote (medication used to fight the adverse effects of benzo drugs).

You may ask your doctor and take Flumazenil, the remedy to treat diazepam and lorazepam side effects. Also, discuss the time and quantity of this supporting medication to avoid any drug interaction.